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  1. Nothing is stopping you from dming an admin but yes at the end of the day posting it on the forums is likely necessary. For example if you got banned by me but then unbanned by Nydekore. If it was in dms I cant see why Nydekore came to that decision as I don't have access to his dms. I would then need to contact Nydekore rather than simply looking at the appeals section. What if when I want this information Nydekore is no longer a staff member? At the same time without a record or a discussion taking place about the ban that could potentially be seen as admin abuse. Maybe for all I know Nydekore did not have a valid reason to unban you rather he simply unbanned you because he was friends with you. On the other hand if you contact an admin which just banned you because you believe it was a false ban and they realize they made a mistake. If they unban you it wont be an issue as they banned you in the first place. However when one admin bans a player and then another admin unbans them that admin should have a valid reason to do so and it should be documented and easily accessible to get that info. Also only HA+ can unban another admins ban anyway. Same goes for player complaints instead of dming an admin evidence it is best to post it on the forums because if that player appeals we can simply refer to the player complaint which was posted. If an admin decides to review evidence sent in dms for a friend it can get quite messy. Lets say that situation happened 20 minutes prior to the admin reviewing it. After reviewing it the admin concludes it warrants a ban so they ban them. Now this player who got banned has not broken rules in the last 20 minutes they will likely be confused and wind up making an appeal. Then we will likely check the demos around the time of the ban only to find no issue on the players part because the issue happened 20 minutes prior. Then we need to contact that admin to get more details.
  2. Give an example? Again if someone broke a rule and an admin felt it was not broken intentionally and was a mistake I don't see why an admin would punish them. However keep in mind that the admin also has to balance the fact that if they don't punish said player how will it look? Will it be seen as favoritism? Will it encourage that rule to be broken more often? I hate to bring this up again but take for example the spam rule before we used to only issue mutes the first offence would be 15 min then if later on the player spammed again it would be 60 minutes. This resulted in people taking that rule as a joke and frequently breaking that rule. Some would even purposely break that rule right before they got off. Is that necessary? After changing it to a mute + warn and second offense ban. Players are no longer intentionally doing it like they were before when it was a joke. What rules would be bent that would make it a more fun experience. Allowing rdm? So on your T round I can just kill you because I felt like it? Anyway I think with our latest TTT rules that were made yesterday we should have likely fixed issues that caused unnecessary slays. When staff punish players they are supposed to inform the player what rule they broke via dm so there should be no need for a player to be questioning why they were punished to begin with. Also it is quite possible that again the staff members did in fact dm the player but you did not see that so you are assuming the admin is dodging it or the player missed that the staff dmed them. As a player if the admin has not informed me of what I did and when I ask them why am I being slayed and they don't tell me I would likely continue asking but again if an admin told me to stop something I would listen. Now if this is a reoccurring trend which you make it out to be then by now you would have some sort of evidence to back that claim? or you would have created a staff complaint? So why have you not done so? Things are said but when it comes time to show the proof its no where to be found. I can't fault anyone or just take the word of one person or a few people saying something without actual evidence because a group of friends can easily say something that is simply not true. What is stopping you from dming a higher staff to try and resolve it? Since we have introduced the demo system I have seen plenty of staff leave the game and review demos. Also what is the issue with posting a punishment appeal on the forums to get it reversed? Sometimes reviewing something and reversing the punishment can take time. When admins are on they want to play the game and have fun just like everyone else. Also currently only HA+ can really reverse warnings or bans on other admins. We have future plans to make it so admins can reverse warnings they have issued but currently they cannot. Again we have the punishment appeal (https://defyclan.com/application/form/4-ban-appeal/) exactly for this if you don't want an admin to be punished just submit that. If you feel an admin is out of line and does not necessarily need to be punished but rather spoken to you can also create a staff complaint (https://defyclan.com/application/form/6-staff-complaint/) addressing the issue you have. So you are saying that in this situation the admin should be punished for arguing? In the situation above the player clearly brings no additional information to the table other than saying the admin is wrong and they are right without giving anything. Now on the other hand if the player told the admin it was not RDM because X player called a KOS and for some reason the admin did not hear the KOS that is fine. Now the admin has new information being brought to the table and can validate that claim with other staff or players and then reverse it if the info you provided was true. Again the reason admins have final say is because at the end of the day they are the ones who have the power to enforce the rules. If the admin made a decision and then got additional info and they still do not agree with you, so they tell you to stop then that should be the end of the conversation and if you so strongly disagree then you make a punishment appeal. The point in the appeals and staff complaint is to look at both sides of the story from an unbiased point of view and review all the information presented or gathered from the situation.
