We want Defy Clan to be a fun, safe, and friendly place to hangout with friends or gamers who share the same interests as you. These Community Rules should be read along with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any Server Specific Rules. These Community Rules apply to all platforms of the Defy Clan Community.

These Community Rules can be condensed to the following:

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Be a decent person.
  3. Avoid conflict and negativity.

Personal Information

Sharing personal information of another person is not allowed. We also encourage you not to share your own personal information for your own privacy and safety. Sharing someone’s real name, age, location, ip address, social media accounts, etc is not allowed.

Account Sharing & Alt Accounts

Each account should only be used by one person and each person should only register one account. You are responsible for all action taken using your account, whether authorized by you or not, until you notify us that your account was compromised. Sharing an account or creating more than one account will result in all accounts being banned. If you have an active ban do not register or join on another account, you must appeal your ban. If you are sharing an account with a sibling and were unaware of this rule please contact Mark#2964 on discord as soon as possible.

Be Mature, Positive, and Fun to be around

Defy is not a daycare, we expect everyone who participates in any of our platforms to be mature, respectful, and above all keep it a fun/positive environment. Do not bring your personal problems or negative energy to our community. If you are having a bad day try to turn it around.

Inappropriate Behavior

Defy does not tolerate any kind of hate, harassment, or discrimination. Do not attempt to play something off as a joke. Any content deemed not safe for work should be posted within the discord #NSFW channel. Content posted in #NSFW must comply with the Discord Terms of Service. Do not start or partake in any drama, rumors, propaganda, or any other controversial topics.


Discussing or linking to any other website, discord, teamspeak, or other community in our realm is not allowed. Self created content that you post that advertises is not allowed. Linking your Twitch or Youtube channel is allowed provided it complies with the above. For your safety you should be careful when visiting any link that you do not recognize as links you do not recognize could contain ip loggers. Anyone who sends a link with an IP logger will be banned. If you would like to advertise on Defy Clan contact Mark#2964 on discord.

Reporting & Punishments

If you see a player breaking a rule please report it and let our staff team take care of the issue. The type of punishment we issue will be determined on a case-by-case basis. We look at intent, severity, previous offenses, and other factors. We may issue anything from a verbal warning up to a Community Wide Ban. Remember if you receive a punishment stay calm and do not make a scene.

When a friend receives a punishment do not speak on their behalf, cause a scene, or relay messages for them if they cannot do so themselves. We understand that as a friend you will defend them but creating a scene will only disrupt everyone else and likely wind up with you getting punished. Any punishment that is given should be discussed in private with the person that got the punishment and the staff member that issued it. Otherwise a punishment appeal should be submitted so management can review it.

Encounters with Staff

If a staff member tells you to stop doing something then stop. Do not argue or let the heat of the moment get to you as that will likely just lead to further action taken on you. If you strongly disagree with an action a staff member took you may submit an appeal. Otherwise if you feel that they were abusing then you can submit a staff complaint as well.

Community Wide Ban

In the interest of keeping the community a fun, safe, and friendly environment we may issue a community wide ban for the following reasons but not limited to: toxicity, consistent negativity, history of vac bans, discussing hacks, spreading rumors/drama/propaganda, knowingly providing a false statement. If you receive a community wide ban you must wait at least two years before you may appeal it, you may still remain banned even after submitting an appeal. Community Wide Bans are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Last Updated: February 23, 2021

These Rules may change over time, please check back here from time to time to keep up to date with them. If you break a rule, own it and learn from it. Don’t play the victim card.