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  2. Foxtrot

    Add In-game ranks

    So recently I've noticed more new players joining and asking how to play and of course alot of people don't tell the new player how to play. so I was thinking maybe we can have people with below 10 hours on say Jb, they have the [Newbie] rank. (Meaning the guards give them extra warnings and teach them how to play instead of shooting them the second they don't follow a command) and the more hours you get on a specific server the higher your rank gets. (Newbie, Regular, Veteran, Pro, God. etc) maybe add a menu that pops up for the new players the basic rules of the game. (this should also be added/tested on the TTT server and admins can keep an eye on the newer players)
  3. Yorter

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    I'm not a silver, but I used to be really serious about competitive and that was the only game mode I played for the majority that I've had CSGO. Just the amount of stress and worrying that I had whenever I would lose a game or even think about deranking put me in a bad place and I knew I needed to step back and chill out. I would just like to say that it really doesn't matter about rank or skins or whatever because its just a game. I know that probably sound cliche, but its honestly the truth. I'm glad I found the TTT server and joined Defy because it really brought me back into what games are supposed to be. FUN. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest... Anyways, I hope someone found what I wrote useful and enjoyed it. Have a Good One!
  4. That's not very christian of you to say sir, may I redirect you towards the bible? https://www.biblica.com/bible/
  5. Fuck bees, fuck you, and fuck your mother.
  6. Honestly Idk how tf I'm not silver I'm worse than 70-80% of players on jb/ttt
  7. so true, my dogs hips went to shit fast when he got old. i had to build ramps for him so he wouldnt have to take the stairs
  8. Yesterday
  9. Felix

    Move Healthshot to First Menu Slot

    I have to agree, even on my T rounds I'm buying a healthshot over other items so I think moving it to the first slot would be helpful.
  10. PotatoStyle

    KOS off of Assosiation

    I also do the same. It’s very situational and it sort of just pops in your head that the other guy must be a Traitor too.
  11. Because I lack the skill to get out of silver.
  12. Connor

    make an overwatch section of defy

    I'm retarded what do you expect
  13. Connor

    I need a prof pic

    just use default profile picture 4Head
  14. Bowie

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    not so bad started with like 30$ in the start still shitty tho but if i did win oof big cash out
  15. Bowie

    A new PC

    cyberpower and ibuypower are kinda pricey
  16. XenoGenesis

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    I miss that too lol rip the hundreds and thousand lost and spent
  17. XenoGenesis

    Whats Your Favorite Memory On Defy?

    That time I was admin
  18. XenoGenesis

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    Because csgo is free so more hackers/smurfs
  19. XenoGenesis


    Is it Christmas on defy?
  20. XenoGenesis

    well here we are again

    Love you krit [;
  21. XenoGenesis

    Im Back

    Shit finally took awhile. (;
  22. Jesus christ 10/10 top 10 anime fights right here
  23. XenoGenesis

    liv's intro

  24. XenoGenesis

    KOS off of Assosiation

    Lol kinda started with me. Whenever I see like two Ts strolling side by side and one shoots at me and I kill him and then other guy doesnt look or even waiver from the guy next to him shooting me. It's like super suspicious lol.
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