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    • Mark

      Community Updates

      By Mark, in News,

      Community Updates
      Forum Changes
      Down vote will no longer give a negative reputation point. Posts may still be down voted, however it will not affect the posters reputation. Up votes, Thanks, and Like will add reputation to a forum user. Haha, Confused, and Sad reactions will not give or take away reputation. We have also recounted forum reputation so you may have lost or gained reputation.
      Inappropriate Behavior/Loopholes
      We have had for some time now, rules regarding inappropriate behavior which aims to stop racism, harassment, discrimination, etc. Most players follow this rule but we have a few players who don’t, or think that it is okay to loophole the rules. Instead of saying certain words they say a variation or find other clever ways which are not clever at all since the context is obvious. The staff team in the past have been very lenient with this type of behavior. At the last staff meeting we have informed all staff that action is to be taken on this loophole behavior and inappropriate behavior in general.
      We will not accept any excuse for inappropriate behavior. If you feel the urge to say something offensive/against the rules then do so in a private message/voice chat and only if the recipient is okay with those types of messages, it is not welcome in our public chats. Players that continue to loophole, get punished for it and still continue the same behavior will just likely lead to a community wide ban for consistent negativity and toxicity.
      Discord Changes
      General Admins+ now have powers within discord. This means that more eyes are watching the chat. Inappropriate behavior/loopholes will also be enforced within discord if that was not obvious already. #nsfw may contain content which is explicit, racist, offensive, etc. Content posted in #nsfw that targets members is not allowed.
      Forcing players to read the rules
      As you probably already know we have added a new system on our csgo servers which forces all new players to read the server rules in game by clicking servers website found on the scoreboard. Otherwise if they fail to do so within the allowed time frame they get auto kicked. The initial release of this system had a small bug that caused some players to continuously get kicked but has since been patched. Sorry if that affected you.
      Going forward we can use this system to notify players when rules are changed. The notification would likely not kick you but rather just notify you in-game. Small changes that we make to the rules will not result in us forcing players to re read the rules. Ensure you are always up to date with the rules by going to the rules page. Any changes will be posted in a green announcement box on the rules page notifying which parts were changed.
      Alt Accounts
      If you have not yet read the post on alt accounts be sure to read it.  
      On a final note we are always taking in the community's feedback. If you have any suggestions please post them in our suggestion area. https://defyclan.com/forum/5-suggestions/ 

    • CS:GO Alt Accounts

      By Mark, in News,

      Read the entire post as we will not accept excuses if caught. Since CS:GO went free many players have created alt accounts. While creating an alt account may seem harmless. Some players create their accounts with the intent to cheat or break server rules. We can block non prime accounts from playing on our servers but I feel that would be unfair to those who are free players and have no intent on cheating or breaking rules. After speaking with other admins we have decided that the best first step would be to add a new server rule against alt accounts with the punishment being a Permanent Ban on all accounts if caught using an alt account. There is absolutely no reason I can think of as to why any member or player should be on an alt account on our servers. If you are on an alt account, you are likely either cheating or on it to break server rules and ruin the fun for everyone else. So to conclude our first step was to add the new rule and make the community aware of the rule change.
      The next step to combat this issue is to develop a plugin that will detect alt accounts and notify our admins in-game as well as log it. Don't think just because no admin is on that you wont get caught because it will log all detection's and I will be checking. In the future the plugin will likely auto ban once I know it is working 99.9%. If you have used an alt account in the past obviously you will not be perma banned for using it in the past. However going forward if caught you will be banned. So I recommend that you do not ever connect again to any of our servers with your alt account.
      The new rule added is #18 under General Rules(http://defyclan.com/hub/rules/csgo-rules/).

    • Happy Holidays + Staff update

      By Mark, in News,

      Happy Holidays everyone! Starting today till January 5th, 2019 playing on our cs:go servers will give you double credits. Credits will be given every 2 minutes 30 seconds instead of the usual every 5 minutes. We are also doing a 30% off sale on the shop use code: HOLIDAY at checkout. The shop sale will end on January 5th, 2019.
      As you know we need more staff for our game servers so if you have not already applied and are interested please click here. We will be reviewing the applications very soon. We are also specifically looking for Forum Moderators. Forum Mods will only have staff on the forum. Send me a PM on the forums if you are interested in becoming a forum mod. Any player or staff can send me a PM if they are interested in becoming a forum mod.

    • Hide and Seek Event

      By PotatoStyle, in News,

      This upcoming Saturday at 5:00 PM EST Bowie and Incite will be hosting a Hide and Seek event for everyone. The event will take place on our minigames server and will be running for about an hour or two. Bowie and Incite will be the seekers during the event while everyone else participating is hiding to compete for the credits. The winner of each round played during the event will receive 1000 credits from Bowie. If you want to join in and talk with players join the event channel on our discord. https://discord.gg/4bN457e Good luck to everyone who can show up and we hope you enjoy the event!

