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  1. ALO

    Game Ideas

    yeah tbh a really realistic battle royal
  2. ALO

    Game Ideas

    eating ass simulator 2069
  3. ALO

    hello there

    whats up old NSG buddy
  4. ALO


    whats up kryptic now known as exo
  5. ALO

    Yellow buy me csgo

    only if i wasnt poor too
  6. ALO


    Hola Como Estas
  7. ALO

    I made it

    damn daddy im proud of u Im still silver 1
  8. ALO

    Did you know this?

    Thats Pretty Neat
  9. ALO

    What's Up Boys

    Hey guys just want to introduce myself I'm ALOYT or Andrew whatever you prefer to call me and i'm excited to join this clan already made a couple of friends in Ninja, Seven, and Mark. And hopefully I make new friends along the way along with flowing through the ranks in this clan. HMU if u wanna talk to me on steam my name is ALOYT and yeah nice to meet you guys, I will see you guys around.