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This club is intended for anyone who plays on our CS:GO Servers

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  2. Dark

    Gametracker Previews

    Added new Gametracker Previews for all servers: - DEFYcraft - mg_fridaythe13_hns_defy - jb_space_jail_sg_defy - hns_vertigo_defy - jb_dragons_lair_v2_defy - jb_moonjail_v3_defy - deathrun_bajocero_defy - hns_alien_defy - deathrun_simpsons_ff_defy - hns_deadfarm_defy - hns_assault_defy - hns_office_defy - deathrun_helix_defy - hns_alien_defy - ba_jail_electric_razor_defy - mg_nebo2_course_defy - deathrun_n4x_dres0x_defy - deathrun_lego_world_final_defy - deathrun_iceworld_v2_defy - jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1_defy - hns_hospital_defy Previews for the new maps will come very soon. Let me know if I missed any or added the wrong maps.
  3. Mark

    Jailbreak Changelog

    Last two Prisoners may type !lr.
  4. Mark

    Double LR

    Since Counter-Strike:Source I have always played Jailbreak with the last T getting lr. I'm down to try something new, I went ahead and changed it so that the last two remaining prisoners can type !lr. I did not add any slot activation thing, if that is needed I will add it later on.
  5. Dark

    Double LR

    We didn't have this on NsG, but I've played other servers with this feature. It didn't get too chaotic, usually. And the activation number should be higher, like have the double LR activate when there are 15+ people on, kinda like with the voice battery on TTT.
  6. Foxtrot

    Double LR

    I've seen, in other Jailbreak servers. the last 2 T's get Lr. I think we should also have that added to our server. but maybe have it activated when there are 10+ people on? it's worked well on other servers and I don't think people talking over eachother would be a problem. (the CT could always ask for ask repeat of the rules etc). It would give new players a better chance to get LR and they might stick around.
  7. In the past we allowed players to vote kick a guards and this only resulted in abuse so the feature was removed. As for coinflip I explained this in another post but basically it spawns credits out of nowhere. With raffles the players who raffle up their credits must fist earn the credits and then they can raffle with other players therefore they are not just spawned in.
  8. Mark

    [Accepted] TTT Killer

    The feature has been added back. https://defyclan.com/topic/2995-ttt-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-20107
  9. Mark

    [Rejected]Ghosting In TTT

    The reason it is on JB and Minigames is because those servers have games such as surf, climb, etc. When you die you can type !ghost and play those games instead of just spectating. Also the spectator wait time on jailbreak can sometimes be 10 minutes depending on what is going on in the round. Although players have the ability to play map games I have found many players just use !ghost to fly around with trails or pets in an attempt to disturb gameplay. I may end up removing this feature on those servers if I keep seeing it abused in this manner until I fix it. Anyway in TTT their is not much you can really do beside walk around therefore it is not really necessary since you can just go with the freecam.
  10. Mark

    [Rejected]TTT drones

    At this point in time I don't believe that it is possible to add the danger zone drones. Also I think they would likely cause high cpu usage for the servers. The old drones we had used to be like an rc car or like drones on rb6 but they caused the server to crash so we removed them.
  11. Some of the maps suggested have been added. https://defyclan.com/topic/2995-ttt-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-20107
  12. Mark

    [Accepted] +/- Maps (Revised)

    Thanks for the suggestion we have added some stuff in. https://defyclan.com/topic/2995-ttt-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-20107 https://defyclan.com/topic/2992-jailbreak-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-20106
  13. Mark

    MG Changelog

    Using !call will no longer broadcast a message to everyone, it will only show to admins and the player making the report. Added 3 maps back in the pool mg_piratewars_v7_defy mg_bear_attack_hard_defy mg_galaxy_course_defy
  14. Mark

    TTT Changelog

    Using !call will no longer broadcast a message to everyone, it will only show to admins and the player making the report. When you die it will display the role of the player that killed you. Added 12 maps into the pool ttt_splash_defy ttt_gunkanjima_defy ttt_barney_b2_defy ttt_foxriver_v1b_defy ttt_highrise_2f_defy ttt_mario_castle_defy ttt_nexus_v2_defy ttt_office_b1_defy ttt_sky_islands_v2_defy ttt_skyfrequency_a1_defy ttt_stormy_days_defy ttt_thetops_v1a_defy
  15. Mark

