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    So I passed my 1 year anniversary in Defy recently, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I still remember and consider most of you friends. I wish you all the best going forward and I just wanted to you know that I'm still alive. A lot of shit has happened, I'm not doing well, but I'm working through it. Love you all and I'm really glad to see things are still alive and well here. Good luck guys.
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    Preface Hello DEFY. I am MSWS, a General Admin of DEFY and someone that has contributed quite a lot to the server. I have spent many hours on the servers (TTT, and JB specifically). From my experience, there are numerous things that could be improved on. DEFY currently is doing okay if I'm being kind. Okay is not what DEFY should be, DEFY is a great server that suffers from a few problems that I hope to expand on in this thread. Please do not read this on a whim, I will go in depth about "our" problems and possible solutions to them. I would also, before starting, say that this is entirely my opinion, I may be wrong, and I respect everyone on this server and in the clan. That being said, let's get started. Platforms DEFY, according to the website, has 5 platforms. More specifically, DEFY has 5 platforms that players can communicate, interact, and engage with each other. At least, that's what the website claims. CS:GO GMOD Minecraft Discord Forums What is wrong with this list? As many of you hopefully are aware, two of these servers don't exist. Game Manager GMod has been down for months. Why do are its rules still listed on the rules page? Why is it still a slot under the Servers tab in the Hub? Same for Minecraft, why is that listed? We had Game Manager applications open forever, they are now closed. What happened with that? If no current game managers are going to be appointed, then remove the listings for Minecraft and GMod. Public Relations One last "platform" that DEFY hasn't even given a flicker of an attempt to managing is Public Relations. I am genuinely impressed by the amount of new players that come into DEFY weekly, especially in comparison to the stark page that is DEFY's Twitter, YouTube, and even Facebook. The options for "How did you find out about DEFY?" offer Google, Community Server Browser, and Other. The vast majority of member applications state Community Server Browser as how they found out about DEFY. What makes DEFY unique. What should convince a new player looking at the community server browser to choose DEFY over any other server? Our public relations can literally only be better, because at this point it doesn't exist. I don't care what you do, just do something. Create a video compilation every month, do VIP/Item giveaways, advertise new maps, items, etc. on social media. Spread the word about what DEFY is and the unique and awesome experience that it is. Right now DEFY doesn't even show up when you search for "CS:GO TTT", other more popular servers show up. I'm not saying this is important, but I am saying if DEFY wants to become more popular with more players, this is the first step. Forums Speaking of platforms, oh boy, let's talk about Forums. What's the point of the forums? Well, a forum is defined as "a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged". The forums certainly are a place where ideas, opinions, and suggestions can come and be offered. However, there are still two major problems with the forums. The first one is the lack of acknowledgement towards suggestions and ideas. Feedback requires feedback. I have already pointed this out a while ago, and frankly I think this isn't happening simply because no one either has the time or the care to manage the forums nor respond to the suggestions given on them. I have submitted three bug reports, one of them was dealt with within 3 days. The other one was closed after 4 months. The last one is still open, I submitted it on September 5, 2019. General Discussion is filled with suggestions, ideas, and feedback. There's literally a thread asking what improvements could be made to the forums and, from what I've seen, nothing suggested is going to be implemented. Feedback requires feedback. I, and I believe everyone, wants and likes to know that their voices are being heard. There is no point in giving feedback if no one we are giving it to can do anything about it. From "our" perspective, we are talking to a mirror or to the empty void of the upvotes and "low priorities". Assign someone to respond to forum threads, tell the admins in charge of the proper servers to respond or even just acknowledge threads. It's one of the bare niceties to say "I like this idea and I'll see if I can add it", or "I don't think this idea will work because X and Y". It isn't that hard to give your small bit of opinion on someone's post. There are posts that are discussing forum rules and CS:GO rules. These threads have been discussed and are just... pending... nothing? There is no official accept/deny/close, so ultimately threads are just left to die. This is a dumb system, I hate it, someone do something about it. Rules Oh boy... the rules. What are the rules? Well, they depend on who you ask. The rules may be the view of the current admin online. The rules may be the rules listed on the rule page. The rules may even just be what everyone agrees on. Only one of these answers can be correct, which one is it? In-Game it seems to be the latter, if you ask anyone however, they'll probably tell you the second answer. If you asked another admin in-game they might say the first one "as long as they're not going against the rules listed". This leads to some contradictions if you ask different admins about different rules. People verbally T bait all the time, and yet I have yet to see someone get punished for doing so. Some people somehow got it in their mind that you can't shoot through walls no matter what. It was a nightmare of a challenge to explain to them