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    it comes from a cartoon i used to watch family guy or soemthing
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    Nothing can compare to the majesty and perfection of KISS: Psycho Circus. KISS: Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child is a first person shooter computer game developed by Third Law Interactive and published by Gathering of Developers for the PC in August 2000. It was also released later that year for the Dreamcast (using Windows CE) following a port by Tremor Entertainment. The game is based on Todd McFarlane's KISS: Psycho Circus series of comic books, themselves inspired by the rock band KISS. KISS: Psycho Circus was the first game to be developed by Third Law Interactive, themselves having recently formed in December 1998 after a widely publicized mass walkout from Ion Storm. Versions for the PlayStation and the Game Boy Color were planned, but were later canceled. The PC version of the game was done on an enhanced version of the Lithtech engine, licensed from Monolith Productions. Just refund CS:GO already and buy a masterpiece that could rival Garfield Kart today!
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    This is such a false statement. Every human being knows that Ricochet will reign superior than all these games that falsely claim, "The best gmae ever."
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    Radioactive by the imagination dragons is a pale imation of radioactive by KISS gene simmons solo album upvote if you agree
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    It was 7th grade and i was in math class answering questions with a whiteboard and the answer was hexagon but i misspelled it hexaqon. My friend and i joked about about it and would answer the rest of the questions such as polyqon, pentaqon and then decided to spell them with a quan at the end instead of just qon since it was more grammatically correct. 2 weeks latter i had just gotten steam so i could download robocraft and I need a username that was unique. I remembered the dumb hexaqon joke and decided to use Hexaquan as my username. I kept on using it since no one else used it.
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    HA!? The only band I care about is KISS #KISSARMY #KISSKRUIZE2018 @spicyravioli @Garfield @Humding3r @Dark
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    Everyone has to come up with a name in steam.Either if it is long or short,Creative or Standard,Everyone has one.What is the Origin of your name?The backstory of it.(I choosed "Stewie Griffin" because i was half watching Family Guy while making my steam account.
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    And what was that Shiro phase you had, too?
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    My name is seven for many reasons. My whole life changed when i was 7 years old. My favorite number is 7. I thought it was a cool and unique name seemlying who da fuck is named a number. 7 is also a lucky number.
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    Well my first name "Jhaz" i got when i played in another community in TF2 and i would only play JB and there was a guy called Chaz and we became friends so he said to change my name to someting like his, my 2nd name "Connor" i got because thats my first name and so are like the 3% of the other kids in my school, and my 3rd name (which i will probably change to soon) "Rubyy" i got because that is of my favorite gem stones.
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    Crystal meth works like a charm.
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    I was born in Italia. Italy = ravioli. Kablamo.
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    My parents named my fetus self, which later became my steam name.
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    i got this weird native american flute thing on my shelf and a harmonica do i qualify?
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    Jesus now i feel bad for ragging on you for not being on the servers for like a month
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    It would need the real good looking logo
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    Woah I never agreed to this
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    My name is num3rical because I like numbers and it has a 3 in it because 3 is a number

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