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  1. DEFYclan Community Event - Cards Against Humanity

    what are we doing this on...?
  2. Create your own cards!

    Calls: Magnifier doesn't have a mic because _ Jailbreak is dead and _ killed it My staff app got denied because I _ I'm Global Elite and don't deserve it because I _ I think that Teamspeak is better then Discord because _ REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Answers: DEFI (not DEFY) filthy weeaboos demote all the staff small Lebanese child little kids GabeN 7 day trade hold miss me with that straight shit Ninja's collection that contains photos of most of the staff members Ninja is just a wannabe version of the Fortnite Ninja Emo's screamo Big breasts fill a mans hand. Small breasts fills a mans heart. (-PotatoStyle 2k18. Don't add this part on the card) the servers are dying pr0fs and Ninja are twins 60% gay Wanted to be much worse but don't want to be judged off of the weird shit that goes through my mind.
  3. Introduction

    4 rep in over a year. Nice.
  4. A Very Late Intro

    what about w or sideways bhopping
  5. CSGO Trading BS

    "This update not only kills trading in a sense, but will also kill our beloved CS:GO if it remains effective." yeah okay LOL
  6. A Very Late Intro

    sneaky too good for that
  7. Easy Peasy

  8. Things are picking back up

    Isn't there a lot more players when schools out?
  9. I'm insane

    i know but it sounds similar to zach/zack
  10. I'm insane

    what about zack or zarak
  11. Oh boy.

    I've been here for like 2+ months wadup
  12. Should I Come Back?

    me only because I want you to eat mine jk that was a joke the only part that was a joke was that I voted for it
  13. Time to Flex

    LOL I think that level of detail is a bit far for this joke xd
  14. Time to Flex

    size isn't everything, as proven by yourself.