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    Thank you for considering donating. We strive to provide the best experience for all our players, while providing extra benefits for VIP members.

  1. Gold VIP

    • Get everything in Bronze, Silver, and extra Gold benefits.
    • Every !store item for free
    • Banana Joe Player Model
    • !voteslay, !votekick, !voteban commands
    • [Gold] tag in chat
    • Gold VIP role on discord for life

  2. Silver VIP

    • Get everything in Bronze and extra Silver benefits.
    • VIP on all Servers
      Silver VIP+ enables perks accross all CS:GO servers. Bronze VIP is limited to 1 server of your choice.
    • Credit Multiplier x8
    • Silver VIP role on discord for life

  3. Bronze VIP

    • Reserved Slot
    • VIP Player Models
    • Credit Multiplier x4
    • !locker, !cp Access
    • Chat Benefits
    • Bronze VIP role on discord for life
    • Extra Benefits  

Extra Benefits

  • [VIP] tag in !store
  • Exclusive VIP Lounge and text chat on Discord
  • VIP Area on Forums and Group
  • Forum inbox increase to 1000
  • !vipmenu provides information about your VIP status.

Jailbreak Specific Features:

  • Guard Queue Priority
  • !noguard - Prevents being swapped to guard due to ratio balance.
  • Warden/Deputy backstab protection once per round
  • Warden Laser Pointer to guide prisoners easily
  • Warden Paint tool access. Can play games like Pictionary.
  • Warden/Deputy Bullet Impact Sparks
  • Immunity from Warden Mutes.
  • !refuse and !repeat will play sounds when used.
  • Set event day of your choice as warden for the next round. Event days have 3 day cooldowns.
  • Each !lr gives 4 credits instead of only 2.
  • Earn 1 credit per Prisoner kill as Guard
  • Earn 2 credits per guard kill as Prisoner
  • Jetpack and Invisibility access in !jbshop

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    How long will it take to receive VIP?

    Usually less than 24 hours. If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received VIP please submit a Support Request.



    Can I Donate Skins or Keys for VIP?

    Yes, however it will be more expensive click here for more information.



    How do I find my Steamid?

    Click Here to get your Steamid. It should look something like STEAM_0:0:34944709


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