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  1. hhh 1 hhh uff ja nn laff

  2. now watch me dab

  3. Jimmy Dean's pancake sausage on a stick
  4. I don't have any good jokes, so what are some good ones that I could tell people to make them laugh?
  5. hbd big gui

    1. num3rical


      It's not my birthday yet you mong

  6. sad cuz fuk school thx for askin
  7. 1.14 runs way worse than any of the other versions right now, hence why many servers are choosing to not update. Maybe when 1.15 comes out it will be a more viable option but right now performance is hot garbage.
  8. fak u tato this is why I hat u
  9. Digital - IDK Shotta Flow 1 and 2 - NLE Choppa Lalala - bbno$ and y2k
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