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  1. Like MSWS said I think it would be a good idea to include DEFY CLAN into the overlay. Here is a quick example it can even be as subtle as this. Also if you would like later tonight we can test out the overlay so you can get an idea of how it will look in game on the dev server as simply putting it over a screenshot may no actually be how it actually looks in game in my experience from playing with the overlays.
  2. Punishment System The people who are gonna complain are the ones breaking the rules to begin with. Lets take for example spam. Do you see me spamming? Do you see other good players spamming? In most cases of spam or any rule really most people realize they should not be doing it. Many rules you would think is common sense that you should not be breaking them even if you did not know they exist. However I know many lack common sense or they just want to bend the rules. However the consequences of bending even the little rules is that it results in admins needing to take action instead of just joining the server and enjoying the game or taking care of more important issues. Why don't we just let small things slide? Well it leads to bigger problems and the reality is rules should not be broken in the first place. Like I already stated even if you don't read the rules many things are common sense, granted if you have never played TTT you should probably read the rules as they do serve as a guide to how the game functions. Now the reason the punishments were updated to a simple structure of 1. Warn + light offence 2. Ban for most rules is for simplicity. I don't see a reason to issue more than one warning. Everyone playing was forced to read the rules and if they read them they would avoid breaking a rule in the first place. If they didn't well they are in luck as they get a warning + light offence on the first offence. At this point they should not be breaking that rule again. If they do well it simply results in a ban on the second offence. Now if we take spam for example and add an extra warning + 1 hour mute in my opinion its ineffective as what is most likely to occur is the player will disconnect and join back later when they are unmuted. So this results in an extra chance for no reason really. Now when it comes to spamming binds or having an offensive bind I have heard the excuse time and time again "sorry it was a bind" Remove it the first time don't keep using excuses like "I forgot to unbind it" Really? http://bans.defyclan.com/index.php?p=commslist&searchText= STEAM_1%3A1%3A422163494&Submit=Search I know he is not the only one but this is exactly why we track punishments and ensure that repeat rule breakers get a bigger punishment on the second offence. In conclusion with the new punishment update I want to keep players that follow the rules and weed out the players that are just here to break/bend the rules. I want players to realize its not worth breaking the rules on our servers. In the past when it came to mutes/gags it is clear that players took it as a joke. I know that when you do something for a while eventually you will slip up like ItzGray did. Keep in mind since the new punishment update we have reset all warnings so he already had a chance prior to the ban. Karma System It has already been tweaked in the dev server and the update will be applied later today. However what I will say in regards to karma is that it has been discussed in the past and we came to the conclusion that it needed to be changed. Now again this next update may not be the final change to karma but we will see. As far as the whole losing karma for damage it will be removed because it did introduce problems with many things however that means bad action kills will result in slightly more karma loss. Shop System The initial price of missiles and other items was set so players can get a feel of these items and we can see the impact. However I have again already updated some prices of items in the next update.
  3. Our alt detection system is much more than simply checking for the same ip address. Having the same ip address should be fine we actually have several players who play and have family play with them. If you are showing family and friends TTT just be sure to be on your account. If they bring their laptop and computer and go on their own main account they should be fine. One specific case where ip address takes priority is when someone gets banned then the entire ip is banned for the duration of the ban. I hope that clears up some things. If a ban was done in error then he should make a ban appeal. If you pm me his steam id I can look into it.
  4. Use /menu for T-Shop, /shop is only for the cosmetics shop. New items have been added, use /menu to try them out. Button presses will now appear in the end of round logs. Player names will now only show in hud. - Custom win overlays have been added. Props can be frozen with left mouse. - Fists have been added in. Karma gain/loss has been adjusted. Tasers only load after 30 seconds of the round being started. VPNs are now blocked again.
  5. Get some links to these maps either https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=730 or https://gamebanana.com/games/4660
  6. The command already works you simply type "timeleft" not "!timeleft". It only shows the time remaining to the player who typed the command as otherwise it would be abused and used as a way to spam players. The problem with enabling timeleft to show to everyone is that when you type timeleft nobody knows that you typed it.
