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  1. But you can...
  2. Minecraft was fun, see ya around cutie.
  3. num3rical


    I don't know what you're talking about, the good server hardly has any arguing or toxicity 👀
  4. There's the far left cell with the vent that leads to soccer/above cells, the vent that teleports you to armory, and the vip cell vent. Way to many secrets for it to be a balanced map in my opinion.
  5. Maps that should be removed, no questions asked *Note: I'm currently unable to get the exact names of the maps, I'll edit this post when I get home ba_jail_foxriver_defy - This map has been in the map queue for as long as I can remember but nobody plays it for the major reason that it's hard to find the open cells button and the cells don't open by themselves. I also feel that it's a bad map in general and it should be removed to make room for new maps. ba_2017_minecraft_b_defy - Absolutely God awful map. The entire map is badly translated, the cell block is incredibly small, and eventually during a round cell doors will just automatically be open every round. jb_overgrown_defy - The sound of the doors opening is very loud, screechy, and annoying. This is also just a very boring, bland map in general and I don't think I've ever played this map without it being rtved within a few rounds. Plus, sometimes a prisoner will spawn in a tower outside and get a scout which is kind of dumb, considering some prisoners dislike rebelling. Maps that I personally think should be removed, but others might not ba_jail_container_v2_defy - Admittedly, this map does have some good qualities, such as the quiz show game and the fact that it actually has a decent amount of games to keep prisoners occupied. However, there's so many things that detract from the goodness of it that I think it should be removed. For starters, you can drive the car out of crazy Asian for whatever reasons which is an easy way for a prisoner to exploit and kill their whole team. The map is also very easy to rebel on with 1-2 guards because there's a vent that leads straight to armory which is easy to run to and not get shot whilst doing so. Plus if a CT pursues a T in vent they get stuck and have no way out without breaking a vent or re-entering armory. Another annoying thing about the map is that wardens love to do warday in colors which is really unfair, because there is a one way wall in colors. jb_vipinthemix_csgo_v1-1_defy - This map is incredibly T sided which makes it very not fun to play. There's a gun cell, three vent cells (one of which leads directly to armory, so everyone just rushes it every round), an unusable big cage because of the two vents inside, an easily accessible teleporter near main cell stairs, and plenty more secrets littered throughout. This map is a pain to be a CT on and should be removed. jb_putin_v2_defy - This is just a dreary and boring map. It usually gets rtved because the games aren't that fun, and it's also very CT sided because of the very few secrets and guns. jb_space_jail_sg_defy - There are hardly any games on this map which makes it not fun to play at all. LRs that should be removed farthest (or longest, I don't remember what it's called) jump in jumping contest - Completely broken. Usually bugs out and randomly freezes one or both of the participants so they can't move, or improperly measures jumps (or doesn't measure them at all). Race - The problem with this LR is that it usually delays the round. People love to use race and say to complete something like surf or climb before going to the end, which would be fine if everyone didn't suck so bad at it. The participants usually waste the whole round trying to complete this game which is not fun to sit through when dead. Also, people use the excuse of "I'm doing a race" so that they can move around when the warden tells them to freeze and LR, and most of the time they don't even end up doing a race. Warden Commands extend - I feel that if a warden uses all the time in a round, then they're doing something wrong. Never should a round last until time runs out, because it's annoying and boring for dead people that have to sit through 7 minutes. That's already bad enough but if you add on the extra 5 minutes from extending then it's practically unbearable and kills the server. TL;DR Extend isn't needed just be a better warden.
