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  1. hbd big gui

    1. num3rical


      It's not my birthday yet you mong

  2. sad cuz fuk school thx for askin
  3. 1.14 runs way worse than any of the other versions right now, hence why many servers are choosing to not update. Maybe when 1.15 comes out it will be a more viable option but right now performance is hot garbage.
  4. fak u tato this is why I hat u
  5. Digital - IDK Shotta Flow 1 and 2 - NLE Choppa Lalala - bbno$ and y2k
  6. i died thats why i retired
  7. num3rical


    I bet you smell like cheese
  8. Well let's see. Shaggy, Shrek, and Thanos aren't real, so they're instantly ruled out. Danny Devito is sort of old now so I'm not sure he'll be able to do all that much and will be easily beaten by some of the younger people. Florida Man isn't very specific, considering there are many men from Florida. I guess if they were some wrestler or strong person from there they would have a chance, but who knows. PepeHands doesn't do anything but play TTT so he wouldn't show up. So that leaves the random man from Florida, you and the "Bois", and just Elon Musk, since cat girls aren't real either. The outcome is pretty heavily dependent at this point on who the "Bois" are, because once again, I don't exactly know who they are or how strong/smart they are. But honestly out of those options you and the Bois would most likely win because it's a group against two people without anyone else.
  9. It's actually 3.1415926535, sorry. Google rounds it up so that's why they have 9 next instead of 5.
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