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  1. Ch1man

    Leaving DEFY

    u better come back trace ;( promise me that you'll replace connor in our competitive queue
  2. Ch1man

    Tell me a fucking joke

  3. Ch1man

    Hi I'm New

    better be good at math trivia scum
  4. Ch1man

    Favourite TTT Map?

    Boat map
  5. Ch1man


    Good to meet you Dev, seen you around TTT and you're pretty chill, tip for you is just try to avoid pdizzle at all costs.
  6. Ch1man

    Who's your idol?

    If we're talking about Defy I'd say all the admins, they dedicate their time to the server and are very responsible, even if they are retired they still dedicated time to the server. They are for me the greatest representation of this clan. Thank you @[email protected]@Mark @[email protected], @Zach, @Zane, @incite, @Foxtrot, @Bowie, @pdizzlethegay for your dedication to the server. And for the trial admins I think that you will have a strong stand to this server, I respect all of the admins and I appreciate all the time and dedication they put to the server.
  7. Ch1man

    Who has the sexiest voice in DEFY?

    @Garfield by far, his deep voice makes me want to do things, @spicyravioli and @PotatoStyle are a close call, @Connor though, lmao.
  8. Ch1man

    Kiss, Marry, Kill DEFY Edition

    Kiss @num3rical Marry @Humding3r Kill @Connor
  9. Basically god damn ____, Ima crusade your ass
  10. Ch1man

    Town of Salem Game Night

    I can be intelligent if I wanted to but I just don't choose to, whenever I hop on Defy I just choose to not use my head effectively and choose to relax, or whenever I'm playing games. However that margin of intelligence and autism is very noticeable when I don't use my head and when I use it because whenever I don't use my head, I legit don't think before I do things nor say. Defy is like a place where I can relax, shittalk with some people that I love gaming with.
  11. Ch1man

    Town of Salem Game Night

    I'll try to do a run-down for a basic guide, basically you do your role and suspect who is acting like town (talking alot) and who is quiet (usually evils), You put your roles activities in your will (if you're evil don't do this), then N1-(Night One)N2 (Night-Two) for each night and so on until you find the evils.
  12. Ch1man

    Town of Salem Game Night

    I'll host the lobby with appropriate roles
  13. Ch1man

    Favorite and least favorite state

    favorite - new jersey - actually snows balanced weather has jersey people least foavirte - florida pythons are edanGEROUS VerYhUmid

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