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    ben ten versus bakugan you play as ben ten and you face his enemy bakugan to the death it is a good read allowed and family friendly
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    POSTAL 2 and Half-Life Garfield Kart Ricochet
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    The story behind my name is simple, it was given to me by my parents when I was born Also fun fact I used to go by the name Patrick. @Some_Person should know. However that name was used for memes it originated from the character Patrick from spongebob.
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    My name is seven for many reasons. My whole life changed when i was 7 years old. My favorite number is 7. I thought it was a cool and unique name seemlying who da fuck is named a number. 7 is also a lucky number.
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    xitoxic is my dad so I am zitoxic
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    My name is Ender because I played competitive Minecraft and when making my Minecraft name, it took me 3 days to think about it and I was just like fuck it, the Ender dragon is cool and my name from that lol
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    My name started with me in 5th grade trying to pick an Edgy Minecraft username. First it was DarkShadow_MC, then it was DarkTheMLG for some fucking reason, after that was a few name change experiments involving the word Dark (DarkInTheDusk, which was really bad, and DatBoiDark which was terrible). Then my first Steam name on my original Gmod account from 2014 was Metallic Hedgehog. After a while, I just went with just Dark for my newer CS:GO account in 2016. After a bit, I put a hammer and sickle in my name because of my weird obsession with Communism in 9th grade. Now just recently I've been trying to get away from the DarkTheCommunist thing and started using some variations of fuckindark, as its what a lot of people say when I get on any server.
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    My name is num3rical because I like numbers and it has a 3 in it because 3 is a number
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    I drink coffee thats all really

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