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    This is a bit more of a "Quality of Life" thing that isn't too important but I think would make the server more interesting. The store feels kinda bland when to comes to the chat options for VIP's, all of the colours are Red, Green, Yellow and shades of White which yet again is fine but it just gets a little boring when everyone has the same colours. I feel like the addition of colours like: - Blue - Pink - Purple - Orange Would help spice it up a bit and maybe even look more appealing to future donators. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The same thing goes for the chat tags, I think adding more colour to them would get more people to buy into them. Things like: Senpai, Daddy, Weeb could be blue. Thot, Goddess, Girl Gamer could be pink. Rebel, Try Hard, Gambler could be red. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is just a thought, and the current store is just fine. I just think it would be more interesting. [Also this is my 250th post, big yeet.]
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    Find a picture of Paul Blart but he's actually the mall.
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    Hello my names xeno and I just started playing csgo and wanted to join a community this one looks pretty dope so ima join this one. I'm 23 now feelsbad and Ima Asian weeb and play games. (;
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    cyberpower and ibuypower are kinda pricey
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    4/10(too many words) 2/10(these arent even english)
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