  7. Did you even read the rules??? You likely did not read the rules or you looked through them fast. If I am being honest at this moment I don't even feel bad that you got banned. Under General Rules 18. Alt Accounts it states the following "Using an alt account on our servers is prohibited. One account per player. If you are caught using an alt account you will be permanently banned on all your accounts." (https://defyclan.com/hub/rules/csgo-rules/) Every new account that joins our server is forced to read the rules. We even include a reminder not to use alt accounts in that same message. In the odd chance you did not read the rules you would at least see the message and realize that you should not be playing on that account. While I understand the intent may not have been to cause harm, intentionally break server rules or hack like many folks do on alt accounts. How can someone not be aware of our rules about alt account? When you join the server for the very first time you should see the same thing as the screenshot above. Opportunity #1 to be informed. Once you read the above you would then click "server website" and be on our rules page. Opportunity #2 to be informed. If you play at least one full map on our server, I am sure you have seen the advert "Joining our server on an alt account will result in a perma ban on all your accounts." Opportunity #3 to be informed. Finally if you happen to miss all 3 opportunities above maybe just maybe when you join on your alt account you will read the message above and disconnect and switch to your main account. In conclusion when someone says its not fair or why am I banned for using an alt I really just scratch my head and wonder how on earth did you miss all these warnings.
  8. Sure, I gave you two months of Bronze VIP on TTT.
  9. If your not detective you can ask someone to freeze but they do not have to actually freeze because you could be a traitor with a knockout taser. However as a detective if you ask someone to freeze and they don't comply then the detective can call a kos on them.
  10. The time can be bumped to 10 seconds or the rule can say "When requesting someone to freeze you must taze them within a reasonable time frame. Usually 5-10 seconds of them freezing. Otherwise you are not permitted to ask them to freeze." So they say they can move and then a few seconds later ask them to freeze again?
  11. I don't think in all situations you would want to KOS someone for missing the taze. Although I feel like this problem occurs because detectives just hold people frozen for way longer than necessary, causing the inno to eventually move and detective firing the shot at the same time resulting in a missed taze. When requesting someone to freeze I would imagine you would want to be close to the individual you are requesting to freeze if we add this new rule and yes it would be 5 seconds from the time they freeze. Yes it would and it was never allowed. If the detective does not have a taser they cannot ask someone to freeze. As under DRV it says the following "May only give reasonable orders over Voice Chat, such as requesting someone to ID a body, freeze so they can taze you, request a player that is near the Traitor tester to get tested, etc." Strategy wise detectives still have many options available. Some detectives taze people early on, I would keep that info in mind if I were a Traitor since now I know that is one less taser to worry about. On the other hand if the detective does not taze anyone, I am likely to stay away from the detective. Since players know you still have your taser they may think you are going to ask them to freeze so they may try to run from you. When that behavior happens that can be a good indication they are a Traitor. If you are suspicious of a player and request them to freeze but they continue running then you can kos/kill them after giving enough warnings to freeze. You would not need to taze them, since they are not complying with your reasonable request to freeze. Another outcome would be they decide to comply and freeze which allows you to taze them revealing the players role to everyone. Traitors should always have the urge to try and kill Detectives early on when possible because if they don't and wind up killing the last inno before the detective well GG Detectives win. Detectives can still pull the taser out and go towards players they just cant ask players to freeze unless they are going to taze them.
  12. It needed a reboot, Feel free to @ me in discord if the server goes down for more than 5 minutes in the future. That way I will be notified quicker and can put it back online.
  13. Yes, you can trade one skin worth $16 usd for two months of Bronze VIP.
  14. If we were to release another CS:GO server which game mode/server would you like to see added next?
  15. Post your thoughts below on adding an additional rule for TTT under Detective Rule Violation: When requesting someone to freeze you must taze them within 5 seconds of them freezing. Otherwise you are not permitted to ask them to freeze. Obviously if you die in the process you will not be held accountable. With this new rule we are hoping to combat players from just asking others to freeze and wasting time when they have no intention of tazing them. Also remember if you buy a tazer as an inno, others do not have to freeze for you it is optional as you may be a traitor with a knockout tazer.
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