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  1. Holikwakkemoli

    The Departure of spicyravioli

    It's sad to see you go. It's been real fun playing with you and I hope you find some interest to continue with games a little. Hope you have fun with whatever you continue doing.
  2. Holikwakkemoli

    Guilty Pleasure Songs

  3. Holikwakkemoli

    Unofficial 2018 DEFY Awards

    Would have to say Josh for ttt, he is on so much and although he is just trial I believe he would be great to have on ttt.
  4. Holikwakkemoli

    Who's your idol?

    Wait what
  5. Holikwakkemoli

    What did you get for Christmas?

    From the netherlands, and they are definitely amazing. Oh and I got a G910 keyboard for my pc.
  6. Holikwakkemoli

    Ironing out MC

    And it also increases tax by 5.00 each time you claim another spot.
  7. Holikwakkemoli

    Ironing out MC

    Mark, one problem I have with this is to expand or claim another part for your town it cost 100$. You may not have been aware of that, the town claim at first is pretty small.
  8. Holikwakkemoli

    Favorite CSGO gun

    Hey guys whats your favorite csgo gun.
  9. Holikwakkemoli

    DEFY Craft V2 (1.13.2)

    One cent for cobblestone? That would mean upholding a town would cost 1500 cobblestone blocks per day. That is a kind of crazy amount. I would say make it more expensive to keep up the town, but also make you be able to sell stuff for more.
  10. Holikwakkemoli

    Who was/is your favorite dictator

    My favorite dictator was Stalin.
  11. Holikwakkemoli

    Favorite undertale song?

    Hey guys what up it's another stupid post but what is your favorite undertale song? Mine is bonetrousle.
  12. Which of these DEFY members would you vote for president?
  13. What is your opinion on LGBTQ people?
  14. Holikwakkemoli

    TTT Chat Limit

    Going to have to agree with this it just happened to me twice where I couldnt call a kos
  15. Holikwakkemoli

    The Superior Season

    Summer, I love the 2month+ break to sit in a chair and never move.

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