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    Remember when we tried to do that Hunger Games event? and it failed? We should try that again, because personally, I found that HG was super fun when we tested the game mode out, and when there was rumors of it becoming it's own server I was really excited. For the event we can pick out a day where we know people aren't busy, and all play it together. If it's successful and everyone enjoys it, I also think that the Hunger Games maps that we had should be added to the MG server, so that we can play it there.
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    Battle royal maps or a server would be pretty cool
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    I'm going to downvote your mother.
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    Plot twist, Ravioli and Garfield are the same person.
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  6. 1 point
    Yeah this sounds like a pretty fun idea.
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    i'll see you at math trivia mystery person i dont remember
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    no!!!!!!!!1111one downvote hnak hlel
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    He dwwnvoted me for no reason at all because he was mad im more popular than him. i hereby declare a downvote war and i would like you all to rally onto my side

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