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    Hey guys. GamingByTheMinute/Jewie2k here. Its been a long time. How's everyone been? OH and happy bday to meee lol
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    Friendly Fire protection has been enabled Traitors cannot damage other Traitors Detectives cannot damage other Detectives
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    i’d give u my alt but my alts arent 4 cheaters 😤😤 i miss you though dad come home
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    Since we can't organize a single event it seems *cough HALLOWEEN MOVIE NIGHT cough* we're gonna have a non-verbal roast right here. I'll start it: @Dark you look like a sleestak and you're socks are stinky
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    @dre you look like that one Christian kid that would get kicked out of class for looking up porn on accident
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    im mad hurt rn words cant even express it welcome to your track
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    if you don’t get your 10 year old voice, receding hairline, your “im silver 2”, your eminem destroyed all rappers with kamikaze, your i was born in the wrong generation, your i take dick in the butt but it’s not gay bc it’s recreational, your my dick small but my ass hole big, your kiss makes actual good music head ass out of here
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    @pr0fs currybomb not even gonna make soundcloud top 100 😤
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    read the replies above and you'll know why i cant

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