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  1. Connor

    Unturned server

  2. Connor

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    "I need to take a break" - Some random (dont know who but that guy was funny!)
  3. Connor

    Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.Hey,.

    go fuck yourself
  4. Connor

    A goodbye for now

    thanks chief
  5. Connor

    A goodbye for now

    It is kinda Well shit but thank you Thanks see you again too I will thanks my mod is one month so ill see you on christmas day i will too It is kinda
  6. Connor

    A goodbye for now

    Hey boys haven't seen me on the server in a while. It's because of this gmod server i have played for most of my gmod hours and i have recently got T-Mod on the server so i willl be taking a break to focus on that. And don't say he is lieing because he didn't leave that one time, i am being real rn -Connor
  7. Connor

    Tell me a fact

  8. Connor

    Tell me a fact

    polor bears can only live up to 17.5 years
  9. Connor

    Favorite tv show

    Just finished Madoka Magica gotta say it was great but my favorite is probably Attack on Titan season 1 not really but 2 and 3 were cool and first anime i watched.
  10. Connor

    I'm gonna be inactive from defy for a while.

    just wait for another post sometime soon and i will be honest
  11. Connor

    Whats your favorite weapon in CSGO

    1. AWP (awper btw haHAA) 2. P200 3. M4A4 (if anyone can give me tips on rifling that would be great i'm trash with rifles)
  12. Connor

    what do yall drive

    My Bigwheel
  13. Connor


    Can I have a banner of Mint Green and black and whatever font you think looks good with it (btw if you don't know the hex for mint green it's 00FF7F )

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