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    Forum Changes We have reduced the amount of forums, as having many forums can be overwhelming especially for new members. It also led many members to post topics in wrong sections. However with the new forum structure, posting in the wrong section should be a thing of the past If your post is related to a particular game then it should be posted in the club forum for that game. If you are sharing something that you've made or found on the internet then post in Share. Any other posts should be posted in General Discussion. Clubs are now being used to separate Game Discussion between games and from General Community discussions. So if you are not yet part of a CLUB, what are you waiting for? Joining a club will give you access to that particular Game forum. View spoiler below Moving our official Game Forums to Clubs will also prevent games that you are not interested in from showing in the Discover section or search results. We have added a Retired Admin group to separate staff that have retired from current Server Admins.

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