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  1. Yellow


    The server is only playable when one or two people are on. As soon as the number hits three, it goes to shit. Can't walk for more than 1 second without rubber banding back.
  2. I think we should add /eat for Gold VIP. It could be for any VIP I don't mind which. It would help for when your mining and forgot food and you don't want to go all the way back up to get some.
  3. We should totally make the Senior Member Color as yellow as my pfp and it would make it way better!
  4. We should make it to where you can add some more homes in MC it would be super useful if you wanted to set a home at your spawner, and your home. I made a post about this on the other minecraft server and I was wondering if it was not going to happen or if it was just forgot about a lot of people have said that it was needed on the server and was wondering if that could happen.
  5. I find it odd that we can sell oak wood but not acacia wood. We should be able to sell all types of woods.
  6. I don't know if its possible or not but if it is it would be cool if people were able to bhop in the beginning of the round before anyone gets there role or after the round when either role won. If this was added it would just be an extra to be added on the already great server.
  7. Allow more /homes in minecraft server
  8. Yellow

    Defylights Feedback

    I like this very much as well
  9. Yellow

    The Test I Took Yesterday

    *Taking the test* "Oh Yeah! I remember that one post that had this like a year ago!"
  10. Yellow

    Acquired Games

  11. Yellow

    Yellow buy me csgo

    hih me name Yellow and id like to play on the server more but dont got csgo can someone buy it for me thanks paypal.me/jimyellow
  12. Yellow


    buy me csgo

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