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  1. The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    i didn’t get through the second sentence 😢
  2. Introduction

    welcome to defy! make sure to check out the scoutz and knivez server wink wink please
  3. A Very Late Intro

    @Ninja w hopping is a myth, sideways is a legend, sorry
  4. Things are picking back up

    feelsbad when i go inactive randos decide to play
  5. I'm insane

    @Zach S zach zach not emo zach because emo zach is emo while zach is zach. Got that zach?
  6. Oh boy.

    i’ve been here for like 3 months so i feel left out when idk a ex staff or old members, and you’ve been here a year thats a long time to dedicate to a ttt server but i’ll bet you’ll be here when i retire.
  7. Can’t wait for this movie.

  8. I'm insane

    zach sounds depressed, if thats zach, sounds like zach
  9. Should I Come Back?

    i voted for you to eat my dick
  10. Time to Flex

  11. Time to Flex

    i’ll release the porn ninja, you’re going to tell me you faking it? how does one fake squirting with multiple spasms?
  12. Time to Flex

    average? sorry i didn’t know average size changed to 9inches
  13. Time to Flex

    if you come to maryland come through we can fuck, i mean hangout
  14. TTT Inactivity

    @Seven thats not a solution
  15. bowie will play mg if u wanna come

    I like minigames, and i don’t think removing maps is a good idea because most maps are decent. Adding maps is definitely needed to add variety to the game. When i want to populate minigames people decline because of the auto bhop only working for staff members, and i don’t know if its fixed so it may be hard to populate mg. Also takig population and moving it to another server is dumb, as zarak said lets just populate everything, except minecraft:)