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    • Mark
      Weapon Skins, Knife, and Gloves
      We are happy to announce that we have added weapon skins, knife, and gloves to the servers. (!ws, !knife, !gloves) This has been a requested feature over the years and we have finally added it. Currently all players have access to these commands however we may limit them to members only in the future. In order to maintain the value of player owned skins we have disabled the ability to set nametags and StatTrak on these weapons. This allows players to differentiate between players who actually own the skins vs players who don’t.
      Jailbreak Updates
      Beginning today August 8, 2020 until August 22, 2020 playing on the Jailbreak Server will give double credits for the cosmetic shop.
      The following will be some notable changes to the rules. Go to the rules page for the full changes. We believe these changes will balance the game and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
      Vent Violation: Damage or open a vent while a prisoner is in close proximity to the vent. Guards may now enter or break vents without the need to see a prisoner enter. They can do so if a rebel is on the loose or for pre-emptive measure to prevent rebelling. Shooting in a Stack: Prisoner(s) may not shoot from inside of a stack or use a stack as cover while shooting at guards. Guards cannot shoot into a stack they must ask the stack to disperse in order to kill the offender, prisoners may not use this opportunity to rebel. The intended purpose for no block is to enable a better experience for prison games or when following the warden to different locations. It was not added for prisoners to shoot within a stack or exploit that mechanic because obviously this causes many issues and that form of rebelling was pretty OP because guards cant shoot within stacks. Therefore, going forward remember not to shoot while inside of a stack or use a stack as cover. Prisoners are responsible for keeping the distance between guards even when ordered to follow them. If the prisoner can see that the guard is about to get blocked or stopped the prisoner(s) should automatically stop otherwise the guard may kill them if they feel threated or believe you were about to knife them etc. Simon Says: We have seen some situations in the past were a prisoner would be like “you didn’t say it like the rules said.” It does not matter how a warden starts the game or ends it as long as it was clear that it has begun or ended. For example, if the warden wants to begin simon says by saying “simon says we are now playing simon says” that is fine. If they say “Simon says is now over” then the game is over. As long as the order included “simon says” then it would be fine. If the warden said something like “alright we are done playing this game” then obviously it was not ended  
      Jailbreak shop credits are now separate from the cosmetic shop. Jailbreak credits should now have a cap of 1000 credits in order to prevent certain items being purchased every round. Some players were unaware that guards also can purchase some items so remember when you are a guard to check out /jbshop guards have some pretty cool items like a jetpack.
      We have removed the requirement for players to be in the jailbreak specific steam group in order to play guard as while it sounded good on paper this likely put off new players.
      Finally, we still have some upcoming changes in the works for jailbreak and our other servers so stay tuned for that. Check out our change logs for all our latest updates by going to the csgo section of our forums. (https://defyclan.com/forum/103-counter-strike-global-offensive/)

    • Warn & Ban Changes

      By Mark, in News,

      Warn Changes
      Going forward when changes are made to a rule, we will be removing previous warnings that a player may have had for only the rules that were changed/updated.
      Ban Clarification
      Ban lengths increase based on your previous bans within 6 months. If you had 1 ban on record and 6 months have passed since then, your next ban would count as if it were your first ban. If you had two bans on record but one of them was from a year ago and the other was only a month ago then your next ban would count as your second ban.
      Ban Changes
      If you had 3 bans for rules listed under general rules and you got a ban for a TTT specific rule then it will count as your 4th ban. Once the ban expires if you happen to go on our Jailbreak server and get banned for a jailbreak specific rule this again will be treated as your 4th ban. Another example if you had 4 bans for TTT specific rules and then you got banned for a General rule this will lead to your 5th ban resulting in a Permanent ban. Keep in mind these bans only increase if they are within 6 months.
      Permanent Ban Appeals
      We will allow appeals for a first-time permanent ban however this does not mean we will be accepting all appeals; they will be handled on a case by case basis. If a permanent ban appeal is accepted and they reach another permanent ban they will not be granted another chance unless the ban which led to it was false.

    • Game Manager Applications

      By Mark, in News,

      Game Manager Applications
      We are happy to announce that we are looking to expand our staff team with new Game Managers as well as server admins.
      We are looking for a Game Manager for both Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. As a Game Manager, you will be responsible for managing a staff team, rules, suggestions, in-game content/plugins, and other tasks related to your game.
      Game Manager Requirements
      Be in good standing within the community. Be a Team Leader. Have a positive Mindset. Have a good understanding of how servers work. Dedicate a reasonable number of hours to the community. Must be at least 17 years of age, or have demonstrated that you are mature.  
      Staff Applications
      If you are interested in becoming a Server Admin for Minecraft or Garry’s mod please fill out the application form. If you currently hold a Staff position with us already you will likely not be able to hold admin positions in two games unless you are already getting at least double the hours in the current game you are staff on.
      As a reminder staff applications for CS:GO are still open and we are looking for more Jailbreak Admins. We are also looking for some TTT Admins but there are more open slots for Jailbreak.
      Game Manager Application Form:
      https://forms.gle/PezCjNvasHCM3Ufn6 Staff Application Requirements/Form:
      We would like to end off with a thank you to all community members for their continued support and dedication to our servers.  We are always taking in feedback through our forums. If you have a suggestion or idea for a particular game feel free to post it in that game forum. If you have a general idea that is not game specific make a post in the General Discussion area.

