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  2. who would play ttt when defy has a jb server
  3. Yesterday
  4. server averages 3 people, but I see way more people saying that it needs to be revived. if you want it back, you gotta play it
  5. Last week
  6. Mango did you accidentally pee yourself? Was it by laughing so hard bc your insults are so funny or that you’re whining about getting banned for hacks?
  7. Coming from a person who should've been CWBd years ago. Just move on from Defy.
  8. funny coming from a crippled cracker
  9. Funny coming from a hacking scumbag 🤔
  10. shit clan, shit server, shit people - Mango 2020
  11. There is a thread on this. yes, people play ttt. no, nobody* plays ttt on defy. *very few people and not an actual functioning server
  12. Magma


    this seems really fucking gay wtf
  13. It's almost better to just host a realm because it'll likely be dead within a month anyway. Vanilla is really only fun for a short time.
  14. Earlier
  15. yea I agree, I'll sign the petition for a minecraft server.
  16. Minecraft is fun, but it gets boring after a while, but if we had one I would play on it.
  17. We need a fuckin minecraft server. Prove me wrong. So mark make us a minecraft server.
  18. Had one of the best dinners in a while honestly, stuffed myself as full as possible. Happy thanksgiving to everyone.
  19. Happy thanksgiving to the canadian squad hope you all are eating some good mf food
  20. Wren


  21. Fine


    I might approve this message
  22. again if you care so much about your ban and think it was false try to contact the admin that banned you, my experience with appeals has been good I got 2 false bans removed in like a day or less idk if you're still having that problem but it could be gone who knows.
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