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  1. I have an idea for a new title in the cosmetic store. The Title will be (Main Character) or (Protagonist), you decide. I don't know the price as all titles have different prices but I would imagine a similar price to the God title. Please give feedback in case you like it.
  2. Recommend adding an innocent item that allows for healing and revival, from a distance, as well as a communicate with the dead (spectators) spell that is able to reveal the T's. Possibly a oil bomb where if you throw it on someone they just get assaulted from above by a bunch of missiles? We could even possibly get a video done by The Spiffing Brit "Defy TTT is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"
  3. Warning points are definitely deserved for something like what I did, which is purposely use a glitch in the map. Permanent warning here I can still understand, but it is a problem when two accidents lead to someone getting banned. If someone makes the mistake often, then it shouldn't go unpunished as they need to get themselves together and start paying attention. But when it happens like a month later and they get banned due to a warning, it's an issue as people are prone to accidents.
  4. Went to the world christmas circus in Amsterdam
  5. Not surprised that I got luckiest
  6. I think a lot of people don't want to use their email Or at least I don't. Should make that instead you have to put your name, and any non-members name or duplicate vote is not counted.
  7. So who is going to be here for Christmas? I know i'll be gone the entire duration of Christmas break visiting family in Europe. Is anyone just staying home or are others also travelling to different countries?
  8. Luckiest person: Holikwakkemoli Friendly face: Mike
  9. I hope you'll be okay. Get well soon!
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