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  1. Hank_Hell

    Tell me a fact

    In today's world morality is grey and truth is mixed with lies so I am asking you to give me an indisputable fact. Any fact.
  2. Hank_Hell

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    never piss on an electric fence
  3. Hank_Hell

    what do yall drive

    toyota camry 2005 or 6
  4. Hank_Hell

    Hello there...

    he';s going to say the n word get him out of here
  5. Hank_Hell

    Defy roast

    You can insult me but you leave powerpuff (2016) out of this
  6. Hank_Hell

    Defy roast

    Since we can't organize a single event it seems *cough HALLOWEEN MOVIE NIGHT cough* we're gonna have a non-verbal roast right here. I'll start it: @Dark you look like a sleestak and you're socks are stinky
  7. Hank_Hell

    whats your favorite game

    Oblivion for Bethesda games if that's what you're into. It's the perfect mix between memery and realism. The twitchy AI and the cheesy writing combined with the extremely detailed world with a reputation system unique to every NPC, detailed items with physics in every house, a schedule system with all NPC's that is yet to be beaten in an open world game, etc. those games are good but they ripped off fallout 4
  8. Hank_Hell


    I like this video because it showcases the Nintendo Gamecube opening video in a way fashioned to represent the "Thanos Car meme" which I personally find humorous.
  9. Hank_Hell

    Who is Your Favorite Admin?

    Ajescorica, Radroach, Caboose, Willy the Pilot, Max, Chr0m3 Bleach, etc. All good admins.
  10. Hank_Hell

    The Hubris Project

    What tuning is that
  11. Hank_Hell


  12. Hank_Hell

    Alright I gotta apologise.

    my house is on darks island
  13. Hank_Hell

    Whats was the "incident" at your school?

    my principle was arrested and taken off the school in the middle of the year because she repeatedly stole money by overcharging for bus gas funds and taking the extra money for herself.
  14. Hank_Hell

    Alright I gotta apologise.

    Wait, did you destroy my house too? The one with the chicken head on top?
  15. Hank_Hell

    SuperrMatt Intro

    awlecome ot our clan

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