TTT Rules

Last Updated: February 23, 2021


Innocent: Identify the Traitors hiding among you and kill them.

Detective: Uncover the Traitors hiding among the Innocents with specialized equipment.

Traitor: Kill all innocents and detectives without getting caught. Eliminating detectives quickly should be top priority to ensure victory.


RDM: Killing or damaging someone without a valid reason.

Karma: Server reputation earned through good or bad actions. This is indicated inside the score column on the scoreboard.

SUS (Suspicion): Sus may be called when someone does something borderline traitorous or something that can reasonably connect them to an act.

KOS (Kill on Sight): This is called to alert players of someone who has committed a traitorous act.

Overtime: Overtime occurs during the last 2 minutes of the round, any players who have been called SUS may be killed.

Live check: Can be called to roughly gain a sense of how many players are still alive. Live checks may only be called during overtime.

Traitorous Acts

You must either KILL or call KOS/SUS on someone within 30 seconds of witnessing a traitorous act.

When can you kill?




/tvoice - Used to communicate over voice chat with other Traitors.

/shop - Used to access the ttt shop.

/rdm - Used to report someone for rdm.

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