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  3. ItzGray

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    hey, you can get vip by yourself, i cant.
  4. Flyte

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    I'd enter, but I feel like giving everyone else a chance
  5. ItzGray

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    legend has it, if you dont enter, you get free V-bucks.
  6. Ghxst

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    stop spamming my discord with nick flurry's nudes then we'll talk
  7. Ender

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    Then dont change your name for a week and it is the most hours played NEXT WEEK
  8. ItzGray

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    i have 200+ hours under different names nerd.
  9. Ghxst

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    Not competing, but what if someone has many hours under several names? Should they submit all of the names? Gametracker likes to count any name changes as if they're different people (I have 27.22 hrs on Defy | Ghxst, 23.8 on Defy | Ghxstzy, and 23.3 on Defy | Ghxst.-, for example, as well as a few minutes on other random names.)
  10. Ender

    Weekly Giveaway #2

    Hello guys, its your main boy Ender here and today I will be announcing the 2nd giveaway with @1stSavagerY, sorry it took so long I feel so bad and I took a trip earlier so I have been gone for a bit. First of all congrats to @Zach and @Fsjal for the VIP, well deserved. This week will show how dedicated members are on the server and due to this, this will be WHOEVER GETS THE MOST HOURS IN THE 7 DAYS AFTER THE FORM CLOSES GIVEAWAY. Summary: Whoever gets the most hours wins. How to enter: I will send google forms and link your gametracker profile and need your steam id. To find your steam id go on: https://steamidfinder.com/ To find link of gametracker profile go to: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/TTT.DEFYclan.com:27015/top_players/ and search your name, press it and copy the url. Form: https://goo.gl/forms/fRHfjPKjK13r74V73 Everyone has until 24/02 to complete this task. Rules: If you afk and/or cheat your hours you will be publicly shamed and barred from any future giveaways/ the current one If you have VIP, you cannot join unless your VIP is expiring before 01/03. As always have fun and enjoy yourself with this, thank you all for paying attention to this and ill see you guys around GOOD LUCK - Ender (And the spirit of Sav)
  11. Ghxst

    Is bees. a good boy for Admin?

    Untrue. Bees a good boy but no admin pls. we have too many
  12. still mad salty i lost 4 rep over jokingly saying i dont like bees my legit favorite animals are probably water doggos (seals), anime catgirls (yum yum), and praying mantises (males have the best sex. they get laid then die immediately after. why cant human sex be more like that?)
  13. Ghxst

    Unpopular Opinions

    Go ahead and post some unpopular opinions that you may have here. NOTHING POLITICAL IS ALLOWED HERE. I am not trying to start a flame war. That being said, feel free to voice your opinion on (almost) any topic. My unpopular opinions: Anime is not bad @Assassin = Good Admin Heavy is overpowered Last 2 R6 seasons (Grim Sky and Wind Bastion) were very bad AMD > Intel RGB PC components and peripherals are nice I need more forum rep I enjoy trap music Traps are gay @PotatoStyle That's about it for now but I'm sure I'll come up with more of these right after posting this. Don't downvote me for these pLeAsE. Have fun, don't kill each other.
  14. Ghxst

    A new PC

    I'm waaaay too much of a nerd when it comes to pcs. If you want, contact me on discord (Ghxst.-#0167) and I'll basically teach you everything you need to know about PCs and maybe even spec out a good build for your budget. All up to you though, and if you want to try to learn everything on your own, good on you, just know that it is somewhat difficult to understand a lot of what affects performance inside of a PC. Let me know if you need any help, thanks!
  15. Felix

    Add In-game ranks

    I feel like this is a good suggestion, but I do have some thoughts on it. + It would give reason for players to play on the server more. + We can add rewards for ranking up in-game. + It could help predict who will minge / not know what they're doing. + A lot of servers already have a system similar. - It could clash with the already existing Member, Junior Member, Senior Member, Veteran Member and make things confusing. - It's a lot of work to implement a system like that. - If it's like a tag to show the rank, it would conflict with the store tags. - More menus are kinda M e h.
  16. Felix

    Intro xd

    Woah there lol, calm down.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Flyte

    Intro xd

    Welcome to DEFY!!
  19. You're just bad, kiddo.
  20. statefarm-geico

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    It's a long story, but ill shorten it. So at one point i was dating Gaben, so he gave me alot of skins and even made me Global elite. But one day i saw him, the real man of my dreams. His name was, Felix. I had a crush on him for a long time, till one day i confessed and we started dating. Felix didnt know i was dating Gaben. But when savagery snitched on me about me dating Felix and Gaben, Felix dumped me, and Gaben took away my rank, and made me a filthy silver. Gaben, im sorry.
  21. statefarm-geico

    Intro xd

    Felix how could you cheat on me? I gave you pp succ, is it because i poured germ- x in your dicc hole?
  22. @PotatoStyleyou ARE a spam post... go frick yourself buddy boy... Spam implies meaningless.. this has a specific meaning that only the kool kids klub will understand...
  23. Felix

    Intro xd

    Yes daddy.
  24. I'm actually going to check the forums
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