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Favorite Games?

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What are your favorite games from any platform such as steam, console, or even mobile? Put your all time top favorite games in your comment and you can even explain why. (I'm doing this because I want to play some different games.)

My top 5 games are as follows:

  1. Minecraft - Because I have played this game for about 7-8 years and i have so many fond memories of It with friends from Mobile to Console to PC.
  2. CS:GO - Although I haven't had this game nearly as long as Minecraft, I've still had someone those fond memories on the servers and comp with friends.
  3. BO1 and BO2 - These games were my go to games back around 2011-2014 when I didn't have a PC.
  4. Skyrim - An amazing game that I have beat about 4-5 times. 
  5. League Of Legends - A game i recently returned to where I can relate back to fond memories of horsing around in games like Minecraft or CS:GO.

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Right now my top 5 are probably

1. CS:GO


3. Far Cry 5

4. Stardew Valley

5. RB6

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I judge my top few games by the amount of emptiness I felt after finishing it.

1. The Last of Us - Holy fucking shit this game was amazing. I literally didn't feel whole if I wasn't doing something related to the game for nearly 2 weeks.

2. The Walking Dead - Had a really good story line and felt like you were a part of the story, however has become progressively worse. Most recent one was pretty awful imo.

3. I'm not going to say what this game is. I don't really want to be bullied.


The rest of the games is just based off of how much fun I've ever had in them

4. Minecraft - Have more hours in this game then all my steam games combined probably. 

5. Rust - Not had as much fun recently but have so many good memories playing this game. Base building, raiding, pvp, it's all super fun especially with the people I played with.

6. ARK - Hard to explain why I enjoyed this game so much. Just a really fun survival game, always played on pretty op servers with my friend.

7. The Forest - Only PvE survival game I've enjoyed. The horror part of it makes it so much fun. Running around dark caves with friends screaming at everything you see was tons of fun.

8. Final Fantasy 12 - Good RPG, Lots of nostalgia from it.


10. Smite - Fun MOBA, got pretty good at it. My favorite game that I can play anytime I'd really want too. 


CS:GO kinda sucks ngl, I really only play it to talk to people in all honesty.


God of War just came out and will definitely be on this list in the future, however I have not played/seen it fully yet so it's TBD.


Yes I felt the need to give my top 10 rather then top 5 because I actually enjoyed making this list.

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1) CS;GO

2) Osu!

3) A Story about my Uncle

4) Starbound

5) Mortal Kombat X

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Posted (edited)

1) Minecraft

2) Pokemon

3) Wizard 101

4) CS

5) Payday 2

Edited by Ender

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11 hours ago, Ender said:

1) Minecraft

2) Wizard 101


4) Payday 2

5) KF2

What he said

except for the last one. kf2 I don't know what that is. also I played a lot of pokemon too.

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Hehe, Wizard101. Gonna be playing that this weekend with my friend xd

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1.- Xenoblade Chronicles X

2.- Mario Kart (Wii Version)

3.- Csgo

4.- Fortnite


Yes Im Gay stfu. xd

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2. Rust

3. Command and Conquer Generals

4. MInecraft


6.Rainbow Six Siege

7. Garry's Mod

8. Call of Duty 2 "The Big Red One"

9. Half Life 2

T-10. Medal of Honor : Frontline

T-10. Shadow the Hedgehog (my disk was broken so i could only play deathmatch so i would play with 3 others, this game was so shitty it was good)

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I've played a lot of games and there's been a number of them that I've enjoyed. Usually for a game to be in my favorites I have some sort of connection to the game, maybe a memory, moment or overall enjoyment.


1. Pokemon Platinum - By far my most loved Pokémon title. It was one of the first games I had for my nintendo ds. I played the absolute hell out of this game, sinnoh was such an interesting region.

2. Battlefield 4 - One of the best battlefield games. I've been playing battlefield since the first game, battlefield 1942. I enjoyed most of the series but BF4 really stuck out to me and I played it for a ton of hours.

3. Terraria - First game I ever bought on steam. I've clocked a ton of hours into this game.

4. Age of Empires III - My dad got me into this game when I was young and I loved it. I've since bought the game on steam too and have still enjoyed it.

5. Danganronpa Series - One of my friends suggested I should play this game. They got me hooked haha, this is an awesome mystery series.

6. Final Fantasy XIV - It's surprisingly my first Final Fantasy game, however not my first MMO. Best MMO I've ever played, this game has all the features that I wanted.

7. Halo Reach - I bought an Xbox 360 just to play this game when it came out, I was not disappointed. I love everything from the campaign to multiplayer. It never got old and was always fun to play with friends.

8. Osu! - I picked up this game just under two years ago and found myself enjoying it a lot. My friend suggested I play it after he saw the kind of games I liked. My friend is actually #10,000 and is way better than I am haha.

9. CS:GO - This was going to be on the list obviously. I've been playing counter strike for about 4 years now, I've had a lot of great moments on this game. Those moments still continue to this day.


There's so many more games I could name, but I'm going to keep it strictly to some of my all time favorites. Thanks for reading my list and have a nice day!

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