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    We should all buy Forza Horizon 3 and race each other to the death
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    Ch1n and I are making a band it's called the Burning Burritos. Ch1n is trumpet, I'm piano, Bowie is guitarist, and Mark is Lead Singer. We're recruiting anyone and everyone who can play an instrument. Comment below or DM on discord if you'd like to join
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    I was going through the discord of the DEFY clan, the clan in which I'm willing to put my life on the line for. Honestly the best clan on the market, honestly it's so good it should be ILLEGAL. Anyways beside the point, I just wanted to bring up a big issue I continue to see within our discord servers is that people seem to be lacking a father figure while they're active in TTT, Jailbreak or those fun events. i just wanted to say that if you're in need of a father figure, hit up this guy named @daddynoscope, he's a pretty cool guy who deserves this recognition that he gets. Honestly, this guy is really inspirational to the point that I'm willing to give him my kidney, which is really expensive tbh. Sorry just wanted to get this out of my chest idk tho.
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    I am intrigued.
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    How do you mute someone if no admin is on? Simple hold shift + tab click on a players name and then either drag the mute slider down or click to mute them.
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    I like to play with people and use them as instruments to do my bidding, such as manipulating @[email protected][email protected] @[email protected]@Niall_Ferguson and @Traceto buy Garfield Kart and play it with me constantly.

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