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  1. Well let's see. Shaggy, Shrek, and Thanos aren't real, so they're instantly ruled out. Danny Devito is sort of old now so I'm not sure he'll be able to do all that much and will be easily beaten by some of the younger people. Florida Man isn't very specific, considering there are many men from Florida. I guess if they were some wrestler or strong person from there they would have a chance, but who knows. PepeHands doesn't do anything but play TTT so he wouldn't show up. So that leaves the random man from Florida, you and the "Bois", and just Elon Musk, since cat girls aren't real either. The outcome is pretty heavily dependent at this point on who the "Bois" are, because once again, I don't exactly know who they are or how strong/smart they are. But honestly out of those options you and the Bois would most likely win because it's a group against two people without anyone else.
  2. It's actually 3.1415926535, sorry. Google rounds it up so that's why they have 9 next instead of 5.
  3. Something I've really noticed is that generally JB stays non-toxic even with high amounts of players. Like the other day there were 18 people on and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. I think TTT is more toxic because getting RDMed tends to mean a lot more, especially if it's an important moment like on your T round. In jailbreak there's nothing really like that and you get respawned if you're free killed.
  4. Defylights 4 is finally here. Thank you for the support you all have given me and encouraging me to make more. However, I just don't have motivation to make anymore so this will be the final Defylights. However, this definitely isn't the end. Some cool people have already made some YouTube videos of their own, and I'm sure someone will end up creating some highlight videos one hundred times better than this, with better editing and better content. Thanks for watching my videos.
  5. Took you long enough to join. Welcome to the community monky.
  6. From what I've heard Rust servers require a lot of work. Also, I think you're underestimating how much it would cost and how much effort it would take to constantly run a dedicated Rust server. Now, a Teeworlds server, that's a different story. DEFY Teeworlds server pls mark.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/id/num3rical/
  8. Dang that sucks, I'll miss seeing you around. Hopefully we can play Tetris sometime
  9. Yep, Tetris event is something I feel a lot of people could enjoy as its a very fun game in my opinion that is easy to learn (albeit hard to master). I've even been saving up credits as a possible incentive to get people to play. I currently have 7000 and counting and would be more than happy to give them away to get some people to play Tetris, since it's my favorite game and I would love to see the community coming together to play it.
  10. whats ligma and sugma
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