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  1. exo

    My Absence and My Comeback

    Well that's something, welcome back.
  2. It's a nice reskin, but I think the logo looks a bit weird. Other than that it looks pretty good and doesn't hurt my eyes as much.
  3. exo

    The final moments of the DEFY teamspeak.

    teamspeak is better than discord in different ways, and vice versa
  4. exo

    Hey Gamers

  5. exo

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    it's time for a crusade
  6. exo

    Profile Picture Size Limit

    Well that's kinda dumb. Ty for the answer.
  7. Hello. I just wanted to ask why the file size limit for profile pictures are 0.0009 MB. I mean there's no way anyone can get a decent quality picture of that size. Or is this some rank thing where you have to be a certain rank to change your profile picture?
  8. exo

    Roaming the Mojave

  9. But spamming is fun
  10. exo

    Roaming the Mojave

    Pop him cause he's a crip
  11. exo

    Respecting the forgotten.

    That's great and all but have you watched Chef?
  12. exo

    pdizzle is the new leader of defy clan

    as a leader or as a mediocre one 🤔

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