  6. My favorite game is plinko on obama. I just wish it worked properly...
  7. catch me on the block block baby block baby what catch me on the block block baby

  8. I didn't win best TTT admin? Ok biased Also, fuck colors.
  9. Welcome to the retired admin gang in advance. I am glad you aren't leaving DEFY and are just retiring.
  10. Ever since CS:GO became free to play, the amount of hackers have drastically increased. Whether you're just on community servers, playing competitive, or both, you're bound to encounter your fair share of closet cheaters. In this guide, I will inform you of some of the signs that someone may be cheating. This can be useful both in matchmaking and on DEFY servers. 1. Slang/Lingo There is a certain "language" among hackers that include various words/terms/phrases that pretty much only they know. If you see someone using any of these, there is a chance that they are part of the cheating community. nn - no name uff ya/ja - I have no clue what this means hhhhhh - laughing laff - laugh hdf - The abbreviation for "halt die fresse", which is German for "shut the fuck up" [email protected] - "media" usually means YouTube, and this is just a way of saying they're going to clip you who.ru - usually said in response to being called a nn hitting p/p100/saying something is "p" - a way of saying something is good. If you're hitting p, you're basically popping off and getting a lot of kills. Saying some of these in chat could also lure the suspect into revealing more information, based on their reaction and whether or not they they you cheat now. However, if they are truly closet cheating, there is a pretty good chance they won't react to it and won't say any of these as to not give themselves away. 2. Movement Bunnyhopping - Unless the server settings have been changed, bunnyhopping is not an easy process for legit players. If someone is consistently gaining speed whenever they try to bhop, then it's likely they are hacking. If they hit their head on a ceiling while bunnyhopping and are still able to keep their speed, then it is very likely they're cheating because you shouldn't really be able to do this. Sliding - If someone appears to be sliding around as if they are on ice, they are definitely cheating. However, most cheats have this fixed so you probably won't encounter this unless they are doing it on purpose, in which case it should be fairly obvious already that they aren't legit. Blockbots - A blockbot is a feature in a cheat that allows the player to stay in front of or on top of another player in order to block them. The most blatant way this can be done is by standing on another players head and remaining on top of them while they run, usually without needing to look down 3. Ping Manipulation Backtrack - Backtrack is the manipulation of the in-game lag compensation in order to "teleport" another player backwards. A good example of a place backtrack can be spotted is running from CT spawn to B site on Dust 2. A player might run past the door, and then a second later die while their body is teleported backwards a few steps. This is also seen when someone quick peeks a corner and are still shot even after they are hidden behind the wall. However, some of this could always occur if you're lagging, so be aware that it isn't a surefire sign of a cheater. Fakelag - If somebody is lagging around very badly and practically teleporting, but their ping is relatively low, then they could be using fakelag. A sure sign of this is if they appear to be lagging but their voice sounds fine. 4. ESP ESP, also known as wallhacks or walls, is one of the hardest things to hide while closet cheating, which is why the best generally turn it off entirely. However, most closet cheaters are bad, and it's usually pretty easy to tell if someone is walking. Prefiring is a big indicator of this. One thing you can do to test someone is to see if you can bait out a shot from them by going to peek a corner, but stopping before your body is exposed. If the suspect shoots, then there's a good chance they're hacking. 5. Clan Tags On Steam, there is no way to hide what groups you are in without making your profile private. If somebody has a clan tag and you suspect they are cheating, it might be worth your while to see if they are actually in a group with that tag. If not, then there is a very high likelihood that they are cheating, as most cheating software allows you to change your clan tag without being in a group. There are plenty more things that can be used to identify closet cheaters, such as things relating to aimbots, but those are usually pretty obvious. These are just some of the smaller, lesser known characteristics of a cheater than might give them away. I hope this guide can be used to allow you to more easily tell if someone is cheating.
  11. They were actually there before, because I remember how surprised I was when I noticed that they disappeared.
  12. I will have to disagree with you on this. I don't really feel like "immersion" is a part of TTT at all, since there isn't really anything else that makes it feel immersive. Nearly everything on TTT is unrealistic and there aren't any features that exist to make it seem real and immersive so I don't really know why the speech icons would be affecting that for you.
  13. The fact that you used the term "goodmin" makes me cringe so much that I'm saying no.
  14. 1. Wait for someone to say something. It can usually be anything at all but you might want to wait for them to say something that will make the joke/insult more effective 2. Reply to what they say with "I'll (insert a verb that they said) you." 3. Bask in the glory of your amazingly hilarious insult. Example: Person 1: I'm going to beat this level in this game! Person 2: I'll beat you You're welcome
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