that walls aren't a magic "no shoot" wall that you can't shoot because "oH WeLl YoU CanT SeE WhO YoU'Re ShOOTiNG aT". The rules are vague, and, yes, while @Josh is perfectly correctly in saying that the rules are intentionally vague to give admins leeway, the rules don't say that. Additionally, this (as stated previously) has and will continue to lead to contradictions within the staff team. The below are just a list of questions you should ask some of our admins to listen to the rainbow of answers. Does T Bait require you to shoot near a player? Can you shoot through walls? Do players have to walk over an unided body? Or do they just have to be "close" to it? Is the TNT on princesscraft KOSable? Is it a T item? Is going into a T tester KOSable? Do Admins have to give warnings before punishing for door spam? (Nydekore specifically said no, everyone else said yes). If so, why not for chat or voice spam? How about other game sound spam? Does the detective have to see the person to KOS them? Does the detective have to be the person to call a KOS if a player doesn't follow their order? Can Ts KOS themselves? There are even more situations that have been previously been non agreed upon by all of the staff team. Thankfully, these situations have been either addressed or mitigated, such that they are usually no longer a problem. Yes, this is "extra" (@Dev ). I know I am making these situations seem like a big deal when they really aren't. But that's not the point, the point is if "we" are going to hold all players to a certain expectation and requirement, then both "we" and they should know where we draw the boundaries. If it is expected that Admins are supposed to "use their judgement" to "fill in the gaps" with the rules, then state that on the rules page. Yes, it's listed in the Community Standards, but more often than not players either tell me "____ told me otherwise" or, "it's not on the rules so you can't enforce it". It is both frustrating and confusing, and merely over complicates gameplay when I'm given differing answers from equally ranked admins. To further emphasize my point, let's take T bait as an example. The general consensus used to be that T Bait was either saying "you're T" (or equivalent), or shooting near players. Obviously there are other ingame actions that can happen, however I will focus on the shooting near players section. This used to be agreed upon, meaning you can't shoot someone if they're just shooting a wall that isn't wallbangable. This makes sense, if it's obvious they're not shooting someone, and they're completely harmless, you have no right to kill them. Even according to the rules, T Bait is defined as "Doing anything that is Traitorous as an Innocent or Detective in order to trick or purposely get a player to shoot or kill you." or "Shooting Towards players". Makes sense, you have to be shooting towards players for it to be T bait. "Well what's an action that is traitorous?" you may ask. Same thing, shooting towards players, not IDing bodies, using a T weapon/item, etc. Yet recently, for some unknown reason, and at some unknown time, T Bait was redefined as "shooting for no reason". When, and why was this change made? @NydekoreI will specifically call you out here just because I asked you this and I had no idea this was the new requirement. When did we change what T bait was? When did YOU change what T bait was? I'm not saying you're wrong, you have seniority over me and I completely respect that. But it looks really, really shitty on us (and on me) if I'm saying something else. Moreso it looks bad on the RULES if what you say differs. As you are the leader of TTT, your word is generally taken as granted. This doesn't make sense if the rules on the rules page are also taken as granted. Rules in general need to be clarified. They should be kept up to date with confusing topics and rules. If staff disagree on a specific rule, or if the community disagrees, there should be an official place to get the information. It used to be the rules page, it now seems to be from Nydekore. Staff Expectations This specific section is mostly directed towards the upper part of DEFY Admins. Specifically towards Nyde, Bowie, Mark, and anyone else involved with the scheduling (or, to be quite frank, lack thereof) of staff meetings. I will keep it brief and simply restate my frustration when it comes to the preparedness and readiness of staff meetings. We have official documents, policies, and procedures in place. The content of some of the documents act as if it's an actual job. My current job gives me 2 weeks notice of my schedule. If you expect me to act as if this is a sort of "job" (namely 10 hours / week), then I kindly request the same from you. I don't think it's much to ask for you three to agree "every X months on X day we will have a meeting". I genuinely don't understand the "We don't want you to miss work" argument. Obviously I'm not going to miss work for a DEFY Staff Meeting. I wouldn't miss work no matter how much ahead of time I was given of when meetings happened. But it is a common courtesy to tell your staff ahead of time (meaning further than a week, please two at minimum, or make it a set schedule) when important meetings happen. This allows your staff members to rearrange their schedule to try to the meeting in. If we/I can't, then I simply won't attend the meeting. Additionally, information that is exchanged during these meetings never seem to leave them. I've already commented about this within the staff section, I just wanted to restate it again while I'm giving criticism. I appreciate the one week notice, I politely request two. There apparently have been relatively important updates about rules or information tidbits that have been given during staff meetings that haven't been spread throughout the entire staff team. Communication is vital when it comes to this small of a staff team. References @Mark @Bowie I would like your opinion on this thread, and I would greatly appreciate if you read it all ❤️.
