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  1. I think the Slapshot event was great and I'm sure everyone that showed up had a good time. We had the signup so we can balance the teams. While yes the game was unrelated to CS:GO it is a free game that anyone can play. In my opinion its always nice to bring the community together to do something fun and different for a change. Rather than play the same game modes that we play together on a daily basis. I'm not so sure TTT events are a good idea, i'm saying this from past experience. Without saying any names in the past we had some players/admins one day decide that they were going to do special rounds on TTT. Keep in mind this was not organized it was a spur of the moment thing. Now if I remember correctly one of the special rounds was everyone had to stay crouched the entire round. Now in theory this may seem like a good/fun idea but then more players started joining the server and got confused with what was going on. The new players did not want to participate in this event which then resulted in the admin(s) giving out punishments for those not participating which was WRONG for many reasons. Imagine playing CS:GO comp and then instead of killing the other team you need to kill the chickens on the map. While some may find that fun others would be very confused and not interested. When you join a server you expect to play the intended game mode not a completely different game. We have had in the past 2v2 and 5v5 tournaments on CS:GO. The leaderboards idea would require someone to spectate the entire time and tally up all that info. Otherwise a plugin would need to be created, if a plugin was created I don't see why we would remove it from the server therefore it would not really be an event if its always on the server. Now a server that has better potential for events would be Jailbreak as it already comes with an event day plugin where prisoners/guards can vote on specific days like arms race(also known as gun game), one in the chamber, hide n seek, and many other events. Jailbreak is also known for doing various different activities as each map has many different games on them.
  2. until
    We will be Hosting a Slapshot 3v3 Tournament event this Friday August 16, 2019 at 6:30PM EST. Slapshot is free to download and can be downloaded on steam(https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/) Join our discord Event Room channel on August 16th at 6:30PM as teams will be finalized, anyone that did not signup but shows up between 6:30 - 6:50PM may be added to the tournament. What is Slapshot? Slapshot is an online multiplayer game where you and 5 other players play a game of hockey. The game is physics-based, so teamwork and crisp passing are essential to win. - https://store.steampowered.com/app/707680/Slapshot/ Sign ups Play a few online matches before signing up if you just got the game. We will close sign ups August 16th at 5:30PM EST. Sign up: https://forms.gle/VPEcLDP1H1Chd7f57 Prizes We may give the winning team a prize.
  3. Clue in my opinion is a great map. I have known about this exploit for a long time which will cause lag and can potentially crash the server. I knew eventually the day would come that it would need to be removed because maps that can be exploited like that will only hurt the server and until that exploit is patched the map will be removed from the map pool. It will be removed from the map pool soon.
  4. Yes you can buy it for only one month. Just select $3.99 per month as the renewal term. 7 days before your VIP ends it will send a new invoice. You can choose to renew, cancel, or ignore the invoice. If the invoice is ignored or forgotten it will expire automatically when your VIP ends. We do not automatically charge for VIP. The only time you are charged is if you decide to renew it or purchase it again. When purchasing VIP you must select the amount of months you would like to have it, However you are not required to renew the subscription at the end of the term.
