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    DEFYclan Official Roster Staff Executive Admin @Mark Head Admin @PotatoStyle [CS:GO Game Manager] @pr0fs [TTT Leader] Senior Admin General Admin @pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle [JB] @Bowie [JB] @Niall_Ferguson [TTT] @Zach [TTT] @Foxtrot [JB] @Ender [TTT] @Assassin [TTT] @incite [TTT] @Josh [TTT] Junior Admin @Zane [MD] @num3rical [JB] Trial Admin Members (Click Here to view requirements needed to be promoted to the next member rank.) Veteran Member Senior Member Junior Member
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    Having a DarkRP server would be lit. If we can get some good plugins, this server could be super fun, I used to LOVE DarkRP. Here are some suggestions I thought up: Jobs: Police (isn't in even though there is a police chief) Mayor (Sets reasonable laws, but loses his job when killed, nullifying his laws) Hitman (kills for money) Theif (Just raids and mugs) Maybe 2 jobs that are allowed to kill each other at all times like a red and blue team. Swat (more op cop) Drug dealer Insurgent (tries to attack police and kill the mayor to get rid of laws) Sewer monster (can RDM and not be killed in the sewers, but is KOS on the surface) Monster hunter (tries to kill sewer monsters) Spiderman (Like a police but has the spiderman gun plugin thing (could be donator class) Master thief (Has better lockpick and keypad cracker, could also be donator) Other ideas: ATMs so you don't lose all your money Keypads and keypad crackers Different levels of printers More guns Maybe a raidable bank (I saw it on another server and it was dope, but it would probably be hard to add) Raidable police station that gives you gun shipments A level system (certain jobs and printers can only be bought at higher levels. you get xp from killing people and from printers) A better set of rules I already posted this in the Gmod section but apparently, only 7 other people can see that.
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    Its my birthday again for thos who care.17 now and still counting.
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    where the fuck is that emo kid he was the best admin
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    But, you have to be smart/clever to be a good drug dealer...

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