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  1. ...Blaиk


    I’m Asking
  2. ...Blaиk


    where’s pdizzle??:(
  3. mad cute 😓

    1. Shiro


      no u ❤️


  4. ...Blaиk


    can i get uhhhhhhhhh ban thanks
  5. ...Blaиk

    Other Games

    i hate terraria lets play dont starve together:) better yet golf with amigos
  6. ...Blaиk

    Emo, you better read this.

  7. ...Blaиk

    Emo, you better read this.

    @Ninja thats the joke
  8. ...Blaиk

    Emo, you better read this.

    lets boycott defy minigames and just play the maps that aren’t course maps
  9. ...Blaиk

    The Positive Effects of Metal Music

    i didn’t get through the second sentence 😢
  10. ...Blaиk


    welcome to defy! make sure to check out the scoutz and knivez server wink wink please
  11. ...Blaиk

    A Very Late Intro

    @Ninja w hopping is a myth, sideways is a legend, sorry
  12. ...Blaиk

    Bring back clue

    i don’t really think a map can be boring unless it gets overplayed
  13. ...Blaиk

    Bring back clue

    hop off my mans bro
  14. ...Blaиk

    Things are picking back up

    feelsbad when i go inactive randos decide to play
  15. ...Blaиk

    I'm insane

    @Zach S zach zach not emo zach because emo zach is emo while zach is zach. Got that zach?

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