    • We have noticed for a while now that our Roster has grown significantly and while that is a good thing, a few members have gone inactive. We would like to add more meaning to our roster, therefore we will be introducing new requirements to obtain and keep your rank. If you have not joined our CS:GO servers in the last two months you have been purged from our roster. If you applied and are member at another community/clan you have also been purged. You can play and signup on other community websites but you cannot apply or hold a member rank within another community while holding a rank within DEFY. In order to not get purged in the future all members will need to play at least 1 hour per month on any of our servers and follow all our server rules found here.
      We have decided to introduce a new rank to the roster known as Old School. We will be giving all the current Veteran Members prior to the purge Old School. Going forward Old school will be given to members who are ranked Veteran Member and have been in DEFY for at least two years. Old School is not a replacement for Veteran Member rather it is an extra rank obtained.
      New Requirements
      Playtime Tracker
      We are happy to announce that we have created a brand new playtime tracker which can be found in the Panel area, it will track players playtime across all our CS:GO servers. For quite some time we have had an admin only tracker, while it served us well it lacked some features. So when creating this new tracker we figured it would be a good idea to track everyone's playtime. You can view your total playtime by clicking here. We have plans to create a page that will display everyone's total playtime but for now you will only be able to see your own. We might reset the tracker at the end of the month as we are releasing it in beta. However playtime tracking will officially begin July 1, 2019.
      All new members that apply must confirm whether or not they would like to stick with the username they registered on the forums or change it. After the choice is made you will be stuck with that username unless you purchase a name change from our shop. We are considering offering username changes in exchange for in-game credits as an alternative way to get a username change. We are also testing out a new feature that syncs your forum name with your in-game name. Every time you join our server you will remain with the same name even if you changed your steam name before connecting. In order to sync your forum name with your in-game name click here and sync it. Since we are making this change we would like to give all existing members the opportunity to request one free name change by June 30, 2019. You can still change your in-game name temporarily by changing your steam name however that will only last until the map changes. Once the map changes it will reset back to the name we have on record.
      If a new player joins our server for the first time and he does not have a forum account his in-game name will remain as the first username he joined the server with. If someone joins with a name that violates our server rules an admin can rename them. When an admin uses the rename player command, they can specify any valid name however it will automatically attach Temp. So if an admin decided to rename me to John my name would become JohnTemp. 
      Forum Login
      On June 26, 2019 we will be switching the forums to steam only login. If you have not yet linked your steam account to the forums Click Here. We have done this for a few reasons.
      This should increase your forum accounts security especially if you have steam guard enabled. It is one less password you have to remember.  All our users have steam therefore it is not necessary to have other login options.  
      If you are reading this after June 26, 2019 and have still not linked your forum account then create a new account by signing in with steam and submit an administrative request and we will merge your accounts which should give you access to your old forum account.

    • Double Credits

      By Mark, in News,

      It has been a while since we last had double credits on our servers, for a limited time we are bringing back double credits. Starting today May 10, 2019 playing on any of our CS:GO servers will earn you double credits for every 5 minutes of playtime. These credits can go towards our cosmetic shop (!shop) or raffles. Double credits will end on Sunday May 19, 2019, take advantage while you can as we don't do double credits often.
      Double Credits
      Members will earn 4 credits instead of 2 credits. Bronze VIP will earn 8 credits instead of 4 credits. Silver VIP and Gold VIP will earn 16 credits instead of 8 credits.

    • Forum Changes

      By Mark, in News,

      All official games that we have servers for will no longer have a club. Instead it will have its own forum section like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which will be located on the main forums page under Official Games. Clubs going forward will be used for games that we do not have servers for but many members play that game and a discussion area to bring those members together would be useful.
      Any member ranked Senior+ and is interested in creating a club for a specific game and are interested in leading can contact me for further details. If a club reaches 50+ members we may even add discord channels for that particular game. Please note that the requirements for creating a club or getting discord specific channels may change in the future. 
      We have moved many forum sections around and compressed some of the forums. We have done this to make browsing the forums more simple with less clutter. The old way was overwhelming especially for new members as we had so many different areas. Now with the changes made today all discussions for specific games fall under their respective game forum. So Suggestions, Map requests, rule changes, or anything related to CS:GO should be posted inside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Any other posts that have something to do with an official game should be posted in their respective forum.
      Why did we remove the suggestion forums and not create separate suggestion forums in each official game forum?
      The suggestions forum has been removed because suggestions and ideas for each game will be posted within that specific game forum. We did not create a separate suggestion area in each game forum because the majority of posts will likely be ideas, suggestions, map requests, rule changes, etc. Suggestions and ideas for the forums or discord can be posted in General Discussion. So since the majority of posts would be suggestions and ideas it would be very redundant to create a specific suggestion area for each game.
      We have enabled the ability for all members to tag their posts. When creating a post under tags click choose and then you can begin adding tags. Members can add a maximum of 5 tags per post.
      VIP Forum
      We have removed the VIP forum as it is rarely used and at this point in time does not really serve a purpose. VIPs can communicate within the discord channel.
      We may make some more minor changes going forward but these were the big changes.

