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  1. Gabe

    I am the AWP god.

    You got banned for cheating BC ur so blatant with it. Dont even try to use the "it wasn't me" excuse.
  2. Gabe

    I am the AWP god.

    1 game ban on record | Info 9 day(s) since last ban I wish what nigga
  3. Gabe

    My Senior Quote ( I need your help )

    Passing high school was way harder than crossing the border.
  4. https://gyazo.com/647ad4406e56174f7d042f5c5f30ab47
  5. Gabe


    tell me no secrets i'll tell you no lies heaven is in-between your thighs
  6. Gabe

    Ask Me Anything (AMA)

    No its "Jeffrey"
  7. Gabe

    How CSGO affects me IRL.

    Not on my other account
  8. lve played Counter-Strike since 2004 started with 1.6 and CSS and I was extremely addicted. Going to school jiggle peeking in the hallways, I always quick switched with my pencils and erasers when taking tests. I remember back in elementary school I used to bhop during hopscotch because that was big in early CSS days before zblock was added. Once I go home I would play instantly and went straight to to bed without noticing I skipped dinner. I would use my imaginary awp and awp people on the swing set from the jungle jim during recess. Now, I am a global elite, top of my class. Every single day I pray to gaben, god bless him, to give me a good drop. Sometimes when I drive I see birds flying and turn away because of my cs instincts. I almost killed my mom and I. I am second to none, so if you see me in your game prepare for defeat you mother fucker
  9. Gabe

    how did u get ur name

    So basically the story line is, my mom and dad had sex and then my mom got pregnant because my dad jizz'd in her and uhhh then I formed in my mothers stomach and I was born and they named me Gabryal because it is like Gabriel but more original. Yep, that's it.
  10. Gabe


    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Insane_carry/ gg insane carry. Everyone who said he wasn't hacking is silver lul
  11. Gabe

    VAC flick

    jkjk, ns emo best player na C9 Emo
  12. Gabe

    VAC flick

    You got lucky, I do this shit onna daily fytb
  13. Random poll I decided to make
  14. Gabe


    I eat ass.
  15. Gabe


    Rare picture of hoodini outside playing the weakest "sport" out there.