    • Skribbl.io Event

      By PotatoStyle, in News,

      Sunday the 18th of November at 6:00 PM we will be hosting a skribbl.io event. Dre and pr0fs will be making a room for everyone that would like to participate to join. All that is required is a browser to play the game and join our discord event channel(https://discord.gg/4bN457e). Offensive drawings are not allowed and all general server rules will apply. So come and grab your friends too!
      There will be a couple prizes given out during this event for our CS:GO servers.
      1st place - 1000 credits
      2nd place - 500 credits
      3rd place - 200 credits
      Best Artist - 800 credits
      Credits will be given out by Mark after the event, winners will have three days to claim their credits.
      RSVP on the calendar.

    • H'ween Event + Double Credits

      By Mark, in News,

      Happy Halloween
      We will be hosting an event this Friday at 7:00pm on the Mini Games server. We will be playing the map Friday the 13th. It is a Hide n Seek Map. Don't forget to bring your costumes(!store). Starting today we will also be giving double credits on all servers for 1 week. So if you are a Member you will get 4 Credits. If you are Bronze VIP you will get 8 credits and if you are Silver or Gold VIP you will get 16 Credits every 5 minutes.  We will be testing the Friday the 13th Map today on Mini Games so if you are interested come join us tonight as well.
      **Please note that you may need to change your launch options to include "-maxdownloadfilesizemb 2000" since the map is very large.

    • Member rank changes

      By Mark, in News,

      Many members have been asking how do you rank up within the Defy Roster. I am happy to announce the new promotion system and the benefits of getting a higher Member rank. So we have three member ranks Junior Member, Senior Member, and Veteran Member. Each member rank now has its own forum group this means that the forums became a lot more colorful, if you have not yet noticed.
      How to advance through our ranks:
      Junior Member Join Steam Group Sign up on Forums Link Steam Account to Forum Account Apply Here Get 5+ forum rep on your application  
      Senior Member Reach Junior Member Must be in DEFY for 3 months or more Must represent the community well(Friendly, mature, Know the rules, not toxic, etc)  Obtain 25+ Forum Rep Click Here to fill out this form and request a Promotion once you have met the Senior Member requirements. Please note you may not be promoted if we feel you do not meet bullet point #3.  
      Veteran Member Reach Senior Member Must be in DEFY for 1 year or more Obtain 50+ Forum Rep Click Here to fill out this form and request a Promotion once you have met the Veteran Member requirements.  
      Can I get demoted?
      Members may be demoted at anytime if we feel they do not represent the community well.
      What are the benefits of a higher member rank?
      Junior Members can have images in signatures Junior Members can give 3 reactions per day Senior Members can now give 5 reactions per day Senior Members+ can upload animated profile pictures Senior Members+ can upload 100kB profile pictures Veteran Members can now give 10 reactions per day  
      How do you gain reputation on the forums?
      View the below post as it will help you get a higher member rank.

    • DEFY Moving Forward

      By Mark, in News,

      DEFY Moving Forward
      Hello everybody, lately some members of staff have decided to either resign or retire based on their activity and other personal reasons. I would like to thank @Ninja, @Zach(Emo) and @Seven for all the work that they put into DEFY. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our current staff team for all the hard work that they put in on a daily basis and for choosing to stay and move forward with us. Finally big shout out to all the players and members who continue to play on our servers! You guys are awesome! 😍
      We need your feedback on a new logo. Please check this post(http://defyclan.com/forums/topic/2867-new-logo/) and vote in the poll. 
      Gametracker stats have been reset, we will be resetting the gametracker stats on a yearly basis so new members can achieve the top 10 position. Click here to view our server archive of the top 10 players. Congrats to all the members who have reached the top 10.
      Top 10 players(August 2016 - June 2018)

      We will be holding a community wide meeting this Saturday June 9th, 2018. If you would like your voice to be heard please join us on discord at 12:00pm EST. 
      Our tag policy is no longer in effect. This means that you no longer need to have the proper "DEFY |" tag in your name. However we still encourage members to wear the tag as you will likely stand out more.
      We are looking for new staff members to join the team. If you are interested in applying please click here.

    • Csgo Hunger Games:
      CS:GO Hunger Games would be 10+ people completing to be the last man standing.
      There will be a variety of maps to play from. Points will be added up to find the top players of all the games.
      Every kill is worth 10 points and every win is worth 100 points.
      1st Place 750 credits
      2nd Place 500 credits
      3rd Place: 250 credits
      Plus every kill gets you 10 credits and every win gets you 125 credits.
      Join the Discord
      And meet in General Chat 1
      Date & Time: 5/4/18 or Friday at 7 pm EST
      See you guys this weekend!
      (Just a friendly reminder that the event could be pushed to Saturday at the same time.)

    • Brawlhalla Rumble:
      Brawlhalla is a fast paced fighting game(A Spin off of Super Smash Bros) where you or your team must come out on top. We will do multiple games of 8 person battles with different settings. We will play as long as there are people who want to play.
      Join the Discord
      And meet in General Chat 1
      Date & Time: 4/20/18 or Friday at 7 pm EST

      See you guys this weekend!
      Just a friendly reminder that the event could be pushed to Saturday at the same time 

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