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  1. I chew my food with my fingers.

    1. PotatoStyle


      i eat my food with my toes

  2. Person of Interest is good af, first few episodes are okay but it really starts getting good around episode seven I believe when a main villain is introduced.
  3. Ok, fair reasoning I guess. You win this time pal
  4. I was casually partaking in some very intelligent discussion in the DEFY Discord server, as I tend to do on occasion, when it was brought to my attention that Bob (also know as Dyno Bot) had been replaced by some wannabe named Bender. What kind of moronic name is Bender? Just typing it out makes me want to kick someone in the teeth. It brings me so much rage that I will be referring to it as Bad Bot for the remainder of this post. Bad Bot has seemingly been given the job that Bob once had, giving out roles to the members of the server and filtering the chat (very poorly, might I add). Bob handled everything so well for so long and I can't understand why he would need to be replaced at all. Is he even receiving unemployment after being kicked out of DEFY? Probably not. Bad Bot just gets to walk in out of nowhere, acting all high and mighty, while Bob wanders the streets, seeking employment elsewhere (which he is unlikely to find at this time). Bad Bot has nowhere near the personality and connection to DEFY that Bob had. Bob knew all about DEFY and even made some jokes, like responding with "an anonymous potato" when asked who some_person was, and informing anyone who confessed their love to him that he was not, and I quote, "into that gay shit." But, asking the same questions and saying the same things to this new bot gets absolute silence in response, as it is a cold-hearted and vile creature that only wishes to upset the community. The people of DEFY want Bob back. He was an important member of our Discord server, and it isn't the same without him.
  5. My favorite one personally was with all the big thumb guys, and then he chews the electric bubblegum and shocks one of them. I always enjoyed that part as a kid.
  6. I unironically would be very happy with every change you said you would make. Make Magma admin!
  7. Personally, I enjoy the T piece because it's extremely versatile and I also love me some T-spins.
  8. Welcome back dad, I missed you so much. Pls make defy better
  9. We need to finally have the Tetris event.
  10. bad guy

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle
    3. num3rical


      I will kiss you on your lips if you talk to me like that again

    4. pdizzlemynizzlefoschizzle


      you won't. kiss me on the lips right now bad guy

  11. Rip this legend

  12. We had so many good times together, DEFY will be a dark desolate place without your lovely presence to keep me happy.
  13. But you can...
  14. Minecraft was fun, see ya around cutie.
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