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  1. Added the following to all servers: Added 4 more name/message colors to shop for VIPs. Gold color is restricted to Gold VIP. Added 5 new skins to shop for VIPs: Batman, Spider-Man, Venom, Flash, Darth Vader. Fixed an issue where some players would see black models.
  2. Is this on the DEFY servers or all community servers in general?
  3. Disabled personal freeday in /jbshop
  4. Fixed Detective Revolver bug that allowed another shot if you missed. Added a message when successfully killing a Traitor with the Detective Revolver.
  5. Platforms The servers are still listed because they will be coming back. No point in removing them that would only cause members to believe they won’t be coming back. Game Manager As already stated, the servers will be coming back so why remove the rules or servers from the list only to have to add them back. As far as applications went, we had a few applicants most did not pan out to what we are looking for. I am not going to rush and appoint someone only to have them put up a server and have it die in a week. Currently appointing a Game Manager has been put on hold for the time being. Public Relations In my opinion since the release of discord using other platforms like twitter or facebook is not necessary and would likely just be redundant since everyone these days is using discord. I think the idea of releasing a compilation or regular youtube videos every so often would not be a bad idea but I know from experience editing videos usually takes quite some time so someone would definitely need to be appointed to that and we could encourage members to send in clips. Also videos would need to be uploaded to the DEFY youtube channel and not a personal channel because that can lead to the videos being lost or deleted if that member leaves DEFY. If anyone is interested feel free to private message me on the forums. Now as far as getting new players I am very well aware that the server browser is how most people find us, the other way players find us is through friends. Since there are server browsers its not really necessary to put time and effort on PR methods like that to attract players when the majority only look through the server browser. Now as for Minecraft, they have no server browser (at least the last time I checked) so it makes sense that you would likely want to have a team or someone in charge of PR so that they can advertise on other websites especially listing/voting websites. The only method that we are not taking advantage of in my opinion is !ws and !gloves which is against the TOS. However, it may be considered for the future as we are likely losing out players due to that. Forums Just because I don’t respond in a thread does not mean that it is not acknowledged. I actually read 99% of all posts and if I happen to miss something, I am sure someone will bring it to my attention especially if it is a good idea. Each server leader is already assigned to taking in ideas and feedback, and bringing them to my attention so it can be implemented. When it comes to adding in new maps Seth is currently in charge of adding and testing them to see if they would be a good fit before being added to the main servers. Server rules would again also be handled by the server leaders they can get others opinions first and then bring it to me to be officially added. Threads are most definitely not pending nothing. If something was suggested on discord then ya they would likely be pending nothing. As we don’t look through discord for suggestions but if it is on the forums they will be seen in time. Discord is good for discussing a suggestion temporarily but after that the final idea should definitely be put on the forums. Game breaking bugs will most definitely get patched right away other bugs may take time and the bug you are referring too that was left open I intentionally left it open because it is not the biggest issue + I figured that the developer of ttt would likely fix that issue but if that is still not fixed I’ll get around too it at some point. Rules Admins are to be issuing punishments when a player breaks a rule that is listed on the rules page. In our Training we have always had the following line “Only enforce rules that are present on the rules pages and ensure you follow the correct punishment protocol under each rule.” Something that I feel has been an issue is players or admins saying “Mark said this” or “X Admin said this” in turn completely ignoring what the official rules say. Its not what Mark says or any other admin says, it is what the rules say. If it is not on the rules page it should not be enforced. Whenever someone asks me something with regards to a rule, I am always referencing the rule in question. The bigger issue with the rules is players who don’t take the time to read and understand them even when everyone was forced to read them. I have literally heard someone say something to this extent “Why is it telling me to read the rules, I played on another TTT server I know the rules.” I have said this many times already, every player has the equal opportunity to read the rules to avoid being punished in the first place. Staff Expectations We don’t expect staff to act like this is an actual job since it is on a volunteer basis. Family, School, or Work should come first before the servers. With that said if you have joined the team, we do have certain expectations and requirements so that the servers can be a fun and fair environment for all players. As far as staff meetings go, we have always scheduled them in advance on our staff calendar. Usually they are scheduled 7 days in advance and will show up at the top of the website and on the calendar. We have done this since the beginning and nobody has complained up until now. From my understanding it seems you work on the weekends so even if we scheduled them 2 weeks in advance I don't think that would be the solution. Rather the solution would be to host the meeting during the weekday at night time which can be an option and has worked out in the past. If you miss a staff meeting you can easily go to the calendar and see who attended the meeting and get a recap from someone who attended the meeting.
  6. Earn credits for silently identifying bodies. Removed decoy body from /menu since it is broken. Please note shop items may have changed position due to this. Fixed a bug where slayed players got a role. Fixed a bug with rslays.
  7. Congrats to @num3rical @ItzGray @Seth Romero for reaching the number 1 spots on Game Tracker in 2019. Top 10 Player stats have been reset for 2020!
  8. I don't really see anything wrong with a prisoner snitching out another prisoner. If anything that is a good thing. I have seen plenty of times in the past where prisoners constantly rebel round after round and while in the moment it may be fun for some prisoners its boring for everyone else especially a CT who has to deal with dying every round. This also sometimes results in nobody wanting to be the CT because prisoners keep rebelling. Granted if you have a good team of CTs who know the map and secrets you can easily prevent rebels. However I encourage prisoners not to rebel as often and actually let guards play games which will result in more fun rounds overall. Now on the other hand the only problem I can see from snitching is when someone keeps interrupting the warden and disrupting the round however the warden has the ability to mute specific prisoners to counter issues like this as MSWS already pointed out.
  9. The following maps have been added to the map pool: ba_jail_container_v2_defy ba_jail_kajoly_v2_tangofix_defy jb_facility_v3_defy
  10. The following maps have been added to the map pool: ttt_hybridgrounds_alpha1_defy ttt_moonjam_beta_2_defy ttt_safehouse_b1_defy
  11. The following maps have been added into the map pool: mg_minecraft_course_jb_n1_defy mg_circle_course_defy mg_kirbys_course_go_defy mg_metal_course_level_2_defy
  12. Voice icons above players have been fixed on all servers as they were not displaying.
  13. Respawn has been increased. https://defyclan.com/topic/3050-mg-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-27413
  14. Fixed spectator bug on Deathrun maps Prevent T from switching teams to avoid being the Death on deathrun maps. Increased rounds to 15 for most mg maps. Deathrun is still 10 rounds. Increased respawn timer for mg_minecraft_aphixed_defy to 90 seconds.
  15. That map has its own spawn killer set to kill you after that amount of time so that is why. If we allowed respawn past 19 seconds you would instantly die.
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