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    Platforms The servers are still listed because they will be coming back. No point in removing them that would only cause members to believe they won’t be coming back. Game Manager As already stated, the servers will be coming back so why remove the rules or servers from the list only to have to add them back. As far as applications went, we had a few applicants most did not pan out to what we are looking for. I am not going to rush and appoint someone only to have them put up a server and have it die in a week. Currently appointing a Game Manager has been put on hold for the time being. Public Relations In my opinion since the release of discord using other platforms like twitter or facebook is not necessary and would likely just be redundant since everyone these days is using discord. I think the idea of releasing a compilation or regular youtube videos every so often would not be a bad idea but I know from experience editing videos usually takes quite some time so someone would definitely need to be appointed to that and we could encourage members to send in clips. Also videos would need to be uploaded to the DEFY youtube channel and not a personal channel because that can lead to the videos being lost or deleted if that member leaves DEFY. If anyone is interested feel free to private message me on the forums. Now as far as getting new players I am very well aware that the server browser is how most people find us, the other way players find us is through friends. Since there are server browsers its not really necessary to put time and effort on PR methods like that to attract players when the majority only look through the server browser. Now as for Minecraft, they have no server browser (at least the last time I checked) so it makes sense that you would likely want to have a team or someone in charge of PR so that they can advertise on other websites especially listing/voting websites. The only method that we are not taking advantage of in my opinion is !ws and !gloves which is against the TOS. However, it may be considered for the future as we are likely losing out players due to that. Forums Just because I don’t respond in a thread does not mean that it is not acknowledged. I actually read 99% of all posts and if I happen to miss something, I am sure someone will bring it to my attention especially if it is a good idea. Each server leader is already assigned to taking in ideas and feedback, and bringing them to my attention so it can be implemented. When it comes to adding in new maps Seth is currently in charge of adding and testing them to see if they would be a good fit before being added to the main servers. Server rules would again also be handled by the server leaders they can get others opinions first and then bring it to me to be officially added. Threads are most definitely not pending nothing. If something was suggested on discord then ya they would likely be pending nothing. As we don’t look through discord for suggestions but if it is on the forums they will be seen in time. Discord is good for discussing a suggestion temporarily but after that the final idea should definitely be put on the forums. Game breaking bugs will most definitely get patched right away other bugs may take time and the bug you are referring too that was left open I intentionally left it open because it is not the biggest issue + I figured that the developer of ttt would likely fix that issue but if that is still not fixed I’ll get around too it at some point. Rules Admins are to be issuing punishments when a player breaks a rule that is listed on the rules page. In our Training we have always had the following line “Only enforce rules that are present on the rules pages and ensure you follow the correct punishment protocol under each rule.” Something that I feel has been an issue is players or admins saying “Mark said this” or “X Admin said this” in turn completely ignoring what the official rules say. Its not what Mark says or any other admin says, it is what the rules say. If it is not on the rules page it should not be enforced. Whenever someone asks me something with regards to a rule, I am always referencing the rule in question. The bigger issue with the rules is players who don’t take the time to read and understand them even when everyone was forced to read them. I have literally heard someone say something to this extent “Why is it telling me to read the rules, I played on another TTT server I know the rules.” I have said this many times already, every player has the equal opportunity to read the rules to avoid being punished in the first place. Staff Expectations We don’t expect staff to act like this is an actual job since it is on a volunteer basis. Family, School, or Work should come first before the servers. With that said if you have joined the team, we do have certain expectations and requirements so that the servers can be a fun and fair environment for all players. As far as staff meetings go, we have always scheduled them in advance on our staff calendar. Usually they are scheduled 7 days in advance and will show up at the top of the website and on the calendar. We have done this since the beginning and nobody has complained up until now. From my understanding it seems you work on the weekends so even if we scheduled them 2 weeks in advance I don't think that would be the solution. Rather the solution would be to host the meeting during the weekday at night time which can be an option and has worked out in the past. If you miss a staff meeting you can easily go to the calendar and see who attended the meeting and get a recap from someone who attended the meeting.
