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  1. RealAlex

    A Very Late Intro

    Hey are you new
  2. RealAlex

    Hey its me Finest

    Hey im Finest or Real Alex and im now a member yay. I know im not the most like but I cant wait to meet everyone and fix any problems. I love Dogs and own two of them. Hope to meet you soon -Real Alex/ Finest
  3. RealAlex

    Comp Team?

    like 2/3 of all the defy players are silver
  4. RealAlex

    Comp Team?

    So you want a silver comp team makes sense
  5. RealAlex

    Who is Sexiest?

    NeverDone mad SEXY
  6. RealAlex

    This is why i don't rank up

    Lol yeah silver sucks

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