    • Community Updates

      By Mark, in News,

      Community Updates
      Forum Changes
      Down vote will no longer give a negative reputation point. Posts may still be down voted, however it will not affect the posters reputation. Up votes, Thanks, and Like will add reputation to a forum user. Haha, Confused, and Sad reactions will not give or take away reputation. We have also recounted forum reputation so you may have lost or gained reputation.
      Inappropriate Behavior/Loopholes
      We have had for some time now, rules regarding inappropriate behavior which aims to stop racism, harassment, discrimination, etc. Most players follow this rule but we have a few players who don’t, or think that it is okay to loophole the rules. Instead of saying certain words they say a variation or find other clever ways which are not clever at all since the context is obvious. The staff team in the past have been very lenient with this type of behavior. At the last staff meeting we have informed all staff that action is to be taken on this loophole behavior and inappropriate behavior in general.
      We will not accept any excuse for inappropriate behavior. If you feel the urge to say something offensive/against the rules then do so in a private message/voice chat and only if the recipient is okay with those types of messages, it is not welcome in our public chats. Players that continue to loophole, get punished for it and still continue the same behavior will just likely lead to a community wide ban for consistent negativity and toxicity.
      Discord Changes
      General Admins+ now have powers within discord. This means that more eyes are watching the chat. Inappropriate behavior/loopholes will also be enforced within discord if that was not obvious already. #nsfw may contain content which is explicit, racist, offensive, etc. Content posted in #nsfw that targets members is not allowed.
      Forcing players to read the rules
      As you probably already know we have added a new system on our csgo servers which forces all new players to read the server rules in game by clicking servers website found on the scoreboard. Otherwise if they fail to do so within the allowed time frame they get auto kicked. The initial release of this system had a small bug that caused some players to continuously get kicked but has since been patched. Sorry if that affected you.
      Going forward we can use this system to notify players when rules are changed. The notification would likely not kick you but rather just notify you in-game. Small changes that we make to the rules will not result in us forcing players to re read the rules. Ensure you are always up to date with the rules by going to the rules page. Any changes will be posted in a green announcement box on the rules page notifying which parts were changed.
      Alt Accounts
      If you have not yet read the post on alt accounts be sure to read it.  
      On a final note we are always taking in the community's feedback. If you have any suggestions please post them in our suggestion area. https://defyclan.com/forum/5-suggestions/ 

    • CS:GO Alt Accounts

      By Mark, in News,

      Read the entire post as we will not accept excuses if caught. Since CS:GO went free many players have created alt accounts. While creating an alt account may seem harmless. Some players create their accounts with the intent to cheat or break server rules. We can block non prime accounts from playing on our servers but I feel that would be unfair to those who are free players and have no intent on cheating or breaking rules. After speaking with other admins we have decided that the best first step would be to add a new server rule against alt accounts with the punishment being a Permanent Ban on all accounts if caught using an alt account. There is absolutely no reason I can think of as to why any member or player should be on an alt account on our servers. If you are on an alt account, you are likely either cheating or on it to break server rules and ruin the fun for everyone else. So to conclude our first step was to add the new rule and make the community aware of the rule change.
      The next step to combat this issue is to develop a plugin that will detect alt accounts and notify our admins in-game as well as log it. Don't think just because no admin is on that you wont get caught because it will log all detection's and I will be checking. In the future the plugin will likely auto ban once I know it is working 99.9%. If you have used an alt account in the past obviously you will not be perma banned for using it in the past. However going forward if caught you will be banned. So I recommend that you do not ever connect again to any of our servers with your alt account.
      The new rule added is #18 under General Rules(http://defyclan.com/hub/rules/csgo-rules/).

    • Happy Holidays + Staff update

      By Mark, in News,

      Happy Holidays everyone! Starting today till January 5th, 2019 playing on our cs:go servers will give you double credits. Credits will be given every 2 minutes 30 seconds instead of the usual every 5 minutes. We are also doing a 30% off sale on the shop use code: HOLIDAY at checkout. The shop sale will end on January 5th, 2019.
      As you know we need more staff for our game servers so if you have not already applied and are interested please click here. We will be reviewing the applications very soon. We are also specifically looking for Forum Moderators. Forum Mods will only have staff on the forum. Send me a PM on the forums if you are interested in becoming a forum mod. Any player or staff can send me a PM if they are interested in becoming a forum mod.

    • Hide and Seek Event

      By PotatoStyle, in News,

      This upcoming Saturday at 5:00 PM EST Bowie and Incite will be hosting a Hide and Seek event for everyone. The event will take place on our minigames server and will be running for about an hour or two. Bowie and Incite will be the seekers during the event while everyone else participating is hiding to compete for the credits. The winner of each round played during the event will receive 1000 credits from Bowie. If you want to join in and talk with players join the event channel on our discord. https://discord.gg/4bN457e Good luck to everyone who can show up and we hope you enjoy the event!

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