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    In-Game Name: uwu blyat Steam ID64 76561198874557846 Age: 14 Discord Username?: UwU Blyat#3626 Why do you want to join DEFY?: I have been on DEFY servers for the past year or so, and i have absolutely loved playing on them. I'm active almost everyday on both the TTT and Jailbreak servers, and I never got to creating a member application. But now, as I have the chance, I'd love to become part of this community of amazing people that i'd love to spend time with. I dont want to make this too long, so i'll get to the point. I have fallen in love with this community and I just want to be with it as it grows and maybe help some people on the way. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? I personally think that the user Interface of the main website should be tweaked a little bit to make it easier to navigate the different sections of the website. What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Who invited you to DEFY?: Would you like to change your username or keep it? Change my username New Username General Shepherd Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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    Clue is the definition of at ttt map. The ambient music is great in that it has that sherlock holmes mystery feel and the vinyl playing "Life Could Be A Dream" is super nostalgic and not that the server has !music, people wont complain about the music. The map pickers or the organizers should find a clue map that does not have the light switch since that was a big problem for many people playing. The map is also very easy on the eyes unlike all of the minecraft maps which even on my monitors lowest brightness, the lighting and grass hurts my eyes. the map is chill, has a nice selection of weapons, has a nice system for t's and innos to sneak around in too. I have talked with some people on the server and they also agree that clue should be revived. I wrote this in the hope that a classic player favorite map will be back and bring fun and enjoyment to people playing on defy.
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    hello my name is magma you may know me from maps such as ttt_doors i have made another ttt map. one thing i felt that ttt was missing was realism, and as a result I decided that since it's called trouble in terrorist town, I decided I wanted to focus on that aspect. So, I made a 9/11 themed TTT map. The map consists of a single tower from the World Trade Centers, and the map gradually decreases in size from the top due to the falling of the tower, or in this case the fire resulting from it. This map is one of the best TTT maps ever designed because it not only focuses on the realism, but the decreasing size of the map serves to limit camping by players. The map also has hyper-realistic cubicles in the office, copied and pasted directly from cs_office. here is workshop link plz enjoy https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1965552569
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    I think that if you are going to call out the staff team publicly and have everyone be able to see it, then you are directly making the team look bad. That last section is probably best fit for Mark or Bowie, and not the general public. Also, if you are going to critique the rules and the structure, then you should come at an angle that isn't blaming the upper echelon for it.
