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  1. Blank

    What made you come back?

    don't understand why you shit on prg, their ttt server is dead and their mg isn't up. you're comparing servers that don't correlate and you continue to play it 🤔. but prg is gay i do not recommend
  2. Blank

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    ni - i cant continue sorry
  3. Blank


    i can only downvote rav wtf
  4. Blank

    [TTT] Staff on at night.

    i would be inactive admin
  5. Blank

    What made you come back?

    the fact that ttt didnt have a lot of players but it wasn't dead at the same time
  6. Blank

    The Superior Season

    i said warm weather is superior to cold not that 80+ is the better weather and what to you guys do when your dick shrinks
  7. Blank

    The Superior Season

    and do what? sitting on my pc to long gets boring
  8. Blank

    The Superior Season

    spring you can wear a hoodie a short sleeve shirt, it's superior bc fuck cold weather i dont like leaving the house and being met with cold ass air
  9. Blank

    The Superior Season

  10. Blank

    The Superior Season

    @Trace elaborate
  11. Blank

    The Superior Season

    any warm weather is far superior to the cold wtf
  12. Blank


    i bet you wish krim came back
  13. Blank

    Remove some maps

    i dont lag

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