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    Emo, as you know, I was recently gone for 2 weeks. When I came back, I saw on minigames you took out Azure. Ninja said you only kept the maps played frequently, but Brian, Ninja, and I played a LOAD of Azure. I was very close to beating it. I'm very disappointed. I have 2 ways to fix this. Fix 1: Make another Defy server. This server will be solely course/kz maps. Fix 2: Add the maps you previously took out, like: Acrophobia, wipeout, circle, azure, runforthebacon, and runordie. I am extremely disappointed that Emo took out my favorite map, and also Brian's favorite map. I hope you see this Emo, and use one of my fixes. -Your favorite person Magnifier
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    lets boycott defy minigames and just play the maps that aren’t course maps
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    Bring back the bacon map!! Only was able to play it once and that was with Krim.
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    Hehe, Wizard101. Gonna be playing that this weekend with my friend xd
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    I would like to inform you that you have been accepted into DEFY as a member. Please add "Defy | " to the beginning of your name. Request to join this group to gain member perks in game. Please make an Introduction post here to begin advancing through member ranks!
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