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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/num3rical/
  2. Dang that sucks, I'll miss seeing you around. Hopefully we can play Tetris sometime
  3. num3rical

    Ligma or Sugma

    whats ligma and sugma
  4. good maybe i can get staff of the month now hope to see you back soon!
  5. My unpopular but actually popular opinion is that "Ghxstzy" is actually pronounced "Ghostly"
  6. But I'm not a silver. Problem solved. I recommend this to anyone else stuck in silver.
  7. Haha I get it because ur name is molerat
  8. im crying guys because xxtenasion died I just found out


    I met him once after concert and I never forget what he told me


    "spotlight uh moonlight yuh"

  9. Yeah I know that's what I was thinking and it's pretty sad. It's worse considering that there are a ton of people on defy who just don't play on the servers anymore but haven't officially left. But the number of new people coming in is increasing as well, so hopefully we get some more great people in defy.
  10. Good luck with life Trace, I'll miss ya.
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