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  1. Legacy


    LEL i just wanna inform some people that i am back so theres those that find me cringy and those that kinda like me but im back imma try to be on a bit more often so yea i just gotta do alot of shit irl so yea just letting everyone know im back - Toast/Legacy
  2. Hey guys im legacy but as u can see i put toast for emo. but yea im legacy i mostly play ttt on defy and sometimes on jailbreak im on around 5 - 10 but im on summer so time adjusted to from 9 in morning to like 1 in the morning on then next day. i want to say huge thanks to hoodini for accepting me and the whole defy clan community in total so ty guys and ik this was simple but yea thx
  3. Legacy

    good bye from Mrbam

    tbh bams kinda right the staff (krim) are sometimes disrespectfu l and krim knows it a lso not on ly that but mark when are u going to check my app lication its beenn a lmst a lmost a week like were have u been not on ly that your on most of the time so u have p lenty of time and i excuse some_person bc idk when he's on so yea staffp lease read this and take iin consideration to te l l someone and ty if u do!

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