  3. Every game must have rules and they need to be enforced in order to keep the game balanced and fun. If a player makes a genuine mistake an admin can conclude that it was a mistake, it would not count as a rule break. However just because a player says it was a mistake does not mean they will not be issued a punishment as otherwise that would create a loophole allowing anyone to get away with breaking any rule. I believe every rule we have has a purpose if you believe we have a petty rule you should quote it and state your case. “Staff members have the final say in any given scenario If you are not happy with a decision, do not argue or flame. Rather, post a staff complaint on the forums.” When two people disagree with each other they will continue to argue. Arguments usually lead to nowhere other than disturbing the others online at the time. Admins are not perfect, they can be wrong but players need to understand that when an admin hears your side and has not changed stance on the situation. Continuing to go on about the same thing when the admin has already explained and told you to stop then a mute seems appropriate is it not? Arguments also sometimes lead friends of the player being punished defending them and creating more issues. Just because 3 friends believe no rule was broken or side with the friend does not make that the case. If you were with 3 friends and in the same discord call you can just defend your friend and break any rules you please because you can get 3 people to back you up. It does not work that way and that would lead to anarchy. Submitting a punishment appeal after the fact will go a long way because if we review the situation and determine the player should not have been punished, we will remove it off that players record if it was a warning or a ban. I don’t believe admins are the ones initiating an argument with a player to begin with, it is usually the player who argues with an admin about a punishment they received from that admin. So why would an admin be muted? At the same time the admin who winds up muting a plyer for arguing has likely told the person to stop and that person continued therefore resulting in that player being muted.
  4. # CSGO [Rules] Auto kick has been replaced for not reading the rules instead players will be stuck in spectator. Each time they try to join a team it will display the message on how to read the rules. [Join] Fixed join message bug where if a player chanegd names on steam it would show that name for the join message instead of the name we have on record. [Join] All players will be placed in spectator when they join the server. [Adverts] Updated some of the adverts. They will display every 45 seconds. # TTT [Karma] Fixed a bug that caused players to recieve +10 karma each round that should not have been given.
  5. Updated /call reasons on all servers. New rdm report system has been added type !rdm after dying if you believe you were rdmed. /shop opens the TTT shop. It can also be opened by pressing your dangerzone ping key by default key (middle mouse). /menu opens the TTT inventory. TTT credits will save between map changes or disconnecting. TTT credits are capped at 500 credits for players and 600 credits for VIP. items you canno afford will appear disabled. Ion Cannon (T-Item) added. Hold left click knife while standing still/aiming at the ground for 10 seconds to deploy it. Respawn (T-Item) added. 1/5 chance of being granted a respawn(/trespawn) on death. If you are the last T alive this item will have no effect. Shield added (everyone). Right click punching someone who has a shield will remove it. Dropping it will also remove it. Teleport has been reduced to 1 teleport and the price has been reduced to 50 credits. Using a DNA scanner will notify everyone that you have acquired a sample. The results will be revealed to everyone within 20 seconds unless the detective is killed. Many shop items now have buy limits added onto them. 1-Shot Revolver price increased to 125. Detective Revolver is now known as the 1-Shot Revolver. Radar update interval has been changed to 10 seconds. Bodies can now be identified from a further distance(400). Traitor doors/traps can only be opened/activated at a distance of 500 or less. C4 no longer damages T-buddies. /stats and /stats <name> added. Fixed bumpmine duplication bug. Updated win screens thanks @Mike T-buddies will have a red box around them. Please note that there may be some other misc changes but the above are the most notable. Updated the following maps ttt_dolls_2020_v1b_defy ttt_community_pool_beta7_defy
  6. Special Treatment imo seems like it will cause issues and confusion. I think if I recall at the meeting MSWS said that one way you can get special treatment is by turning in contraband. Now say two people do this they are both granted a freeday next round by the warden. Then next round comes someone else is warden and either forgets or did not realize they have a freeday. Then the prisoners are going to either complain or wind up dead because people don't realize this. At the same time instead of the round moving forward the warden is wasting time figuring this all out or explaining that those two got a freeday this round. What happens if this prisoner who is getting special treatment decides they wish to rebel? Are we going to assign 1 guard to watch this prisoner instead of keeping all the guards watching the larger group of prisoners? What happens when you have one person with special treatment and one without, does !lr automatically go to the prisoner with special treatment or is it revoked and they must do one final game for !lr? So many different situations can come from allowing something like this. If we were to allow this how would you word it and what would the parameters be to ensure a fair and fun experience for all.
