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    I was going through the discord of the DEFY clan, the clan in which I'm willing to put my life on the line for. Honestly the best clan on the market, honestly it's so good it should be ILLEGAL. Anyways beside the point, I just wanted to bring up a big issue I continue to see within our discord servers is that people seem to be lacking a father figure while they're active in TTT, Jailbreak or those fun events. i just wanted to say that if you're in need of a father figure, hit up this guy named @daddynoscope, he's a pretty cool guy who deserves this recognition that he gets. Honestly, this guy is really inspirational to the point that I'm willing to give him my kidney, which is really expensive tbh. Sorry just wanted to get this out of my chest idk tho.
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    See you on the forums.
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    Yes, we don't use [REDACTED]'s old name around these parts.
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    I just want to say that this post is so pointless it should be considered clickbait. To get promoted within a gaming community you have to put in work and do something for the community. Being here for a year and only having 6 posts doesn't show much initiative. Become an admin, host events, do something that can help Defy, not just "I've been here for a year you might as well give me Veteran." Trace has most likely worked to get to where he is and it looks as if you've done nearly nothing. Put in some work and you'll probably be there in no time.
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    Funny how you don't have a valid argument against what I said so you just choose the easy way out. Sorry to hear you consider me a normie, or a nobody, as if someone give a shit. Go back to 4chan.
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    It's a meme post but I didn't find it amusing. DISLIKED AND DEPORTED!
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    I've been a member of this beloved clan for about a year or so now, and I think I should definitely become a veteran member. I've put so much work into this community and I want to see some form of repayment. First, I'd like the think @daddynoscope for helping me out throughout my journey here, teaching me the in's and out's of TTT and Jailbreak. He's been such an inspiration to me and I feel that he definitely deserves a promotion or even become an admin! Thank you guys for hearing me out! Also, I don't want to call people out but @Trace has been in DEFY for lesser time than me and he's a veteran member, I just wanna be cool too!

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