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  1. Hank_Hell

    What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?

    You forgot the "+" at the end you heartless bastard.
  2. Hank_Hell

    I'm PigOwner

    i -'m gay hahahhahahaha
  3. Hank_Hell


    dont know him but id love to get to know him
  4. Hank_Hell

    What in the hell?

    Yeah the music dude just put a slight twist on Master of Puppets. I prefer the Doom version more though.
  5. Hank_Hell

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    gadzoinks! - spicy ravleili @spicyravioli holy moly - dark @Dark
  6. Hank_Hell

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    i'm not allowed to say it here
  7. Hank_Hell

    Ford or Chevy

    Ford for everything but Corvette > Mustang
  8. Hank_Hell

    The Superior Season

    Spring so I can go outside without having my balls stick/freeze to my leg
  9. Hank_Hell

    Greetings and Salutations

  10. your playing a dangerous game son
  11. Hank_Hell

    Favorite Cartoon?

    if i wanted to see a bunch of yammering bitches converse i'd go visit my grandparents HAHA LmOA ZIIIIIIng
  12. Hank_Hell

    Favorite Cartoon?

    Norm Macdonald live and The View
  13. Hank_Hell

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.Hey,.

  14. I like the "Damn Daniel!" meme and the Nyan Cat meme. Each one just gets me every time! Nyan Cat is just so cute and silly! Also, "Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with those white vans!" LMAO.
  15. I either want to make movies or be the frontman in my own band nothing else will be exciting enough for me. Fuck real jobs they're gay.
  16. Hank_Hell


  17. Hank_Hell

    New Mouse

    A simple wired logitech mouse maybe with a button or two on the side for key inputs in-game and a big steel wool mousepad.
  18. Hank_Hell

    the day i dipped

    Just do what I do. Offer nothing beneficial to the clan and get on every once in a while to fuck with people. SEe ya around
  19. Hank_Hell

    Favorite Major Motion Picture

    Goodfellas is good but Scorses's best work has always been Taxi Driver. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Godfather 1 and 2, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius are also flawless additions to movie history.
  20. Hank_Hell

    Whats your ethnic backround?

    no its me norm mcaondald
  21. Hank_Hell

    Introduction Of Me

    yeah lets rape him
  22. Hank_Hell

    Introduction Of Me

    fuck you ch1n

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