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    So recently I've noticed more new players joining and asking how to play and of course alot of people don't tell the new player how to play. so I was thinking maybe we can have people with below 10 hours on say Jb, they have the [Newbie] rank. (Meaning the guards give them extra warnings and teach them how to play instead of shooting them the second they don't follow a command) and the more hours you get on a specific server the higher your rank gets. (Newbie, Regular, Veteran, Pro, God. etc) maybe add a menu that pops up for the new players the basic rules of the game. (this should also be added/tested on the TTT server and admins can keep an eye on the newer players)
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    I'm not a silver, but I used to be really serious about competitive and that was the only game mode I played for the majority that I've had CSGO. Just the amount of stress and worrying that I had whenever I would lose a game or even think about deranking put me in a bad place and I knew I needed to step back and chill out. I would just like to say that it really doesn't matter about rank or skins or whatever because its just a game. I know that probably sound cliche, but its honestly the truth. I'm glad I found the TTT server and joined Defy because it really brought me back into what games are supposed to be. FUN. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest... Anyways, I hope someone found what I wrote useful and enjoyed it. Have a Good One!
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    I also do the same. It’s very situational and it sort of just pops in your head that the other guy must be a Traitor too.
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    not so bad started with like 30$ in the start still shitty tho but if i did win oof big cash out
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    Because I don't try. And I have a gambling addiction with Office. Its always either a 50/50 of people who don't know how to play hostage maps or Office veterans/hackers (and the hackers are surprisingly rare to my knowledge). And an extremely unpopular opinion: I prefer Hostage gamemode to Bomb Defusal. You tend to have more fun when you play outside your comfort zone. And unfortunately now, Hostage has become my comfort zone, and my shitty Macintosh can barely run Cache at 10fps while it runs fucking Agency at a smooth average 100fps. Thanks Steve Jobs.
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    Anything anime is good.
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    Generally players probably should be giving you a warning to id a body, however there are people that will just kill you if they see you walk past one. I don’t think a warning should be necessary though, just gotta be smart about the situation. People tend to not think things over and that’s very common behavior for majority of players.
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    It's very windy here in the forums.
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    Maybe add rainbow tracers to the !shop for your servers. I was thinking maybe 2000 points. It would be like the other tracers but rotate through different colors with each shot. This would be for CS:GO
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    Because csgo is free so more hackers/smurfs
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    10/10(i like your pep) 3/10(penguins are necrophilliac insestiual rapists)
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    In-Game Name: AlphaFoxtrot Age: 13 Discord Username?: Why do you want to join DEFY?: I want to join DEFY because I want to have a team to chill with during games. How did you find our clan? Community Server Browser What do you think we can improve on? You should put a moderation bot on the servers because some people say the "n word" and they go unpunished saying the "n word" What are your first impressions of DEFYclan? Who invited you to DEFY?: Have you read our server rules & community standards? Yes

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