  5. https://defyclan.com/clubs/10-rb6-siege/?do=members
  6. Members that have been accepted no longer need to join the defy member steam group to get perks. You will get your perks automatically. We may kick everyone from that group and delete it as it is no longer necessary. The following event days have been added back. Arms Race ffa hide in the dark no scope one in the chamber
  7. Added these maps back into the pool mg_smash_cannonz_defy mg_wipeout_defy Added these new maps into the pool deathrun_holyshit_v2_defy mg_office_course_2013_fix_defy mg_saw_rfix_csgo_defy mg_zetzui_multigames_v5_defy mg_twisted_theme_multigames_v1_4_defy
  8. We will be adding in some more multi games maps into the MiniGames server soon. If you have any specific maps you would like to see added into the next map pool update feel free to post below. Also when posting maps below please include the map name + url to the download. Either steam workshop or gamebanana will work. Keep in mind we may not add every map suggested. Maps that you suggest should have either a good amount of subscribers on the workshop or many downloads on game banana. If a map does not have that many subscribers or downloads we still may look into it and give it a shot but those maps have a lower chance of getting added in.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions. This update should have fixed all the issues you have presented. https://defyclan.com/topic/3050-mg-changelog/?tab=comments#comment-24561 We will be adding in more multi game maps in soon. If anyone has any suggestions for some new maps please post in here https://defyclan.com/topic/4704-new-minigames-map-suggestions/
  10. Auto Bhop should now be fixed. Dead players can now talk with living players. This does not mean you are allowed to ghost. !rtv has been fixed. If you are the only player on the server you will be able to !rtv and choose another map. The map will change as soon as the new map is chosen. Round time has been set at 8 minutes for the majority of the maps. Map timelimit has been set to 30 minutes or 10 rounds max for the majority of the maps. Added auto respawn on course maps: Some maps have a spawn killer, once it is active you will not be respawned until the next round. mg_runordie_defy has a spawn killer but players have enough time to run back into the course so you will be auto respawned every time. mg_100traps_defy + other similar maps: The game will no longer restart when other players join. This means you will not lose your progress if you were the only one and another player joined. We have increased the timelimit for 100 traps to 80 minutes as many players find 1 hour not enough time. Round time will show as 5 minutes and will drop to 0:00 but the map will not change until 80 minutes has passed you can type timeleft in chat to know how much longer you have to complete the map. Remember you can always !rtv to change the map. Added a deathrun manager for the deathrun maps: It will auto select a new T every round. It can happen that you are the T twice. mg_savetheisland_course_defy has been removed due to a bug which keeps players stuck at spawn. mg_piratewars_v7_defy has been removed due to causing frequent server crashes while playing that map. Hide and seek maps have been removed from the map pool
  11. Old School is not on the roster because it is a secondary rank. The roster is only for active clan ranks.
  12. Yes, it is pretty neglected but with players like you we can likely turn that around. Welcome to the community. We definitely can add some more items but we wont be adding that much more as we would like to keep the download time for new players as low as possible as many garry's mod servers are known for long download times. We only give points for playing as we don't want players just killing friends or other players just for the points. Players would be able to farm points with friends when no admins are on if we gave points for kills. The reason that we only give 1 point every few min is because we don't like to give the points out like its candy like every other server. The problem with giving points out fast is you don't feel rewarded because everyone has an item. When I joined servers in the past where I was able to get items within the 1 hour or less of playing I really felt no attachment to the server or cared that I got that item. I don't think that would be such a good idea giving the murderer a gun because that is like one of the only ways to confirm someone is not the murderer. Also the murderer can always throw his knife if he wishes. The point of collecting clues for the murderer is to disguise as another player. You need 1 clue and you click E on a dead body. Once you click e you will be disguised as that player meaning your player model should change as well as your name to that of the dead player. So if someone happens to call out that you are the murderer you can then kill them and disguise as them. Keep in mind though that your disguise only lasts until you kill your next victim. I recommend always collecting clues, that way you can keep being disguised as other players if necessary. Special rounds sounds like a good idea that might spice things up but would likely require custom coding. We have quite a few maps already have you looked at the map list? Also can you provide a link to the maps you suggested.
  13. Removed ttt_barney_b2_defy due to lack of weapons on the map Added the following maps into the map pool. ttt_craftroom_csgo_v2_defy ttt_damons_mansion_a3_defy ttt_manor_night_v2a_defy ttt_murdertown_a2_defy ttt_waterpark_night_v1_defy ** This map replaced the day version of waterpark
  14. If you find an issue with a rule then you should be posting your concerns on these forums. If an admin takes action against you whether that be a slay, kick, warn, etc you should stop doing whatever it is they took action against you for. I doubt any of our admins would just tell you to "drop it or they will ban you" unless you continued inquiring about the same thing after they already explained it or they feel that you know exactly what you did and are just trying to get a reaction from them and disrupt the server. Not every rule will be explained word for word for every given situation/scenario. Nobody would read the rules if we had every single little thing added. If the rules have an issue I encourage you to make a post in our Counter-Strike:Global Offensive forums and if you feel an admin was abusing powers feel free to post a staff complaint with evidence and we will investigate.
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