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  1. Blank

    Whats your favorite weapon in CSGO

  2. i’ve been joking, i don’t genuinely hate those threads, if i did i’d avoid them
  3. Blank

    what do yall drive

    yeah i’m bluffing
  4. Blank

    what do yall drive

    2018 tesla model 3
  5. Blank

    Defy roast

  6. Blank

    Defy roast

    you sound like the type of n to smoke a blunt for the first time then act like you’re high 24/7 and use that as an excuse for your stupidity
  7. Blank

    Defy roast

    @Trace i play a lot off ttt that small thing completely changes how the game is played but yeah
  8. Blank

    What was your worst injury?

    seeing these generic questions getting reply’s while nobody roasted me in that other thread F
  9. Blank

    Defy roast

    i’m not silver one i bet you eat @pr0fs‘ bum slurp all his cum bit pr0fs aint gay i asked him the other day but you raped him get away from him cum on your face makes your vision dim no hom btw s/o to pr0fs
  10. Blank

    It been awhile

    you cam get csgo accounts really cheap
  11. Blank

    Defy roast

    and whats this supposed to be? if this is what you call a rhyme you better flee someone like lil pump does better and he’s always on LSD first two lines didnt even rhyme so stop before i fuck you blind no homo btw
  12. Blank

    Defy roast

    Everyone go in on connor now

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