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  1. This bug should now be fixed since this update https://defyclan.com/topic/2992-jailbreak-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-23077 Feel free to make another post if you need help with something.
  2. VIP Player Model bug has been fixed on all servers When selecting a player model you will need to wait until next round for it to apply Player models will need to be equipped again as I reset equipped player models. GOTV has been renamed to DEFY TV The delay has been changed to 2 minutes Guns should drop when guards die.
  3. Accessories are positioned at a particular place on a player model, since the anime girl is a custom model it is likely bigger therefore the cat ears are inside the model and likely not visible when equipped. Unfortunately we cannot fix this as if we moved the position to work with the anime model then on the default player models it will be messed up.
  4. I am curious to know how our members browse the forums. Do you find new posts by using the Discover Page? Do you browse individual forum areas like Introductions, General Discussion, Share? Some members may do all of these but what do you find yourself doing more frequently?
  5. Yes, this is a known bug I was debugging it yesterday it seems like this unequip bug is only occurring for Gold VIPs.
  6. Removed the following maps as they would crash the server often ttt_office_b1_defy ttt_minecraft_2018b1_defy
  7. Mark

    Harassment Rules

    I have added Ban as a punishment to the Trolling/Harassing rules as it does make sense that if after following the normal mutes/gags if it continues it definitely should lead to a ban.
  8. On Freeday auto re-spawn will be active for the first 45 seconds Various issues with !jbshop should now be fixed
  9. Repeating maps bug/changelevel bug should now be fixed on all servers 🤞 Voting for the next map will display once 5 minutes is left or 10 rounds have passed. Use timeleft command.
  10. Last guard no longer has wallhack Changes have been made to chat functions on all servers You can no longer use @ symbols for chat commands /dm <player> <message> - The message portion no longer needs quotation marks /r <message> or /reply <message> - Will respond to the last player that messaged you Players have 30 seconds to respond to the last message they received. Admins/VIPs have no limit since they also have /dm access anyway. /report has been added as an alias command for /call
  11. jb_newyork_defy was removed from the pool due to many players experiencing texture errors.
  12. I will close this post now since your issue was resolved on discord.
  13. When was the last time prior to today did you connect to the server?
  14. Mark

    auto kick bug

    I believe the issue should now be resolved on TTT so please join the server and click server website again. If the csgo blog page opened then try joining a different server such as mini games http://steam:/connect/mg.DEFYclan.com Once on mini games try opening the servers website if it leads you to our rules page then you should be good to go.
  15. Damage is now enabled on freeday. Rebels can no longer request a heal.
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