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  1. Ninja

    Help me pick what map to do next! ( TTT )

    h y d r o p o w e r
  2. Ninja

    Improving Jailbreak

    ive seen some people on jb recently. some... there's been 0 for months before that
  3. The Last of Us is my favorite game of all time. Part 2 is going to be released at some point and now there's a gAMEPLAY REVEAL TRAILER im well aware that defy is filled with UNCULTURED SWINE but I sTILL NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD OF MY RELIGION
  4. Ninja

    Community Wide Meeting

    about 95% sure im gonna be sleeping still lolol
  5. Ninja

    I made it

  6. Ninja

    Serious Question

  7. Ninja

    Goodbye Defyclan!

    taco wants to play ARK soon, play with us. we play pretty op servers
  8. Ninja

    give me games to buy

    I sold my csgo skins and have $120 on steam now and I'm bored so give me games to play.
  9. Ninja

    I got a 1080 Ti now

    july 2017
  10. Ninja

    DEFY Moving Forward

    wow the only thing less relevant then my #1 on mg
  11. Ninja

    When do your Finals end?

    I don't have finals for most of my classes. and I'm done with all school work already
  12. Ninja

    Half Off on Humble Bundle

    I have Siege. But I'm too bad to have fun. I can't see enemies.
  13. Ninja

    Play Minigmes More

    Minigames is the best server on Defy, play it more. Get off of TTT and play minigames, pls thx yw
  14. Ninja

    Other Games

    out of curiosity when did you start playing Rust? you played Legacy at all? (the old version of Rust)
  15. Ninja

    Other Games

    was going to edit the post to add rust but was way too lazy. if people wanna make a clan on a rust server I'm down.