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  1. Voice icons above players have been fixed on all servers as they were not displaying.
  2. Respawn has been increased. https://defyclan.com/topic/3050-mg-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-27413
  3. Fixed spectator bug on Deathrun maps Prevent T from switching teams to avoid being the Death on deathrun maps. Increased rounds to 15 for most mg maps. Deathrun is still 10 rounds. Increased respawn timer for mg_minecraft_aphixed_defy to 90 seconds.
  4. That map has its own spawn killer set to kill you after that amount of time so that is why. If we allowed respawn past 19 seconds you would instantly die.
  5. Added the following maps to mg mg_minecraft_aphixed_defy mg_kane_course_beta_fix_defy mg_parish_course_csgo_defy mg_pauls_minecraft_course_v2_defy mg_minecraft_course_jb_n1_defy
  6. Infinite id body bug fix Removed earning credits when silent iding bodies. Fixed bug with time tracker counting spec time on all servers
  7. You can now see player names the old way. Removed invisible name from /menu Fixed score bug Fixed some html bugs in hud Fixed a bug where players would get kicked for reaching max warns due to it being set to a low amount.
  8. All servers have been updated. Due to the update some plugins may have bugs which will be fixed.
  9. Fixed bug where detective menu keeps showing every map change Fixed round slays bug
  10. Fixed connect bug where it would show numbers next to name. Fixed bug where slayed players can talk to alive players.
  11. Double credits has been removed from all servers. Fixed a bug that caused names to be incorrectly set on all servers. Disabled /radio menu from reopening after selecting something to prevent spam.
  12. Method 1: Right click CSGO in your steam library Click Properties Click Set Launch Options -maxdownloadfilesizemb 2000 Press ok and now you should be able to successfully download large maps simply by joining our server. If you have missing map errors you may need to delete the map first before trying to download it again. Method 2: Go to http://fastdl.defyclan.com/csgo/maps/ and download the map. Ensure that you download the .bsp version not the .bsp.bz2. 1. Right click CSGO in your steam library 2. Click Properties 3. Click Local Files 4. Click Browse local files and go into csgo>maps folder 5. Move the downloaded map into the maps folder
  13. Double credits has been added to all servers for Halloween. Admins can now use /warns to check a players warnings instead of /checkwarn. Fixed some memory leaks.
  14. Pepe has been removed from the staff team/community wide banned for admin abuse, consistent negativity and toxicity. Pepe has been warned several times for abusing commands and continued to use commands in ways he was told not to. As of late I have received several complaints about Pepe from other admins and players in regards to his toxicity. He even admitted to being toxic in his own post and said he would stop playing the TTT server so he could stop being toxic there. However he remained toxic everywhere else, those who have seen it will know what I mean. Pepe no longer seems to share the same values as us and believes he does not have any rules to follow. His main belief is because this is a CSGO clan/community he does not have to be professional which goes against our staff policies aka staff rules. Again we are open to constructive criticism but when you blatantly break rules/policies, abuse admin, encourage racism on discord you set the wrong example for others and do not deserve to hold a staff position. Brock has been removed from the staff team/community wide banned for not meeting the weekly hour requirements + toxicity. When you bash the staff team and server behind our back I don't think that is a good fit for an admin. If there are issues with the way staff handles things they should be brought up so they can be fixed. Bashing us behind our back and being toxic is not the way to go about it. Brock was planning to leave a long time ago and tbh should have been removed a while ago because he had not been meeting the weekly hour requirements and was being toxic.
  15. Mark


    Having a lot of rep does not necessarily reflect how long you have been here. I can list a lot of members who have been here a long time and have very little rep. When you Upvote or Downvote something it is a way for users to agree or disagree with the post/topic. Why should someone lose rep for someone disagreeing? If anything -rep only served as a way to discourage someone from making posts. Making posts/topics and contributing to the discussion should reward the user not take away from them.
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