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  1. num3rical

    Defy Without Context.

    i can't I'm not funny
  2. num3rical

    Defy Without Context.

    when funny things happen more
  3. Here is a list of problems/bugs I've seen from playing on JB and some possible solutions to those problems. I'll try to keep it short and simple. Problem: Friendly fire gets randomly turned on all the time during freedays, completely ruining the whole point of a freeday. Solution: An addition to the rules restricting the use of using friendly fire. Problem: When a math game is going on, dead people are able to answer questions. Solution: A fix to the plugin. Problem: jb_facility - Nobody wants to play it because of the absurd amount of gun cells. The CTs don't stand a chance at all and it's rare a round is seen to last past the first order, especially when there are more players on. Solution: A removal of the map or just some of the guns in the cells if that's possible. Problem: When people are trying to request a freekill or a heal, another menu pops up for the guard and makes it so they can't accept the Ts request. Solution: A fix to the plugin, not sure how that would work though to be honest. On jailbreak there are a lot of rules that are unenforced or completely obsolete: Rules that I believe should be removed: From the rules for War Days: A room or area of the map is chosen, and all guards must go to this area of the map. They may not leave that area until there is only 1:00 left in the round. Nobody really follows this and guards always set their own times to expand. From Prisoner Guidelines: You are automatically KOS if you… Are AFK for more than 1 minute. Honestly not sure if this is better or worse than what people do now, which is the "AFK check [name], 1...2...3..." thing, but this rule isn't followed and the AFK check is used much more. From Warden Violation: Order is invalid if: It is misleading unless playing simon says. Example: Placing down a Cyan Marker and telling all prisoners to run to the blue marker is misleading and not allowed. This is actually a great rule and I have no problem with it. However, under the subcategory for Misleading Orders: If an order is intended to trick prisoners AND results in the death of three or more prisoners, it is misleading. Misleading commands are only allowed in Simon Says. These are conflicting and one of them should be removed and changed to the other. Rules that are unenforced: (Note: I'm including these because I believe they should be looked after more and are important because they currently aren't.) In General Rules, from Delaying: People are CONSTANTLY staying in areas for long amounts of time which makes it not fun at all. In General Rules, from Name Violations: Using a name that violates one or more of the following: Name that entirely compromised of non English characters People constantly have names with symbols that are completely in Japanese or whatever. Heck, there's even a guy that plays and his name just shows up as boxes on the warden thing because all the characters aren't recognized. From Prisoner Guidelines: Claim you do not know how to play a prison game when the game has already been explained to you. It's really annoying waiting for someone to explain First Reaction Last Reaction to someone who's played it a billion times. EVERYTHING UNDER TASER GUIDE This is the biggest one in my opinion. People constantly abuse the taser, using it for every single tiny thing, like removing guns from prisoners and carrying people around instead of killing them when they're KOS.
  4. num3rical

    Favorite and/or Least Favorite Rap Artist

    Its a bad word that no person of European descendence should utter.
  5. num3rical

    Favorite and/or Least Favorite Rap Artist

    My favorites are Yung Gravy and Eminem and I hate any rapper that says n word in songs
  6. num3rical


    Im switching to ttt
  7. num3rical

    Kiss, Marry, Kill DEFY Edition

    Kiss @Dark Marry @spicyravioli Kill @Connor
  8. Mine is to get a gf and be more confident when talking to people in person. Also to talk to more people since I'm very introverted.
  9. I'll start. I got a Corsair k55, a new desk, a mousepad, and a chess clock.
  10. num3rical

    Defylights Thread

    Sorry to keep you all waiting so long, but it's hard to find good clips nowadays. I know it's not the funniest video in the world, but nonetheless, here it is: Defylights 3 - Jihad Edition. Thanks for the great thumbnail @Bowie!
  11. num3rical

    Who are you going to play in Smash Bros Ult?

    Belle Delphine best smash girls character
  12. num3rical

    Best Server Quote(s)?

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - Puncake, everytime he gets on the server
  13. num3rical

    Jailbreak Player Models

    I think the new T models for the Danger Zone gamemode look really good and sort of look like prison jumpsuits. I think it would be cool to make that the T model in jailbreak so that its more like we're prisoners instead of terrorists, just as an added cosmetic bonus.

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