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    As I've said in the past, I don't think typing 3 lines of text (after one warning) should be punished equivalently as a Mass RDM, Ghosting, Advertising, Trolling / Harassment, etc. Our punishment system as of lately treats all rule violations as equivalent (except for Hacking and DDOS). If you're telling me that someone accidentally calling a False KOS (which everyone does, no matter how careful you are) is the same as intentionally making someone lose karma, or is the same as ghosting, then you are out of your mind. In summarization I totally agree with your point, the Spam punishment is ridiculous. If anything make it a Mute/Gag for 3 days, and escalate further. I have made these suggestions numerous times in the past, and Mark has told me he is "working on it", or otherwise justified the system. This system has resulted in ccannibal and donnie both being banned for ~3ish lines of text in chat. Something I personally don't think they deserved, but nevertheless were issued. In conclusion with the new punishment update I want to keep players that follow the rules and weed out the players that are just here to break/bend the rules. I want players to realize its not worth breaking the rules on our servers. In the past when it came to mutes/gags it is clear that players took it as a joke. I know that when you do something for a while eventually you will slip up like ItzGray did. Keep in mind since the new punishment update we have reset all warnings so he already had a chance prior to the ban.
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    Thanks to num3rical's 'defylights' for inspiring me to make this Sorry if video is super fucking blurry, will fix it next time around
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    One of the big points, at least for me growing up, was losing most of the circle of friends that I had when I was younger. I probably only have a few close friends now a days. Those friends are closer to me than any of those kids were growing up. I'm glad that you have found a community here that you enjoy. This community very much enjoys you as well. I'm a better person for meeting you.
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    Responding to nydekore, I also don't think Josh is toxic but I am only annoyed when he plays because sometimes he is really tryhard but if that is his play style, that is his play style. But @Arkzy, try doing what I did, I used to be super toxic and also annoying because I talked a lot. I stopped using my mic and just typing and as a result, it gives me more time to think what I say before I say it and if I feel like what I am about to say is petty or not important, I will naturally think that it is not worth typing out. The only consequence is calling koses because half of the server does not read chat. Also, no hate or anything against Josh.
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    I figured if I"m listing things I have an issue with, might as well include that section. I knew community members wouldn't be able to provide input, hence the following. I'm pointing out issues and suggesting changes. I respect Nyde, Bowie, and Mark, however I disagree with the things I"ve listed. I understand they are busy and aren't perfect, however the things I've listed I think are fairly reasonable. Please point out (either by responding to this thread or in a DM) where you think I bash on Nyde, Bowie, Mark, or any person in DEFY. I apologise if you got this impression. I will also state that I have come to Nyde and Mark about some of the issues I've listed. I have talked to Nyde extensively about the rules and the scheduling for staff meetings. This was something that was being built up on throughout about a month of experience. Yes, the last section wasn't necessary to put out, no, it wasn't meant to bash on anyone. It was meant to display frustration towards how things are being done in the hope that something will be done. I am dissing the rules and punishment structure. Pointing out that Nyde breaks rules every now and then was to point out how the rules are flawed. These criticisms have been constantly told to Nydekore and Mark constantly. I am merely restating what I have told them both (either in DMs, Calls, etc). These are things that have already also been stated by other players. Yes I"m questioning his position (in terms of his opinion), no I'm not questioning his rank. I am giving what I think are problems in the rules and he gives reasons or explains them. By definition I am saying "I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong". If Mark wants to post on this thread "My server, my way" then by all means he can and I would respect that. If Nyde wanted to demote me or tell me to shut up then he is perfectly allowed to do so. I agree that I shouldn't have responded to Nydekore's post in such an aggressive, public, and direct way. I don't however think it's fair Nyde can simply tell people to "not break the rules" when (as I've previously stated) everyone breaks the rules once in a while.
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    In addition to the RULES section of this post, many of you that have played around my time of joining (January 2019) we had some disagreements and general confusion about what is association. Some thought that you can't call KOS on a player for association, others thought, well, otherwise(Josh). We had a disagreement about what would count as association, resulting in Kiki's ban and him leaving the clan. We finally got word like a few days after that ban that we can't call KOS for association at all. Later this was changed once again, but not clarified, leaving quite a few people still thinking that you can't call KOS off association. reference: https://defyclan.com/topic/3881-resolved-player-complaint-against-kiki/?tab=comments#comment-20596 Another confusion about rules is that if innos/detectives can go in T room or not. This resulted in many RDM's and Ts opening T rooms for innos to just kill eachother off. I believe that once again Josh thought that you could go in T room, but it has been a while so I don't know if he was for or against. After like a month of that chaos, PotatoStyle finally cleared that up and now no one other than Ts can be in T room. Finally, my last point, T baiting/Karma Manipulation. This very recent addition to the rules(but not stated or announced) where shooting randomly is T baiting, and if you are shooing for no reason and kill someone is RDM. This wasn't a problem a few months ago, if you purposely walk into someones shot to make them lose karma is Karma Manipulation, but with the new addition that was not announced, its RDM. This caused extreme confusion and most people didn't even know about this new change. Only very few people actually know this, going off of a situation I had a few days ago. My point is that the RULES is a mess and things that should be known aren't announced and the only way you will ever know is by experience(having someone walk into your shots while you were drawing on the wall), or having admins clear it up if you ask them. The problem with talking to an admin is that some think differently and may not know of this new addition, Nydekore.
