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    Read the entire post as we will not accept excuses if caught. Since CS:GO went free many players have created alt accounts. While creating an alt account may seem harmless. Some players create their accounts with the intent to cheat or break server rules. We can block non prime accounts from playing on our servers but I feel that would be unfair to those who are free players and have no intent on cheating or breaking rules. After speaking with other admins we have decided that the best first step would be to add a new server rule against alt accounts with the punishment being a Permanent Ban on all accounts if caught using an alt account. There is absolutely no reason I can think of as to why any member or player should be on an alt account on our servers. If you are on an alt account, you are likely either cheating or on it to break server rules and ruin the fun for everyone else. So to conclude our first step was to add the new rule and make the community aware of the rule change.


    The next step to combat this issue is to develop a plugin that will detect alt accounts and notify our admins in-game as well as log it. Don't think just because no admin is on that you wont get caught because it will log all detection's and I will be checking. In the future the plugin will likely auto ban once I know it is working 99.9%. If you have used an alt account in the past obviously you will not be perma banned for using it in the past. However going forward if caught you will be banned. So I recommend that you do not ever connect again to any of our servers with your alt account. :)


    The new rule added is #18 under General Rules(http://defyclan.com/hub/rules/csgo-rules/).

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