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  1. Dark

    I'm gonna be inactive from defy for a while.

    Sad to see you go. Come back and say hi once in a while for me! ❤️✌️
  2. Dark

    what do yall drive

    I thought you were 12.
  3. Dark

    Hello there...

    General Khedobi... im sorry that was a really bad joke
  4. Dark


    Then let's add a rule where sharing opinions is a bannable offense.
  5. Dark


    Banners are for shitty gamers who want to look professional. No thanks. Finding your own style is much more worthwhile.
  6. Dark

    Defy roast

    sir that word makes me sick whenever someone says it please delete your account😤
  7. Dark

    Defy roast

    Never a truer statement said. It's like all three of them are like different personalities of one person. It's creepy...
  8. Dark

    It been awhile

    Steal your mother's credit card and buy a new account.
  9. Dark

    Dedicated Players

    Who are you again?
  10. Dark

    Dedicated Players

  11. Dark

    whats your favorite game

    Wel if you want "good games" to play, then don't waste your time asking us since your taste in games are obviously superior to ours.
  12. Dark

    whats your favorite game

    Half-Life 1,Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. All of those are great games that I'll take over HL2 anyday.
  13. My English 9 class was the fucking bomb. It was my freshman year and it was also my English teacher's first year teaching. He didn't do a great job at first, but he was such a great guy. Now I'm in my Junior year, everyone in the school loves him, he is the head of the year book team and runs multiple clubs. Too bad I don't have time to talk to him anymore, he liked me a lot and there really isn't anyone else in the school who is like him, except my Physics teacher who is basically him but almost just as cool. Wish I could join some of his clubs, but SAD and me trying not to run into certain people prohibit me from doing so.
  14. Dark

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    I'm my favorite admin too. Burn if I had to be honest, I would choose dre.
  15. Dark

    The Hubris Project

    Hey, just wanted to let you all know that I wrote and recorded a song on my acoustic guitar. This is kinda my first time ever really recording something I wrote myself, and most of it is just a sloppy mess of random notes that kinda sound like music. About 90% of everything I recorded here was improvised, so try to take that with a grain of sound. I am open to all kinds of criticism here, I would rather take any feedback that I can get instead of keeping this lost in some folder on my computer forever. Around the 7 minute mark of the whole record, I start to mess up pretty badly around my "solo". Lets see if I can improve on that much the next time around. If you guys wanted to know, the reason why this song is so long is because a) I only just stopped playing once I started feeling tired, and b) the whole thing is kinda in 3 parts, so keep that in mind. Couldn't think of a title for this piece yet, so I just called it Take 1, because I am unoriginal. Anyway, here's the thing for you guys. Enjoy, or don't. Part 1 (Intro): 0:00-0:56 Part 2 (Chorus): 0:56-4:30 Part 3 ("Solo" and Outro): 4:30-10:25 Embarrassing Screw-Up (Bad): 6:40-7:15
  16. Dark

    The Hubris Project

    Low to high: Db-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Db
  17. Dark

    The Hubris Project

    Maybe if I feel like it, I'll hit you up. But I haven't had time to play around with the drum settings in GarageBand yet so we'll see.
  18. Dark

    Introducing myself

    Good to have ya. ❤️ Whale cum.
  19. Dark


    Come back you lazy cunt, I've missed you. 😔
  20. Dark

    im muted

    This has happened to me and some people before. The only thing I know on how to fix that is just wait it out. Eventually, you won't be muted anymore. This has been a bug for a while. It doesn't happen that often and no one knows how to fix it. Just be patient and hopefully SM will stop being gay.
  21. Dark

    Defylights Thread

  22. What a legend. This is why we need to ban anime😤

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