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  2. Listen here fella that thing you called a broken wasteland is The Great Empire of Romania and we worked hard to get it to the point that it's at. Too many hearts have been broken, too much blood split, too much jizz expelled from our penis holes. Who are you? Never heard of you fella but you made an enemy this day. Go back to the village you came from and tell your elders of me so that they can scare the women and children with the telling of me.
  3. It would take another 5 years to do... I think we are better off in the wasteland rubble of... Defycraft
  4. Reset the maps, all the blocks, buildings, etc. and start anew, right now it just seems like a broken wasteland
  5. Added more blocks that can be sold. Each item below can be sold as an ingot, block, or ore. Type /worth on any of those items before selling them. Diamond Gold Iron Emerald Obsidian
  6. Thanks for the suggestion we will be adding more items to sell soon.
  7. Yeah, we can only sell cobblestone, dirt, and sand. And they all sell for .01 which makes keeping a large town expanding or even maintaining it close to impossible
  8. pls fix lag and store
  9. The server is only playable when one or two people are on. As soon as the number hits three, it goes to shit. Can't walk for more than 1 second without rubber banding back.
  10. The server is only playable when one or two people are on. As soon as the number hits three, it goes to shit. Can't walk for more than 1 second without rubber banding back. I've also died trying to fight literally two zombies because none of my hits were registering. @Mark pls fix.
  11. I think we should add /eat for Gold VIP. It could be for any VIP I don't mind which. It would help for when your mining and forgot food and you don't want to go all the way back up to get some.
  12. As a person who has played on previous SMP servers, I'm going to have to entirely disagree with your post. Quite frankly Pig the way that you have presented and defended your idea is poor. This is a Towny / SMP server, it is not a factions/raiding server. As you very well know, these are entirely different. They operate differently, attract different playerbases, and naturally different communities will prefer different gamemodes. There is nothing wrong with getting along and cooperating (at the very least not intentionally griefing others) with other players. While you may believe that factions is by far the most superior and brings the best experience to Minecraft, other players feel differently and can enjoy Minecraft in other ways. There isn't a "right way" to run a Minecraft server. If you want to make your own minecraft server and run it your way, feel free.
  13. I have come to like the towny plugin but we should be able to sell coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis, and emeralds for a certain amount of money based on rarity. They should definitely hold more value than all the current sellable items. I think these seven items should come first in the next items added to the sellable list, since everyone is constantly mining anyway.
  14. Well said Dark I give you props for this post. I was certainly getting just as mad.
  15. i dont see how locking an enchantment table when noone was on then unlocking it when i woke up is being an asshole. i unlocked it when trace asked.
  16. Some people want to have social lives and not play Minecraft all day just to have their shit blown up.
  17. Then don't be a dick to people just because you can.
  18. i wasn’t really attached to a single enchantment table. i wanted a different biome anyway plus a town with people that can be trusted. now if i had known it was a joke, it’d be fine but you did it when i wasn’t on. this isn’t an attack on your personal character, but if that’s how you play the game, then i’m gonna respond like i did.
  19. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im not mad im just saying. people get too attached to things
  20. oh boy. you do realize i’m playing your guys’s game right? you were literally part of my town so why should i be around you two when you can’t be trusted. if you wanna raid, go ahead, but you were part of the town. i know you removed the sign afterward but i didn’t know before. plus you can’t be mad at me for doing what i did. isn’t this what you want?
  21. I regret voting for towney. everyone gets way too attached to everything so if it gets destroyed they freak out and move to a forest. minecraft isn't only about mining and building. its about the competition and fear of raiding. thats why factions is so popular. because not only do you have to worry about the mobs. you have to worry about other players. you have to worry about how and where you build a base. you have to learn how to build with restriction because if your base gets destroyed will you be able to afford to rebuild it. so i think people should stop being pussies and just embrace the fact that sometimes your gonna lose shit. and thats ok
  22. Try joining the Minecraft club then.
  23. Once again, read the old suggestions. There is also a reason we don't have MCMMO.
  24. Who said the MC server was "more hardcore than the old one"? Its only harder because because it on Hard mode as opposed to Normal mode. And try reading some of the old suggestions on the Minecraft server before cranking these out of your ass. We picked Towny over Factions for a reason.
  25. This is kinda ungrateful of you to say considering that you didn't patiently for 4 months like the rest of us for a better Minecraft server. This is not what the community thinks, this is what you think. And how dare you just call Mark lazy. Sure it takes a while for him to get things done sometimes but in the end, it all seems worth it. And give him a fucking break. He has 5 servers, a Discord, and an entire forums too keep up. As far as I know, he does all of this by himself: fixing, implementing, doing other admin's jobs when they don't want to do their own, etc. Yes, I do seriously think he needs more dev help. Calling Mark lazy however is just down right disrespectful. If you can't appreciate what you have, then you don't deserve to have it at all. Its Christmas Eve. Go watch Home Alone or something, they teach you to be grateful with what you have even if not everything you want is there. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.
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