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  1. Mark

    Server thinks I'm using a VPN (I'm not)

    Upon looking into it you did indeed use a VPN at some point and that did block you from the servers like it should. However at this current time you should be able to connect. If you have any further issues send me a private message on the forums.
  2. Gonna miss ya dre, you were a great admin. The door is open if you ever decide to comeback and you are always welcome to stop by the servers whenever you have time
  3. Mark

    Jailbreak Changelog

    Chicken fight has been removed as an !lr option Only the last prisoner can now type !lr !math bug has been fixed. Only alive prisoners can answer using !math Freedays have been reduced to 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes jb_clouds_beta02_defy is back, many have complained they don't like the new clouds jb_blank_b4_defy is back in the map pool
  4. Mark

    TTT Changelog

    Added !music This will allow you to lower or turn music off completely on maps that have music. Added the following maps back into the map pool ttt_minecraft_2018b1_defy ttt_rooftops_defy ttt_damons_disco_v1_defy
  5. Mark

    Leaving DEFY

    It's sad to hear that you have decided to leave. It sounds like you will stop by once in a while and I hope you do, as you are a great role model for other members.
  6. Mark

    Console error codes

    In console type the following: con_filter_enable 1 con_filter_text_out CMaterial The above should remove the majority of console spam. If con_filter_text_out CMaterial does not work then try con_filter_text_out "CMaterial" and for any other type of spam that is not CMaterial. Example if the spam begins with Attempting then type con_filter_text_out Attempting
  7. Mark

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    Sad to see you go, I hope that once you shift your focus on other activities that you can stop by once in a while
  8. Mark

    MC Changelog

    Added more blocks that can be sold. Each item below can be sold as an ingot, block, or ore. Type /worth on any of those items before selling them. Diamond Gold Iron Emerald Obsidian
  9. Thanks for your suggestion, everything rule related should now be covered in the rules. This will likely get fixed in a future update, however this is a long time bug and this is against the rules, any dead player who abuses this should be slayed the following round for exploiting since this does interfere with the game. This map has already been removed from the map pool. This may only be fixed at a later date, I see one possible solution but for now you will just have to deal with it This rule is not enforced that much because its not as important to know the name of players with names like that. On TTT names are important because when you make a call out such as KOS Smith. Everyone knows who that is but when you have someone with a funky name, calling a kos on that is hard because players might get confused especially if more than one player has an unreadable name. If an admin believes that a name might be impacting jailbreaks gameplay then they will likely request said player to change names. It is annoying but a game like this can be explained quickly and the warden may kill someone for this but an admin cannot slay a player for that.
  10. Mark

    Jailbreak Changelog

    Last two Prisoners may type !lr.
  11. Mark

    Double LR

    Since Counter-Strike:Source I have always played Jailbreak with the last T getting lr. I'm down to try something new, I went ahead and changed it so that the last two remaining prisoners can type !lr. I did not add any slot activation thing, if that is needed I will add it later on.
  12. Mark

    Minigames Music

    !music does not add music to the servers. The majority of minigame maps contain music added by the map creator and the only way to lower or turn it off is made possible with !music. We can likely do what Ender suggested.
  13. Mark

    Supreme Chat Tag TTT

    I think it represents the supreme logo well already. I feel like if we changed it as you suggested it will look more like the Canadian flag.
  14. In the past we allowed players to vote kick a guards and this only resulted in abuse so the feature was removed. As for coinflip I explained this in another post but basically it spawns credits out of nowhere. With raffles the players who raffle up their credits must fist earn the credits and then they can raffle with other players therefore they are not just spawned in.
  15. Mark

    [Accepted] TTT Killer

    The feature has been added back. https://defyclan.com/topic/2995-ttt-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-20107

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