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Found 17 results

  1. OneSneakyFox

    New way of identifying T-buddy is just bad

    Why did we replace the old way of seeing you T-buddy (outline) to just seeing a t on top of their head? This new way doesn't add anything new and makes it harder to identify your t_buddy. Without the outline, you won't know where your buddy is and might kill them accidentally. (I have killed other T's and other T's have killed me because of this) I do not see anything wrong with the old system (If there is pls tell me) and there are absolutely no advantages for the new system. Reverting it back to the old way would make playing T a lot more enjoyable.
  2. Zarakattack

    Rule Update 1/6/18

    TTT New rule: Detectives can't be detectives without a working/proper mic. This was already a rule, but was not clearly explained or shown to players so here it is!
  3. Taggof

    The dollhouse map

    The elevator is broken and is making me depressed.
  4. RicklePick

    TTT: Special Rounds

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, (mostly because I'm too lazy to look through forums, but what if we had special rounds once a map? Once a map, a notification would pop up, saying Special Round? 1. Yes 2. No. If no, continue the match normally. If yes, then a random special round would be chosen, such as: (just examples) - Team Deathmatch, Half of the server is detectives, other half is traitors - Deagle Round, All players required to use Deagles only - Tazers for Days, All players spawn in with tazers (traitor testers), round continues normally - Low Gravity, Gravity is lowered to 50% for the entire round - Desert, Each player may only use one clip from their gun - Special Snowflake, One innocent spawns in as "special" in chat, and the goal is for the innocents to protect the snowflake from traitors. If he is killed, they lose. If he survives, or all traitors are killed, they win. - Knife Me Daddy, free-for-all knife fight - Catch the Ball, infinite grenades free-for-all - Bomb, Anyone?, traitors can only plant 5 C4, while innocents stay blinded, objective for innocents is to defuse all 5 of the Ts planted C4 within 2 minutes (amount of C4 depends on amount of players) - ALLAHU AKBAR, every player is equipped with Jihad Bomb, round continues normally So on so forth. I think I saw this in another TTT server, but I just remembered it.
  5. GamingByTheMinute

    The Level System Idea (Mostly TTT)

    I had an idea earlier today that i think could be cool. A Level System Have certain levels have certain perks like extra health, or Shop credits multipliers ( Not the Shop with all the Hats and stuff but the Traitor,Inno,Detective Shop) and maybe extra grenade slots for those people that actually use grenades Level 1 : 0-250 kills as T Level 2 : 251-750 kills as T Level 3 : 751-1250 kills as T and so on.... Levels 1-5 : 0% More Health Levels 6-10 : 10% More Health Levels 11-20 : 20% More Health The Health Boost end at level 20 so nobody too op. Even thought how i made it it'll be hard to level up to that level. Levels 1-5 : 1x Credit Multiplier Levels 6-10 : 1.5x Credit Multiplier Levels 11-20 : 2x Credits Multiplier and so on.... You get the point. Let me know what you think of my idea and tell me your opinions. Also tell me what would also be good to add if this Level System is added.
  6. GamingByTheMinute

    TTT Idea

    We Need a TTT Map that takes place in a Prison. It needs a Armory A wardens room T secrets A prison yard. You guys get the idea.
  7. PotatoStyle

    Attracting more players.

    I've been playing on popular TTT servers briefly the last few days and realized what really sets our server apart, the lack of content. It's not a bad thing that our server is simple because some people like the simplicity. But if we really want to attract a wider audience, adding content to be up to par is the best option. The truth is players want content, not fast downloads. I would like to know everyone's opinions and thoughts. (Personally with the player models I think we have taken a step in the right direction)
  8. GamingByTheMinute

    Idea For TTT

    The Lower the Karma the less Damage you do. Example: 90 Karma = 10% Less Damage. 80 Karma = 20% Less Damage. Ect
  9. PixelStretch

    Specialty Rounds in TTT.

    I have an idea to kind of throw off the regular rigamarole of the game. Spice it up if you will! These rounds would only happen say, once per map. Specialty Rounds: Detectives V. Traitors Two Teams: Detectives and Traitors. When you die you switch teams. You keep playing until the last person dies on the opposing team! Free For All: Everyone is Traitor and the last person remaining gets a bonus amount of points. Double Points Round: This round happens early off on a map rotation in order to boost people's points, so that they can take full advantage of the /shop function later in the game.
  10. Zarakattack


    On TTT there is a Minecraft map with nether (can't remember the name of the map) it basically BURNS you if you spawn in the nether and I personally think this is annoying as hell. I don't even know if there is a way to change this. - Zarakattack
  11. Zarakattack

    Killing Your T Buddy

    Whenever you are T and inside close quarters and your T Buddy is present... And when you go to shoot, you accidently kill your t buddy and get auto slayed. Friendly fire for T's shouldn't be enabled because this can get annoying and ruin both of the Traitors rounds because of one dumbass who got in the way. This will prevent so much team killing and prevent even people who rdm their T buddies on purpose. -Zarakattack
  12. PixelStretch

    It's late

    I'm lonely. I got home really late tonight and I hopped on PC to hopefully play some TTT and everyone was gone. RIP. Y'all gotta get some later bedtimes.
  13. Gingo.

    New maps TTT

    The maps on ttt server have been over played and outdated. Here are a few map suggestions to add... Desperados Ape House Nuke house ttt subway MW2 highrise slayers Ht bank ***Most maps made by Kilroy***
  14. Insane Carry

    switch the flashlight

    you know when you want to inspect ur weapon and the flashlight turns on then you die because of that I think they should switch the key that turns on the flashlight
  15. Ender

    Detective vs. Detective and Spec

    I think that Detectives should not be able to attack Detectives. I have been killed by numerous detectives because they think they can shoot me. Also I killed some myself Also, I think people should be able to spec every player in TTT not just a handful. At least implement it for staff because i miss out on many RDM's because i cant spec everyone. - Ender
  16. Gingo.

    Gingo's suggestions

    I have a few suggestions... stat system (tracks traitor kills and innocent kills) new maps? more mods that are on almost daily mods/admins are given binds that can be shown in game at any time (ex. "Traitors gotta trait") This gives new players undurstanding fix detective bug where they have option to buy tazer but cant buy auto kick afk players have a better slay system (ex. 1 slay for one innocent rdm- 2 slays for one traitor rdm) take out rule for kos "having traitorous weapons" - should not have kos on weapons take away overtime rule "may kill people with suspicion under 2 minutes" - this rule can be bent as anyone can call suspicion on anyone resulting in mass killing add death tazer to traitor menu - this kills when used - also does not make people inno for buying tazer
  17. krit

    Live Check System?

    I think this would be very cool to have on the TTT server which is a Live Check System were lets say if they type !live or !lc or even have to send 2500 credits to show all the players whom are alive and/if want bodies that haven't been identified. Something like this in my opinion would definitly help allot hence when you start a self live check not everyone types in chat or responds. Comment what you think! <3