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  1. Love good strategy games. Good ones. Like age of empires. Generally like shooters, and open world ones such as No man's Sky and minecraft. (Terraria?) Going by the ones played most consistently, it would have to be shooters for me.
  2. PS: One of them's illegal Or not, one's a couple thousand years old the others a couple billion.
  3. In your opinion, who is best girl? (Anime)
  4. Here's a question for you: Would actual aliens be more welcome than illegal "Aliens" from other places in the USA?
  5. Comment who you think is the cutest defy member! Definitely have to answer garfield.
  6. It's sad to see you go. It's been real fun playing with you and I hope you find some interest to continue with games a little. Hope you have fun with whatever you continue doing.
  7. Would have to say Josh for ttt, he is on so much and although he is just trial I believe he would be great to have on ttt.
  8. From the netherlands, and they are definitely amazing. Oh and I got a G910 keyboard for my pc.
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