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    Jailbreak Rules


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    Jailbreak Description: Jailbreak is a Role-Playing server with 2 teams, one consists of the Prisoners and the others are the Guards/Warden. The Prisoners have 2 choices, try to find a way to kill the Warden and guards or play along and have fun that way. The Ct side has to protect the Warden (gives orders to the prisoners) and follow orders from him/her. Please read the rules below to learn what each side is allowed to do. There are also Days that Warden can do in-order to engage the prisoners in a fun environment, these can be further defined below.




    Last Updated: April 3, 2018

    Jailbreak Specific Rules

    # Rule Description  Punishment
    1 CT Violation
    • Becoming a warden without a mic.
    • Giving orders.
      • Unless warden has given permission.
    • Opening cells without warden’s approval.
    • Camping armory.
      • Being in armory after 4:30
    • Re-entering armory after leaving.
      • Unless a T was seen inside.
    • Entering/damaging vents.
      • Entering, knifing, shooting, or damaging a vent in anyway unless a prisoner was seen inside.
    • Killing prisoner(s) during a prison game
      • Unless appointed to by the Warden
    • Baiting
      • View explanation section below
    • Giving prisoner(s) a weapon for any reason unless it’s a toy gun (no ammo)
    • Firing into stacked prisoner(s)
    • Interfering during a last request
    • Forcing prisoner(s) to use a command.
      • !warday, !ffa, !rtv, etc.
      • Warden may make prisoner use !lr, but prisoner picks his own lr.
    • Interfering with warden’s orders.
      • Randomly shooting, talking over warden, etc.
    • Committing suicide on first day freeday.
    • Not assisting warden.
      • Unless the warden gives you permission or it is a freeday
    • Participating in any prison games.
      • Unless it is for LR,  or if it is a freeday.
    • Extending the round on freedays.
    • Claiming last guard on days that begin as a freeday
    • You may not give a prisoner special treatment, if you punish someone doing an action, you must punish everyone else who does it the same way.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Swap + Warn
    3rd time - 4 hour CTBAN

    2 Warden Violation
    • Order is invalid if:
      • It harms another guard
      • Prisoner has no chance of survival
      • Issuing an AFK freeze for anything other than a gun check
      • It is misleading unless playing simon says.
        • Example: Placing down a Cyan Marker and telling all T's to run to the blue marker.
      • Restricting a prisoner from knifing or using voice/text chat.
        • Example: Saying, “Knifing is now restricted”
    • You may not claim warden after being warden twice in a row.
      • Unless no one else wants to claim warden.
    • You may not play a game that's not listed in the games section
      • Custom games are considered opinionated and may be played if the majority votes yes.
    • False arrests
      • Guide for using the taser listed below

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Swap + Warn
    3rd time - 4 hour CTBAN

    3 Cheating in LR
    • You must follow the rules the prisoner sets. If you lose you must take the loss and be killed.
    • The guard and prisoner must have an equal chance of winning.
    • The prisoner must specify that they do not have rules if they don’t. You cannot just start an LR and instantly kill the other person.
      • You may instantly start in hot potato.
    • No healing is implied unless specified otherwise.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    4 Swap Violation
    • Rejoining the team you were swapped off of.
      • Being automatically swapped DOES NOT COUNT.
    • Intentionally joining ct and becoming warden after you have been muted is considered a swap violation.
    • Example: If an admin swaps you off of guard and you rejoin guard next round.

    1st time - 2 hour CTBAN
    2nd time - 4 hour CTBan + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    5 Terrorist Mute
    • Holding down the voice chat as warden to intentionally mute prisoner(s) in a bad demeanor.
    • Example: You are warden and someone is annoying you, so you hold down your mic to mute that prisoner.

    1st time - 15 min Mute or Gag
    2nd time - 30 min Mute or Gag + Warn
    3rd time - 60 min Mute or Gag

    6 Invalid Warden Kick
    • Using the !vw command to kick the warden for anything but the following reason:
      • Warden issues invalid commands.
      • Warden doesn’t have a mic.
      • Warden is freekilling.
      • Warden is breaking any other rules.
    • Example: Kicking a warden because they want to play a game that you do not.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN









    • CT(Guard): Assist the Warden in controlling all prisoners.

    • Warden: Give out orders to prisoners, kill any prisoner who rebels.

    • Deputy: Warden can appoint him to control the prisoner(s) while the Warden is off elsewhere.

    • T(Prisoner): Either follow the wardens rules to get your last request or to rebel against the guards and control the map.


    Terrorist Guidelines

    You are automatically KOS if you…

    • Enter restricted areas. (Armory, Vents, Teleporters, Catwalks, guard Areas. Unless specified otherwise)

    • Are AFK for more than 1 minute.

    • Point any gun at a guard.

    • Charge a guard with a knife and damage them.

    • Claim you don’t know a prison game when the game has already been explained to you.

    • Damage vents

    • Kill or damage a non-baiting guard.

    • Are a rebel unless the guard pardons you or does not take action.



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