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  3. Yeah I feel like the Minecraft server is lacking in terms of content. The thing with survival servers is they should be reset at least every couple weeks. Once you do everything there is to do is starts to get stale. It’s not a defy problem but just Minecraft in general. But I also understand why pushing the server to 1.14.4 may not be beneficial right now. If anything wait for more support with plugins and then consider pushing the update. However, a world reset would be good idea to make things fresh/exciting for the time being.
  4. Good luck Brock! I'm going back tomorrow too, just finishing up Summer homework now because I said "fuck that shit" up until now.
  5. welp, college officially starts tomorrow. i would like everyone to say a prayer for my wallet, and my will to live. That is all
  6. If you believe you were improperly banned post an appeal here https://defyclan.com/application/form/4-ban-appeal/ with an explanation as to the situation.
  7. Perm ban for using alt acount
  8. WeenieHutGamer WeenieHutGamer
  9. Last week
  10. I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into DEFY as a Junior Member. You may add "Defy | " to the beginning of your name by clicking here. If you have not yet introduced yourself click here! Don't be shy, we won't bite If you have not joined our discord server yet! https://discord.gg/N22t8Mn Once you have the Verified Role on discord you can type !joincsgo to gain access to the CS:GO exclusive channels. You can also type !joingmod or !joinrb6 if you have those games as well.
  11. xeno and krim said they were coming back potato, mark, neverdone somewhat ender and pr0fs. seven messages me once in a while.
  12. I don’t think we’ve played together but everything’s mostly in order and everything’s been really enjoyable.
  13. So, how everyone been lately? It’s been awhile. And who’s still here/ who’s come back. Lemme know. For those who are having a hard time remembering who I am, I used to be Jewie2k when I played the most.
  14. You can check your ban at http://bans.defyclan.com/.
  15. What is your name in game?
  16. I Got On Defy Today And For Some Reason it says im banned idk why but it says that can someone help pls
  17. I can get behind this, while slapshot was a blast it wasn’t very much in the ordinary for Defy members and thus many hesitated, adding an event to one of the servers could be really cool, it doesn’t enforce signup and people don’t have to set so much time aside.
  18. Hello CS:GO DEFY Community, today I had a cool idea that I think everyone would enjoy. I personally think we should get more events for the TTT DEFY server. While we recently had a slapstick event, it was on a separate game and felt (at least to me) rather unrelated to CS:GO. More events on the DEFY servers would be extremely fun and interactive for the community. In my opinion, I think there would be cool events like tournaments. A competition to see how many rounds a player can win. There could be different criteria/rankings based on innocent, traitor, and detective rounds. Other exciting tournaments/leaderboards would be pretty interesting, my current ideas are Traitors Tazed (either as Detective or Innocent) Traitors Killed Detectives Killed (as Traitor) Non-direct kills (as Traitor) [Example: T-traps, tripmines, etc.] Rounds won without killing at all Obviously this would take a fair amount of time to setup and even more to implement. The overall message I'm trying to say is that more events would give players something to look forward to. And would further build the community and create exciting, fun memories for everyone to enjoy.
  19. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
  20. In-Game Name: XenoNoah Steam ID64 76561198088347185 Age: 23 Discord Username?: ! XenoNoah#1996 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I discovered this server awhile ago and want to be part of this community. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Everything seems to be running great. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Everyones really friendly and helpful Who invited you to DEFY?: Krim Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? No
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