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  2. Just wanted to make this post to tell you all that we need to play Murder more often. It's almost always neglected and forgotten about, and it's really underrated. If you don't know what Murder is, its basically kinda like TTT but everyone is anonymous and there is usually only one murderer and one person with a gun. You can collect loot to get a gun for yourself, but the murder can only use a knife. It's really fun and I hope we can play on it more. If we have these servers, we should put them to good use and give them the love and appreciation they deserve, not just leave them for random to populate after midnight.
  3. I'll add it when we are either out of beta or close to being out of beta.
  4. It's in Open Beta right now, and pretty dead at the moment...
  5. wait we have a darkrp server? How active is it?
  6. Good suggestions, some stuff I added, some stuff will be added in soon and some stuff just wont be added. Refer to this post for changes.
  7. This post will contain changes made to the DarkRP server. Added Prop Kill protection Advert command is now /ad adverts cost $500 each. Added custom hud, f4 menu, and scoreboard. Gestures/Animations have been added Added police armory, still need to configure weapons though. Added RT camera this will be VIP only Added f1 menu/ !hub menu Added !report system Added drugz
  8. Addons: Vrondakis leveling system (and maybe prestige addon) https://github.com/vrondakis/Leveling-System https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/390/darkrp-prestige-level-system RT Camera https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106944414 Brax ATM VIP Jobs I think the jobs you listed in the direction post are pretty good, but here are a few ideas for donator/high level jobs if you decide to go with the level addon. I'm not gunna do the purpose, need, use thing because none of these are needed, they're just incentives to buy VIP. Theif I know you said this wouldn't be a thing, but it would be nice if donators could have an easy way to get a lockpick and keypad cracker, and possibly a free gun. Fence Is a mix between drug dealer, gun dealer, and black market dealer. Makes selling items and making money faster, and also more efficient for the people buying, as they don't need to run around to all the different stores, or wait if there is no dealer for their specific needs online. Banker This job should be reserved for more trusted players, because no one is going to want to give away their expensive printers to the 6 year old kid who just joined the server, and is filling up the banker spot. They are going to want to be well trusted so people actually use the banker role instead of just keeping their printers in their bases. Custom job I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. It would have to be a pretty pricey option, because joining a server and having everyone have their own custom job is really annoying. But if it costed a shit ton of money, and only a few people had it, that could be cool. I'm not really sold on this idea, but I'm just gunna throw it out there. Or maybe you could give it the head admins or something idk. Other VIP Feature Ideas Slightly increased printer/door limit Duplicator tool (maybe a couple of other cool tools like lights or something) Double or slightly increase XP gaining (if you go with level system) Permanent gun (as long as it's not too OP) No prop/door buying cost Reserved slot Reduced printer cost Permanent salary boost Other ideas Make the printers not blow up every five seconds. Increase door limit to 5 Add a way to bail out jailed friends. Get a custom menu/HUD (the default one looks awful) Whitelist more props I know that most of these ideas and addons won't be added, but hopefully you see a few things you'll like. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=268401665 Theres the brax atm link
  9. @Hoodini you’re so funny 😂😂
  10. just give me a place and time
  11. can i be the town whore
  12. if drug dealer is an occupation then crack-whore has to be one too.
  13. I wanna be the Drug dealer on gmod though
  14. no she would be the perfect buyer for weed
  15. Then you obviously don’t know me very well lmfao.
  16. But, you have to be smart/clever to be a good drug dealer...
  17. I think I’d be the perfect drug dealer
  18. I love you. I love you x2
  19. DEFY DarkRP Beta Direction I wanted to create this post so that everyone can understand the direction we are aiming for our Gmod Dark RP server. This post may be long but please read it fully so you understand why certain things are done in a particular way. Addons Many members will have addon ideas to add X addon, Y addon, or Z addon but unfortunately if the addon does not meet the requirements of purpose, need, use, or highly requested/subscribed then it will likely not be added. What does this mean? If someone suggests adding the Playable Piano addon(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104548572) for example then we will go through the below questions to decide whether or not it should be added. Lets say for example someone else suggested adding the Keypad addon(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108424005) lets see how that compares to the Playable Piano. So basically from the two examples above you can see how the playable piano while it is cool, it really does not serve much of a purpose within DarkRP and players may play with it for a bit and get bored. So we need to consider whether it is worth adding or not? Does it create extra download time? Will that addon create server lag? I am sure everyone can agree that one of the most annoying things with many Dark RP servers is the download time and I would like to aim for the fastest download time possible while making the server as fun as possible. With that said unfortunately not every addons suggested will get added into the server and we will carefully pick and choose addons which serve a purpose, are needed, have a use case, or are highly requested. Jobs We will be following some requirements for adding in jobs in as well just like our addons process. Jobs must have a purpose, need, use, and be highly requested to be added. Some of the jobs I will be listing below have already been added some are not added yet but planned or some have been added but their features are not fully added in yet. Below I will give a brief description of some jobs and their direction. Please note that the descriptions below may be missing some information. Adverts Adverts will strictly be used for advertising services or businesses such as “/ad Come to Mark’s Gun store, next to the Police Department.” Ads will cost $1000 per ad, this high price will ensure ads are used for the correct purpose and be effective. Mugging, raiding, hits and other rp actions do not belong in adverts. It literally makes no sense. If someone would like to mug another player they do not need to advert their action to the whole server same with raids or any other rp actions.
  20. Well dont do that cuz we want to not be like every normal DarkRP server and just say Crips and Bloodz maybe people want to name there own gang or something
  21. I think you mean Cripz and Bloodz
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