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  1. Blank

    Anyone here got one piece burning blood?

    it's gonna be like 60$ and jumpforce i feel like will be better i'll probably get both though
  2. Blank

    Aye ya'll lemme get an opinion

    they look ugly asf wtf
  3. Blank

    Your car or dream car.

    bro these tesla’s looking mad fine especially the semi truck😍
  4. Blank

    do you drink energy drinks

    i hate monster
  5. Blank


    we already do
  6. i dont play instruments but i recommend to blow me best instrument i promise
  7. Blank

    This Topic is hella serious, no clickbait!

    pretty sure this is a meme post
  8. Blank

    I need a break...

    you should’ve left and not said anything then when you came back you’d see who the real snakes are
  9. Blank

    Top 10 KISS songs - What are yours?

    -none -kiss are men -so it must -be the -big -gay -gucci gang -drose -i like it -lil pump
  10. Blank

    Roaming the Mojave

    you really think so😳 i guess but i mean... still gotta jump the racial slur in order to gain some money for street sugar, and devils lettuce.
  11. Blank

    Roaming the Mojave

    Yell “vendo tamales $2.30 cada una, tengo de pollo maiz y tameles pisques.” then bop the little racial slur and steal his money
  12. Blank

    Comment for TBH

    i’ll do them later 😏

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