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  1. Crying myself to sleep when I used to be as depressed and psychoactive as Syd Barrett on adderall.
  2. Dark

    SuperrMatt Intro

    Welcome to the NsG Refugee Camp! DEFYclan!
  3. Dark

    Your dream house/location.

    I want to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and erect a temple in my image, with the interior filled to the brim with gay porn magazines (no homo) and naked men (also no homo).
  4. I heard that they have a Flea problem there. 👉😎🤘
  5. Dark

    Desert Island Scenario

    1. Mark, to be emotional support/punching bag 2. Garfield, to be the leader we deserve 3. Fsjal, to sacrifice to Allah (praise be to him)
  6. Dark

    Favorite Sport

  7. Dark

    Your car or dream car.

    It looks like Dennis' car from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but worse.
  8. Dark

    Favorite Sport

  9. Dark

    Your favorite TV show or Movie.

    The Garfield Show
  10. Dark

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    I would totally wear them, so try to form your own opinion off of that. Nevermind, I just saw the price of them. $135 for some painted Converses? Sounds like a waste of money to me.
  11. Dark

    Your car or dream car.

    Me and my dad are restoring a 1963 Ford Falcon. It is blue and black, the paint is worn off mostly around the top areas. From what I have heard, it was customized to be a convertible. Right now it doesn't run, but we plan on getting the engine going by before the New Year (and I doubt that will happen considering the current weather in Colorado). Everything basically looks original besides the obvious stuff like the convertible top of course. And I have never seen any other Ford Falcon online with this paint scheme, so I'm assuming that was custom at one point. I'm planning way down the line, after getting body work and what not, to put a CD and cassette player in there so I can make some badass mixtapes and full volume on the road with the top down like a chad asshole. Y'alls cars ain't as cool as mine. Pack it up boys. 😎😎😎 Pictures: By the way, if you guys don't know, Ford Falcons are basically a poor man's Ford Mustang. Look, this car may look like a piece of shit, but its my piece of shit and I'm happy with it. Plus, it's hella sexy, so just telling y'all to shut up before people start talking shit.
  12. My favorite Ben 10 game is KISS: Psycho Circus, released in 2000 for Windows 98 and 2000 compatible home computers.
  13. Dark

    What is your favorite video game on STEAM?

    POSTAL 2 and Half-Life Garfield Kart Ricochet
  14. Dark



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