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    TTT Rules


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    TTT Description: Role playing game mode with 3 roles, Detective, Innocent, and Traitor. The point of the game is a full-on battle between the Detectives and Innocents vs Traitors. The Traitors, with the help of their Traitor Buddies (T-buddies) have to kill all the Innocents and Detectives while on the Detectives and Innocents have to kill all the Traitors. Please read the Rules below to see more in description of what each rule is allowed to do and also refer to the Roles section below to read about each role.

    Note: 7 players = 1 Detective and 1 Detective = 2 Traitors. You may have more than one detective or traitor at a time.


    Last Updated: February 22nd, 2018

    TTT Specific Rules


    # Rule Description Punishment
    1 Claiming an Area
    • Calling KOS on a certain area is not allowed.
    • Example: Saying anyone who enters a certain room is KOS.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    2 Innocent Rule Violation (IRV)
    • False KOS.
      • This includes calling a KOS with only a partial name in order to create suspicion on another player. If you die-mid KOS that is fine.
      • KOS off of Location and Sound..... unless a player sees another player exiting a room/closed area and there is an unidentified body in the room.
    • Killing AFK players before overtime
      • Overtime starts when there are 2 minutes left in the round
    • Doing traitorous acts 
      • View explanation section below.
    • Standing in another player's molotov to make them lose karma
    • Example: Shooting a barrel next to someone.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    3 Detective Rule Violation (DRV)
    • May only give reasonable orders such as requesting someone to ID body.
    • Becoming a detective without a working mic.
    • May request you to freeze so he can test you with taser.
    • May not force a player to drop weapons, damage other players, damage themselves, or break any other rules.
    • Example: Telling a player to drop all of their weapons and freeze.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    4 Traitor Rule Violation (TRV)
    • Do not damage, reveal, or kill a T-buddy.
    • Do not open traitor rooms for innocents.
    • Warn T-buddies before activating traps or explosives.
    • Calling a KOS on any live player.
    • Example: Killing a T-buddy.

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN

    5 Prop Violation
    • Do not prop surf.
    • Do not prop push, kill, or block other players.
    • Randomly damaging players with barrels is considered prop kill 
      • You can still do this if you are a traitor.
    • Example: Knocking somebody off of a ledge with a barrel

    1st time - Slay
    2nd time - Slay + Warn
    3rd time - BAN





    • Innocent: Find the traitors among you and kill them.
    • Detective: Assist the Innocents to figure out who the traitor among the group is.
    • Traitor: Kill all Innocents and Detectives without getting caught to win the round.


    Traitorous Acts:          

    • Shooting towards players (traitor baiting)
    • Throwing an HE/incendiary grenade towards players.
    • Not identifying bodies.
    • Planting C4.
    • Having traitor weapons .
    • Hurting another player with a explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc)
    • Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms)
    • Not following detective's orders
    • Damaging health stations



    Karma: Karma is kind of like a reputation system. If you kill someone who you aren’t supposed to, then you may lose karma. Everyone starts off at 90 karma,  you have a max of 100, and if it hits 50, then you will be automatically banned for 1 week. Karma rewards and deductions are given for these actions:

    • Killing a traitor as an innocent: +5 karma
    • Killing an innocent as an innocent: -10 karma
    • Killing a detective as an innocent: -15 karma
    • Killing an innocent as a traitor: +2 karma
    • Killing a traitor as a traitor: -15 karma
    • Killing a detective as a traitor: +5 karma
    • Killing an innocent as a detective: -4 karma
    • Killing a detective as a detective: -15 karma
    • Killing a traitor as a detective: +7 karma


    KOS: Means kill on sight, if someone said, “KOS Hoodini!” then you can kill Hoodini if you see him. You can only KOS someone if you are 100% certain that they are the traitor (almost always need to see them do a traitorous act.) 


    Suspicion (Sus): If a person calls suspicion on another player, it means that they believe they could be the traitor, but don’t have enough evidence to call a KOS.


    Live Checks: If someone says for instance, “Live check or KOS,” then you should say in chat or through voice chat that you are alive. Otherwise people have permission to kill you on sight. You can only call live checks during overtime.


    Overtime: This starts when there are only 2 minutes left in the round. During overtime you are allowed to kill people for being suspicious, but be careful, because if you’re wrong it will affect your karma. In order to kill a player for suspicion, you must say in voice/game chat why you have a valid suspicion on the player. 


    RDM: RDM means Random Deathmatch, This only applies if any role randomly kills anyone else in a harmful and intentional demeanor. Meaning that if it is accidental and there is a purpose behind it is not RDM. Note: Admins will make final decision on whether if it was intentional or not.


    • Type /shop to purchase items.
    • Taser does not kill players, it identifies them.


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