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    Well boys and girls it's Christmas eve so what's your most memorable event on this day. Mine's asking out someone during a church session, that I was forced to go too, and it was a yes.
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    Hey guys! I've made another map, this is one is within the city. I'd really like your feedback on this as it always has been very useful and made the maps better in general. Have a look! The Traitors have infiltrated downtown and the last remaining task force has been deployed.Take out the Traitors no matter what in this Action packed environment. Rooftops are in your favor and may the best gunman win. This map plays similar to Kirbycity with the accessible rooftops, but it has a whole lot more of pathways for sneaky players to use. It features 3 Traitor Rooms, one which actually is quiet different from the ones you usually find. One of them is above the floor instead of next to, as usual. Leave a comment and feedback for improvements!
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    In-Game Name: Kiwi Steam ID64 76561199019927101 Age: 13 Discord Username?: Kiwi#7020 Why do you want to join DEFY?: To be a part of a group doing something that i enjoy doing and having fun How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? Nothing What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? very friendly very user friendly very non-toxic Who invited you to DEFY?: DEFY | Arkzy Would you like to change your username or keep it? Keep my username New Username Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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    yeah, you will notice a common trend that the less people talk, the less toxic they are. It seems the more I talk, the more Toxic I become.
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    Currently on Trouble in Terrorist Town players may call suspicion on others based on their cosmetics. This system is harmful to the very idea of cosmetics, and, in fact, it provides a distinct gameplay disadvantage to players that do use cosmetics. While some may argue this is simply one of the consequences of utilizing cosmetics, it hinders one of the definitions of a cosmetic. Something cosmetic should not directly affect gameplay. While tracers admittedly affect more than simple appearances, suspicion based on cosmetics themselves is more prevalent and central to gameplay. Suspicion based solely off cosmetics is unfair, unreliable, and unnecessary. Suspicious players that are about to be called out can simply disable their cosmetics or change them. Multiple players can have the same cosmetics, resulting in confusion, disagreement, and argument when it comes to whom should be labelled as suspicious. Additionally, "cosmetics" is overall a very vague term. According to the word and definition, you would be legally allowed to called suspicion on all default "skinned" players, due to them having the same skin. Being able to call suspicion based on cosmetics discourages the usage of cosmetics.
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    This entire post is shit. The soul purpose of TTT is to be a traitor or innocent (collectively detectives are innocents)
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    Of course its a fucking joke lmao
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    I think you made some good points, but I don't really know what audience you're trying to reach here. This is better fit for staff areas.
