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    Community Updates


    Community Updates

    Forum Changes

    Down vote will no longer give a negative reputation point. Posts may still be down voted, however it will not affect the posters reputation. Up votes, Thanks, and Like will add reputation to a forum user. Haha, Confused, and Sad reactions will not give or take away reputation. We have also recounted forum reputation so you may have lost or gained reputation.


    Inappropriate Behavior/Loopholes

    We have had for some time now, rules regarding inappropriate behavior which aims to stop racism, harassment, discrimination, etc. Most players follow this rule but we have a few players who don’t, or think that it is okay to loophole the rules. Instead of saying certain words they say a variation or find other clever ways which are not clever at all since the context is obvious. The staff team in the past have been very lenient with this type of behavior. At the last staff meeting we have informed all staff that action is to be taken on this loophole behavior and inappropriate behavior in general.


    We will not accept any excuse for inappropriate behavior. If you feel the urge to say something offensive/against the rules then do so in a private message/voice chat and only if the recipient is okay with those types of messages, it is not welcome in our public chats. Players that continue to loophole, get punished for it and still continue the same behavior will just likely lead to a community wide ban for consistent negativity and toxicity.


    Discord Changes

    General Admins+ now have powers within discord. This means that more eyes are watching the chat. Inappropriate behavior/loopholes will also be enforced within discord if that was not obvious already. #nsfw may contain content which is explicit, racist, offensive, etc. Content posted in #nsfw that targets members is not allowed.


    Forcing players to read the rules

    As you probably already know we have added a new system on our csgo servers which forces all new players to read the server rules in game by clicking servers website found on the scoreboard. Otherwise if they fail to do so within the allowed time frame they get auto kicked. The initial release of this system had a small bug that caused some players to continuously get kicked but has since been patched. Sorry if that affected you.


    Going forward we can use this system to notify players when rules are changed. The notification would likely not kick you but rather just notify you in-game. Small changes that we make to the rules will not result in us forcing players to re read the rules. Ensure you are always up to date with the rules by going to the rules page. Any changes will be posted in a green announcement box on the rules page notifying which parts were changed.


    Alt Accounts

    If you have not yet read the post on alt accounts be sure to read it.  



    On a final note we are always taking in the community's feedback. If you have any suggestions please post them in our suggestion area. https://defyclan.com/forum/5-suggestions/ 

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