  7. All Servers: Added map feedback plugin. Type /ratemap while playing on the map. Thanks @MSWS for creating it. Admins should now be invisible when joining spectator again. When the server is empty for 5 minutes the map will be changed to the default map. Fixed an issue with the time tracker which caused some playtime to not get tracked properly. Updated the chat adverts/tips to include the new commands for rating a map and providing feedback on others. TTT Specific Changes: Updated demo link structure. Demo Links will also appear in the console along side of chat.
  8. Added player feedback plugin to all servers. Thanks @MSWS for creating it. Use /like <name><message> or /dislike <name><message> (These commands are members+ only.) We only keep feedback for one type per player that you provide. For example: if you do "/dislike Mark does not know the rules." Then if you are playing another day and you feel I have learned the rules and you do "/like Mark This player knows the rules and is fun to play with." We would only see the latest feedback you provided. You can view feedback that others give you by going to the panel. Keep in mind feedback is anonymous so players you provide feedback on will not know you gave it nor will you know who gave you feedback. We can still check who gave it so ensure that feedback you provide is constructive and not meant to target/harass someone. We will likely use this new feedback system when considering new member and staff applications in the future. Added the following maps: ttt_dolls_2020_v1 ttt_community_pool_beta6
  9. Ice grenade will only freeze guards. Added !orders menu or you can do !o<abbreviation>. For Example: red light green light you can do !orlgl instead of opening the !orders menu. Thanks @Mike for creating the overlays. Removed overgrown from the map pool due to lag + lack of games.
  10. Changed rtv delay to 60 seconds instead of 300 seconds.
  11. While testing dolls I encountered this issue while in the vents. Still broken rip.
  12. Cosmetic store can only be opened with !store on all servers. JBShop can now be opened with !shop JBShop credits can be viewed by typing !credits Fixed bugs that caused players to continue to receive credits even though they have reached the 1000 credits cap.
  13. Added the following maps to the mini games server mg_lego_course_2_p_defy mg_saw_2_defy mg_14rooms_course_v2_defy mg_airmap_run_v2_defy mg_awp_submarine_v4csgo_defy
  14. The following changes were applied to all servers: Cosmetic shop credits have been renamed to points in order to differentiate them between the ttt shop credits and jb shop credits. Type !points in order to display your cosmetic shop points. Fixed gloves stretching bug. (Alive players can only see their own !gloves. Spectators can see !gloves of others.) Fixed gloves overlap with custom player models Added a map statistics plugin in order to help us identify which maps are played and which are not. Jailbreak Updates: Cell doors on jb_blank_b4_defy now work with !o and will automatically open on freeday or after 1 minute. Hide time for hide n seek has been increased to 90 seconds from 30 seconds. Hide n seek round time has increased to 6 minutes.
  15. ttt_foxriver_v1b_defy has been removed from the map pool
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