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    I agree with MSWS on every point. Especially the rules. You cant just say, "well it is under karma manip so it is t baiting". If a new player got on and wanted to know what t baiting was supposed to mean on This server, then they should go under t bait section. They get warned for t baiting but they were 100% sure that the t bait section did not classify what they were doing as t bait. They will be confused and annoyed. It is not a hard fix at all, it is just a change in text. I also feel that there should be some admin digression about how certain rules work but players and admins should not be able to say "well so in so says that it is this or that". IF THE RULE IS NOT WRITTEN, IT SHALL NOT BE ENFORCED!!!! I also like the idea of Mark having his own legate type person because it always seems like when I would like feedback from and admin on something, they are always waiting on Mark. Mini mark is better than rare to no mark. I have given a recent forum post about something that multiple people agree with me with and that is including a couple of admins and og's. but I feel like the post is going nowhere and was completely useless. Maybe head admin could respond? I do like the idea of a "nominated community member" because I feel like some admins might be biased based on their beliefs and not the community's. I dont even know what the different roles do either. Pr0fs was gone for like 5-6 months and was ttt leader but I did not see any difference between ttt with game leader and without except for Pr0fs laid back personality and good vibes. I think that there needs to be a section on forums that states what everybody does so people can know who to go to for what they need. Defy used to be a chill and laid back server. here is my origin story. I was looking for ttt servers to mass RDM on in early 2017 so I came on Defy because it was on the list and I waited a couple rounds so it would not be obvious. Instead of rdming, I actually played and though "why is this server so good and the people on arent stingy". I loved the rule set and I can barely remember people asking about something confusing in the rules except for when they have not read them yet. They were simple yet robust leaning on the karma system to punish the rule breakers. Now when ever I am on, I am not having as much fun because I have to watch every move very closely because I know a simple mistake will lead in harsh punishment. The community was more listened to back then because admins had more free reign over the server and simply just a whole server of mic's asking an admin to add or remove a map would have that map added or removed. Obviously I dont want it that free but something like that, where the server can change quickly and if it is bad, it can revert quickly. I think that Defy should spend more time on making the server more fun and simple to play on instead of mostly trying to punish people. I know that punishment is a way to increase server quality but it has gone too far and we need more fun than strict and petty rule enforcement.
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    Rules are going to be made clear, every part of the TTT rule book will make sense
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    Love the map!
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    ily and you're amazing and i'm glad everything is working out for you :DDD
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    catch me on the block block baby block baby what catch me on the block block baby
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    Love you Mike 💖
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    Nah I tend to play the more obvious cosmetics. In an off note KOS banana man. I mean PigOwner.
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    Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoy them. The b2 version will be available very soon. Still doing some bug testing and minor improvements. Yeah no more Awping through T room every round xD
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    "I did tend to break the rules a lot for fun." was the reason that I put you into the group that I did. I am sorry if this statement was incorrect. Breaking rules is not fun for most people and especially not admins. You can see why I would put you into that group. I never meant anything personal by it. It is not terribly difficult to not spam. If you were incorrectly banned, we have an appeals section for that. If you think the rule for spamming should be changed, I would disagree. Spamming is disruptive and has no place on our servers (in my opinion, of course).
  32. 1 point
    Happy belated birthday! Glad you’re back 😊
  33. 1 point
    I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into DEFY as a Junior Member. You may add "Defy | " to the beginning of your name by clicking here. If you have not yet introduced yourself click here! Don't be shy, we won't bite If you have not joined our discord server yet! https://discord.gg/N22t8Mn Once you have the Verified Role on discord you can type !joincsgo to gain access to the CS:GO exclusive channels. You can also type !joingmod or !joinrb6 if you have those games as well.
  34. 1 point
    Ever since CS:GO became free to play, the amount of hackers have drastically increased. Whether you're just on community servers, playing competitive, or both, you're bound to encounter your fair share of closet cheaters. In this guide, I will inform you of some of the signs that someone may be cheating. This can be useful both in matchmaking and on DEFY servers. 