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    To start this with a simple question: How many of us have genuinely bought kevlar + helmet for 80 credits and for how many times when we were Detectives or Traitors? - I could probably remember all the times when I bought it, with all the hours that I’ve spent playing TTT. Better way to put it, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS KILLED A TRAITOR/DETECTIVE WHO YOU HAD TO DINK IN THE HEAD AND HEAR THE HELMET NOISE???!! 1. First of all 80 credits is 20 away from the 100 heavy, so why not spend 20 more credits to become 10x more unkillable, while sacrificing the 99% of the time irrelevant movement speed. ⭐️80 is too expensive, it never gets bought 2. Players who can actually aim in the game have no edge. Have you ever had a silver run up to your face with an smg, while you are slower than them holding a rifle, resulting in you dying 99% of the time. The fact of the matter is if someone wants to kill you, they can do it before you have a fair chance of shooting them back, no matter what rank you are. ⭐️ Making Kevlar cheaper or default for innos can give good players a fair chance. 3. This is a big one. If all innos are going to be harder to kill, then traitors will have to think of better ways of getting kills, that being: better positioning, going in T room, using poison smokes, hurt stations, silent awps, trip mines, doing more than 3 silent m4a1-s shots in the back or 4 smg bullets. That being said, yes there will always be people who delay, no matter how hard or easy it is to kill innos. But isn’t anyone sick of the fact that if you meet a traitor face to face around the corner, then you just get smg sprayed before you even have a chance to fire a bullet, not even talking about calling a KOS???!! I believe that traitor rounds should be more than death match rounds where the bad guy gets to shoot first. ⭐️ Making Kevlar default or more accessible, will make the game more interesting for traitors and more fair for innos. 4. Majority of the players hate being an innocent, due to it not having a special role and being fragile to T’s, causing players to lurk around the map and hide more than they need to be. Well, making Kevlar default or more cheaper can make innos more “special”, decreasing the amount of campers/hiders/lurkers and also just letting people enjoy their other rounds apart from the ones where they are T. Food for thought, how many players on the server enjoy being innocent or detective more than being T, other than me I see Krim and Henk buy detective here and there, but other than that everyone else can’t wait till they reach 250 credits. TTT is based on figuring out who the traitor is, it’s what makes the game fun, fact of the matter is no one enjoys doing that, because innos are too weak and are no where near as stacked as traitors are. Also, let me remind you that 75% of the game is players being inno. ⭐️ Making Kevlar default or cheaper for innos can allow players to enjoy the whole concept of TTT ( that being figuring out who the traitors are ) way better. In general improve 75% of their game and hopefully make Traitor rounds feel like bonus rounds, instead of, “Oh I can’t wait till I can be a traitor/Oh I can’t wait till I can buy” At the end of day kevlar isn’t even in the shop for innos. It really feels like this isn’t all I had to say, but it’s late at night so I know for sure I have forgot to add some points. Can we actually get some votes on this post, not the usual dad posted it, so I have to thumbs down, but genuinely vote on whether this can be added. Also, for those who aren’t members just to comment on whether you agree or disagree.
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    I feel that giving innocents Kevlar at all can really mess up the traitors, the point of being a traitor is getting kills quickly and either moving on to the next target or running to avoid detection, either way this takes too long to do if innocents have Kevlar.
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    The thing about the innos spawning without kevlar is it makes all the guns viable, like if everyone had a vest and a helmet nobody would use the smgs because the TTK is too low, it should be in the shop I suppose but I would keep it at 80 for innos. As for T and D I buy kevlar all the time personally, makes you a little harder to kill but doesn't put you in a instant KOS situation like heavy does. And touching on the factor of skill I see this as a non issue, its TTT not comp for a reason, and I'm sure if you ask anyone who was actually good at the game (I.E Silencer) they had problems slaughtering everyone if they really wanted to. If anything maybe a price reductions for Ts and Ds but other than that i feel like kevlar is fine where it is.
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    We will be Hosting a Slapshot 3v3 Tournament event this Friday August 16, 2019 at 6:30PM EST. Slapshot is free to download and can be downloaded on steam(https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/) Join our discord Event Room channel on August 16th at 6:30PM as teams will be finalized, anyone that did not signup but shows up between 6:30 - 6:50PM may be added to the tournament. What is Slapshot? Slapshot is an online multiplayer game where you and 5 other players play a game of hockey. The game is physics-based, so teamwork and crisp passing are essential to win. - https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/ Sign ups Play a few online matches before signing up if you just got the game. We will close sign ups August 16th at 5:30PM EST. Sign up: https://forms.gle/VPEcLDP1H1Chd7f57 Prizes We may give the winning team a prize.
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    I feel like kelvar as an extra item in the shop just takes up space. And I also think it shouldnt be default. Instead, just have the price of kelvar and helm reduced down to 50. And even tho most items are cheaper with VIP, I wouldnt even do that. Unless, Mark wants to make more people buy VIP. ; )
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    I agree with it being available in the shop, and disagree with it being default. Ideally it (Kevlar) should be cheaper for traitors, as the detective has multiple people targeting them, whereas the traitor is aware and able to get the upper hand on everyone. it being cheaper than 80 is something I agree with too, something like 50 sounds reasonable to me
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    If i wanted to play in the dark half the time then i'd rather hang myself
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