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  1. Hank_Hell

    My Absence and My Comeback

    Senior member sounbds more important than junior member
  2. Hank_Hell

    Whats Your Opinion on the New Forums?

    Maybe space the letters in the Defy logo in the top left a bit more and it'll look better. Otherwhys this is satisfactory.
  3. Hank_Hell

    Hey Gamers

    see you on the flip side bitch
  4. Hank_Hell

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    yet another example of the bourgeoisie trampling the lower class in this clan. Mark better watch his back
  5. Hank_Hell

    One year on DEFY

    get a mic loser
  6. Hank_Hell

    Quick Hellos and Quick Goodbyes

    yeah lets make a new server it's more casual and relaxing than TTT/JB.
  7. Hank_Hell

    I just crashed my car.

    get a new one
  8. Hank_Hell

    Quick Hellos and Quick Goodbyes

    You're going back to EGN? God have mercy on your soul.
  9. Hear me out you men of DefyClan (and Flaccid Shell) because the people have something to say. We are sick of Mark's actual dedication to the servers and we crave a mediocre leader that will add Foxriver to the maplist and eliminate all of the other maps. I hearby nominate Pdizzle as the new leader of the Defyclan and i'm asking all of us who are sick and tired to rise up and bring down Mark and his goons.
  10. Hank_Hell

    Late Introduction

    son bituch >:(((((
  11. Hank_Hell

    Late Introduction

    i forgive u for sexxing my wife
  12. Hank_Hell

    16th Birthday

    happy birthday pallerino
  13. Hank_Hell

    Favorite Game

    i like to play in traffic

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