1. Slang/Lingo There is a certain "language" among hackers that include various words/terms/phrases that pretty much only they know. If you see someone using any of these, there is a chance that they are part of the cheating community. nn - no name uff ya/ja - I have no clue what this means hhhhhh - laughing laff - laugh hdf - The abbreviation for "halt die fresse", which is German for "shut the fuck up" [email protected] - "media" usually means YouTube, and this is just a way of saying they're going to clip you who.ru - usually said in response to being called a nn hitting p/p100/saying something is "p" - a way of saying something is good. If you're hitting p, you're basically popping off and getting a lot of kills. Saying some of these in chat could also lure the suspect into revealing more information, based on their reaction and whether or not they they you cheat now. However, if they are truly closet cheating, there is a pretty good chance they won't react to it and won't say any of these as to not give themselves away. 2. Movement Bunnyhopping - Unless the server settings have been changed, bunnyhopping is not an easy process for legit players. If someone is consistently gaining speed whenever they try to bhop, then it's likely they are hacking. If they hit their head on a ceiling while bunnyhopping and are still able to keep their speed, then it is very likely they're cheating because you shouldn't really be able to do this. Sliding - If someone appears to be sliding around as if they are on ice, they are definitely cheating. However, most cheats have this fixed so you probably won't encounter this unless they are doing it on purpose, in which case it should be fairly obvious already that they aren't legit. Blockbots - A blockbot is a feature in a cheat that allows the player to stay in front of or on top of another player in order to block them. The most blatant way this can be done is by standing on another players head and remaining on top of them while they run, usually without needing to look down 3. Ping Manipulation Backtrack - Backtrack is the manipulation of the in-game lag compensation in order to "teleport" another player backwards. A good example of a place backtrack can be spotted is running from CT spawn to B site on Dust 2. A player might run past the door, and then a second later die while their body is teleported backwards a few steps. This is also seen when someone quick peeks a corner and are still shot even after they are hidden behind the wall. However, some of this could always occur if you're lagging, so be aware that it isn't a surefire sign of a cheater. Fakelag - If somebody is lagging around very badly and practically teleporting, but their ping is relatively low, then they could be using fakelag. A sure sign of this is if they appear to be lagging but their voice sounds fine. 4. ESP ESP, also known as wallhacks or walls, is one of the hardest things to hide while closet cheating, which is why the best generally turn it off entirely. However, most closet cheaters are bad, and it's usually pretty easy to tell if someone is walking. Prefiring is a big indicator of this. One thing you can do to test someone is to see if you can bait out a shot from them by going to peek a corner, but stopping before your body is exposed. If the suspect shoots, then there's a good chance they're hacking. 5. Clan Tags On Steam, there is no way to hide what groups you are in without making your profile private. If somebody has a clan tag and you suspect they are cheating, it might be worth your while to see if they are actually in a group with that tag. If not, then there is a very high likelihood that they are cheating, as most cheating software allows you to change your clan tag without being in a group. There are plenty more things that can be used to identify closet cheaters, such as things relating to aimbots, but those are usually pretty obvious. These are just some of the smaller, lesser known characteristics of a cheater than might give them away. I hope this guide can be used to allow you to more easily tell if someone is cheating.
  35. 1 point
    I agree, but since the Jailbreak credits are the same as TTT credits, I think that is why the items are a little more expensive. If there is any way to reduce the amount of prices and make it where you earn more credits from LR, it would drive more players to not rebel all the time.
  36. 1 point
    You have inspired me to make map yaes? They look pretty cool but boardwalk looks really open by jut the pictures, would be really hard to be a T on that one.
  37. 1 point
    This is a great video even besides the video being in -1080p. I love when the community can laugh as stuff like this! Please make more of these!
  38. 1 point
    These are the types of bullshittery moments we have on JB if only more people played on JB honestly.
  39. 1 point
    In-Game Name: meth man Steam ID64 76561198290304304 Age: 69 Discord Username?: Why do you want to join DEFY?: to change username How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? josh is mean What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Who invited you to DEFY?: Would you like to change your username or keep it? Change my username New Username boner Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes
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    so I was playing TTT this morning and thinking about maps to make when someone said i should make a map that was only doors while it was obviously a joke, I took it to heart and made the worst TTT map in existence. I present, ttt_doors. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1940675037
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    hi guys. i am retiring my admin. i will still get on to play. it was fun to be an admin and ily all. this isn't goodbye.
  42. 1 point
    you're the best felix. also good news for me i think i might be getting a scholarship for music arts so thats cool -danny
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    I need mark to implement an eye roll reaction on here.
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    @Seth RomeroYou better watch out or this gonna be you
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    He's already appealed lol. Also #savezarak to keep his brain from rotting even further. :^)
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    Well, I had my one year a while ago, but in like 13 days I will be member for 1 year, time to get rep on forums. Then I can get Veteran Member
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    Ignore the crappy name of my email made it when i was younger but to make a long story short i've just lost interest in csgo at the moment im not leaving i will be back so until then see ya People who can see it atleast
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    @1stSavagerY secretly laughing right now
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    No @Mike does not need more turrets please no
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