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  1. TTT lives. JB and MG are dead. Still sad and depressing.
  2. can we get former admins on this list
  3. Some of the old ghost in the shell anime might be nice, not too much of that on Netflix though. Love Death + Robots is a funny miniseries that you'll get through really quickly, with some amazing episodes and other more comedic ones (none of the episodes relate to each other or are in similar in any way.) I've heard the show Altered Carbon is really good although I haven't watched it. Another series I'm planning to watch is World War II in colour, self explanatory and seems interesting enough. The witcher, great show if you haven't watched it yet, is TV-MA but don't think that matters. Also, a bit of a throwback but the clone wars series or how to train your dragon series could also be fun.
  4. Time for mike 2.0?
  5. What was the minecraft lighthouse map? That one was fun and had some cool buildings to mess around with.
  6. Definitely a great idea, problem is some of the most toxic people have already been banned! I can't believe that this has been done so we definitely need them back.
  7. I was worried we had no more bacon. When are you turning into "FormerPigOwner"?
  8. nice golden retriever, I've got one too and they are very nice pets. I swear I can't tell the difference between them though.
  9. This has been brought up before, but we should at least be able to see our warnings as people can easily forgot it after a few months of no rule breaking. I also do think there needs to be some expiration date as it would suck if someone went months without breaking the rules and then suddenly getting banned.
  10. Alright everyone let's write a song together, reply with lyrics. Doesn't matter if they are incoherent or stolen.
  11. I feel this whole post is slightly useless. The point of TTT is not for the traitors to win. The whole game mode is not made just so that traitors can win. If we just keep nerfing the Detective and we keep things such as missiles on the T's then it will become an unbalanced game mode. Traitors are also not immediately dead after a kos, it just increases the difficulty of surviving by a lot. If you're smart and buy stuff from the T menu you can definitely survive.
  12. Just want to point, if we get 20 people, and we do 10 rounds that is going to take an extremely long time.
  13. MIKE HOW COULD YOU. You ruined Savagery's reputation.
  14. Isn't the VIPINTHEMIX description the one for electric razor? Vipinthemix does not have 3 vent cells, only one gun, and has the nice disco and pool with all the fun games. Electric Razor however has all the things you mentioned.
  15. I have an idea for a new title in the cosmetic store. The Title will be (Main Character) or (Protagonist), you decide. I don't know the price as all titles have different prices but I would imagine a similar price to the God title. Please give feedback in case you like it.
  16. Recommend adding an innocent item that allows for healing and revival, from a distance, as well as a communicate with the dead (spectators) spell that is able to reveal the T's. Possibly a oil bomb where if you throw it on someone they just get assaulted from above by a bunch of missiles? We could even possibly get a video done by The Spiffing Brit "Defy TTT is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits"
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