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  1. num3rical

    What's your excuse for being silver?

    That's what they all say.
  2. num3rical

    obamagon (and i'm going w/ him)

    love you dre bye dad
  3. because it literally gives you a warning to not view it if you're under 18. that means you deal with whatever is in there if you accept that if you're under 18.
  4. @ConnorAren't you too young to be looking at the NSFW channel anyways? You're under 18, you shouldn't even be looking in there to know what's in there.
  5. num3rical

    The Hole I've dug

    Haha I get it because ur name is molerat
  6. num3rical

    Preview Shop Items?

    I actually like this, I would like to know what something I'm purchasing looks like before I get it and find out that it's horrible.
  7. num3rical

    Improvements to Discord commands

    The final update. There was one change to the actual code, and that is that there are now timestamps. You are now able to see how up to date the server information you are seeing is. However, there was a major change. I was able to get one of my friends to host the bot for me. It is now up 24/7 and even if it does go down, it restarts automatically. This change effectively removes all of the cons, since Mark will not have to put the bot on a VPS. This also means I will be able to make changes to the bot without hassle if needed. And it's not like I can do anything bad with the bot since the only permissions it requires are to send messages, read messages, and send embeds (although that might go along with send messages, I'm not 100% sure). Mark, if you would like to see the code, then send me your GitHub username and I will give you access to the repo if you're worried about something with that. But I can not think of any good reason to not add this bot. I won't post the link to add it here, but Mark can DM me if he decides to add it. I think this would be a great addition to the DEFY Discord server and would be really helpful in getting players on the servers.
  8. im crying guys because xxtenasion died I just found out


    I met him once after concert and I never forget what he told me


    "spotlight uh moonlight yuh"

  9. num3rical

    hows it going.

    Yeah I know that's what I was thinking and it's pretty sad. It's worse considering that there are a ton of people on defy who just don't play on the servers anymore but haven't officially left. But the number of new people coming in is increasing as well, so hopefully we get some more great people in defy.
  10. num3rical

    Leaving DEFY

    Good luck with life Trace, I'll miss ya.
  11. num3rical

    What is your favorite Horror Movies?

    I've never seen a horror movie before but the scariest movie I've seen was the polar express
  12. num3rical

    New members

    Hope you come back soon, will be great to see you on the servers again!
  13. num3rical

    The origins of Defy names.

    I had an old name before but I decided to change it because it was kind of lame and everyone pronounced it wrong, so I wanted to pick something that sounded nice and was pretty unique and didn't have my real name in it. So I picked num3r1c4l because I like math. But nobody could read it so I changed it to num3rical. Now everyone pronounces that wrong too (noomericle, numthreeical, numberical) but whatever I still like it.
  14. num3rical

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    Goodbye man, you will be greatly missed. Good luck in life, and never stop being you.
  15. I know there probably aren't many people who are into programming here, but it's worth a shot for the possible few. What is your favorite IDE and/or text-editor, and why do you like it so much? I'll get it started. My favorite is Visual Studio Code because it's fast, looks nice, and it's full of helpful features to help make development of things much easier than a lot of other editors. The extensions are also amazing and add in even more good things that I use all the time.

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