    Jailbreak Changelog

    Using !call will no longer broadcast a message to everyone, it will only show to admins and the player making the report. Removed damage on freeday, this will allow guards to explore maps which they are not familiar with without worrying about being killed by prisoners. Added 6 new maps to the pool jb_oasisv07_defy ba_jail_future_v2a_defy jb_bigmt_b2_defy jb_chicken_island_b2_defy jb_newyork_defy jb_putin_v2_defy Removed two maps jb_castleguarddev_v5_defy since it is very similar to jb_renegade_v5_defy jb_facility_defy since there are many cell with guns and it becomes chaotic Slots have been increased to 32. Removed fists from guards due to bug that allows fists to do damage when friendly fire is enabled.
  16. Josh

    Clarify Rules on Suspicion and Overtime

    I think that the rules are okay how they are. If we make the “sus before two doesn’t mean you can kill after two” a thing, then I can hear someone murder someone on the other side of a fence where I can’t see them at 2:25 and not kill them after 2 for sus. I think that you should have to explain your sus the second you call it on someone and if others agree with your evidence, then you and them can kill said person during overtime. This does not mean that person is KOS at two. Which is an important distinction that I am glad is in the rules. Now if someone calls sus on me before two and has decided to kill me, I know their intentions and am prepared to fire back if need be.
  17. The rules regarding overtime still has some lingering questions as to what they imply. Personally, I don't believe a player can kill someone they suspect to be a Traitor simply because they were suspicious during the Haste period. This opens the door to RDM because, especially during peak hours, it is difficult to track who has said what and makes it very easy to kill Traitors simply because someone who calls them Suspicious and plans on killing them in Overtime gives them very little time to actually do anything. Rounds start at 4:30, and assuming someone is called out, leaves them one minute to do anything regardless if they are Traitor or not. For example, if Player A thinks Player B is suspicious during Haste because he is holding an AWP, it shouldn't be permitted that Player A can kill him during Overtime regardless if Player B is actually a Traitor or not. Too much time has passed, and it *should* be considered RDM. Way too many people are still saying "Oh, he's high sus, I'm gonna kill him at 2:00" Players should be allowed for killing Suspicious players, but ONLY for Suspicious Acts performed during Overtime. Not for Suspicious Acts performed during Haste. Otherwise, anyone can kill anyone and claim "well he was suspicious early in the round so I killed him." We need to abolish High sus altogether. There is no difference between Sus and High Sus, so the longer term should be tossed. It should not be allowed to call High Sus, because its purpose is fulfilled by saying "sus." Too many players are led to believe they are two separate things. We must also enforce harsher punishments for calling suspicion on players with no valid reason. There is so much spam, especially during peak hours, of players who just call Suspicion on others to hear their own voice and shittalk without justifying why they called suspicion.
  18. Assassin

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I did once, and boy was I ecstatic. I was partying with myself and my dad walked into my room, heard loud screaming and banging, thought I was getting murdered. Didn't understand what I meant by "beating 100 traps". scrub
  19. Dark

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I don't play Bowie maps.
  20. Hank_Hell

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    yeah was easy
  21. Trace

    Have you completed 100 traps?

    I made a new record last night at 36, but no, not even close.
  22. reDrocket

    TTT Karma Rework

    I also want to point out that if you're a good boy like me, it's extremely hard to get karma banned, even with the occasional friendly fire. Like, you really have to go out on your way to kill other Innocents and Detectives to get Karma banned, because it's pretty easy to earn it all back if you play by the rules and ease off the trigger finger. Considering how easy it is to work your way up to 100 karma, I don't think a scaling system should be implemented based on karma. It's be way too easy for someone to rack up 100 karma and then mass RDM even more. It *should* scale based on timeplayed instead.
  23. reDrocket

    Adding lobby to TTT?

    Maybe Ghost Deathmatch? Garry's Mod has something like this, and the Ghost feature is already present on Minigames.
  24. Dark

    Adding lobby to TTT?

    Sounds like too much work to add to every map. No.
  25. Should we add a lobby to TTT? Adding a brief intermission inbetween the rounds, (Like 30 seconds?) and after those 30 seconds are up, Players are spawned onto the map with 10 seconds to grab a gun, and the round starts, ends, rinse and repeat. What is the benefit of adding a lobby? Adding a lobby with things to do like surf, or bhopping would be a neat addition to the server so that it isn't just waiting around for a round to end, or a round to start. What I mean by this is that it can be very boring to sit and watch other players have fun. When you die, you can be tp'd up to the lobby and do something there. It will add a spice to the mode that other servers haven't caught onto yet.

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